3 Week Yoga Retreat Reviews & Results

3 week yoga retreat reviews and results

Ever wanted to try yoga, but found yourself intimidated by the complex and difficult poses and moves? You’re not alone. In fact, a lot of us have been there!

We have good news, though!

Finally, there is a yoga program that anyone can do!

It’s called the 3 Week Yoga Retreat from Beachbody, and it’s the perfect workout program for adults of all ages and abilities.

The best part is, with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, you can improve your flexibility, mobility, strength, and even lose weight!

In this 3 Week Yoga Retreat review, we’ll tell you exactly how this Beachbody program works, the results you can expect, how much it costs, and where you can buy and download it!

So, with that in mind, let’s dive in to the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, so you can officially decide if it’s the right program for you!

What is the 3 Week Yoga Retreat?

The 3 Week Yoga Retreat was designed by the expert team at Beachbody, and is a yoga program for people of all ages and abilities.

It can be done in the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere else you can stream Beachbody On Demand, or have access to a DVD player.

As the name suggests, it unfolds in 3 Week increments. You’ll be doing yoga workouts 5 days per week, with more laid-back options on Saturday and Sunday.

Can Beginners Do it?

does it work for beginners?

As we mentioned above, YES! Even if you’ve never done yoga before, this program is for you. They’ll ease you in slow, and teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable and confident doing yoga.


The 3 Week Yoga Retreat offers many of the benefits that have been linked to regular Yoga practice.

Some of the benefits the folks at Beachbody say you can enjoy include:

  • Boost in Confidence
  • Better Posture
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Better Muscle Tone
  • Better Balance
  • Improved Mood
  • More Strength 
  • Boost Your Sex Life
  • Stress Reducer
  • Better Digestion

Of course, achieving any or all of the benefits listed above will require you to commit to the program, and stick with it for the full 3 weeks. Results are earned, that’s for sure.

Before and After Results

3 week yoga retreat before and after pictures

Plenty of folks have had the chance to put the 3 Week Yoga to the test, and the results have been coming in. For the most part, the feedback has been very positive, and people are loving the positive changes they are making using this program.

There are a ton of super inspiring before and after pictures and stories posted at the official Beachbody website, but here are just a couple of testimonials we wanted to share here:

Yoga always scared me…until I took a class from Vytas (3 Week Yoga Retreat instructor). He has a way of simplifying extremely difficult tasks into ways that are accessible to all. Life-changing! -Rena G.

After taking a class with Elise (3 Week Yoga Retreat Instructor) it’s not just my body that feels amazing – my spirit does too. I feel inspired and ready to bring out the best me. -Erin P.

Ted (3 Week Yoga Retreat Instructor) is a brilliant and positive teacher in so many ways. He is strong, focused, and has a no-fluff approach I find highly refreshing. – Anna R.

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The Schedule: What’s the Calendar Look Like?

people stretching during 3 week yoga retreat

The 3 Week Yoga Retreat unfolds like this:


During the first week, you’re building your yoga foundation. You’ll be introduced to what yoga is all about, and learn the basic fundamentals through the guidance of yoga expert, Vytas.


Elise helps expand your knowledge, and broaden your yoga skills.


By the time you reach your third week, you’ll be ready to take things up a notch. You’ll being to see your progress, and will be more and more comfortable practicing yoga. This week is led by yoga expert, Ted.

Weekends: RELAX

Faith helps you unwind and keep your stress at bay.

What Do You Get with the DVDs?

everything you get when you buy the dvds

If you opt for signing up for the full 3 Week Yoga Retreat DVD program, your order will come some other great things too. These include:

  • The Full DVD Set
  • Clean Eats Plan
  • Beginner Basics Video
  • QuickStart Guide
  • Class Calendar
  • Pose Tracker
  • Plus 3 Additional Yoga Classes, Let by Faith

3 Week Yoga Retreat Diet Plan PDF

If you’re hoping to lose weight and improve your health while doing the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, then it’s important to maintain a clean and healthy diet during this time. Don’t worry, though – the folks at the 3 Week Yoga Retreat have you covered!

It’s called the Clean Eats plan.

It shows you what to eat, how to make healthy choices, and has options for both men and women.

The Clean Eats Plan comes with the program, but if you want to see what it looks like before signing up, you can download the PDF here.

Can You Stream it Online or Download it?

another success story for weight loss

A lot of folks want to know if they can download or stream the 3 Week Yoga Retreat. Here’s the bad news about downloads – there aren’t any legal copies of the program available for download.

But, you can stream the workout online.

If you’re interested in streaming the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, we recommend checking out Beachbody On Demand (learn more about it here). When you sign up for Beachbody On Demand, you get access to pretty much any workout program they’ve ever released, including the 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

Right now, you can try their On Demand service for 14 days, before committing to the full program.

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Review Summary

If you’ve always wanted to give yoga a try, but felt intimidated by the moves or going to a class, then it’s time to check out the 3 Week Yoga Retreat! It’s the perfect program to learn yoga at your own pace, improve your flexibility and mobility, and even lose weight!

If you’re ready to put the power of Yoga to work for you, then right now is a great time to do it!

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