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Bowflex Bike

bowflex bike review

Bowflex Bike

The new C6 Bike from Bowflex is an affordable option for streaming live and on demand workouts from apps like Peloton. Read our review to see if it's the right bike for you.

Echelon Reflect

echelon reflect reviews

Echelon Reflect

The Echelon Reflect is one of the best-selling fitness mirrors on the planet. See why we've rated it one of the best with our detailed review.

Echelon Rower

echelon rower reviews

Echelon Rower

Finally a on demand rowing experience that's affordable. Learn why we love the new Echelon Rower in this detailed review.

Echelon Bike

echelon bike review

Echelon Bike

The Echelon Bike offers an affordable option for streaming live and on demand workouts. It's one of our top buys of the year. See why in this detailed review.

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Bowflex and Echelon make some of my favorite workout equipment, so if you're looking for top-rated treadmills, ellipticals, rower, exercise bikes, TreadClimbers, or something like the Max Trainer, they are good companies to start with.

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