is anavar safe for women

Review of Anavar for Women: Is it Safe?

Even though most people know that it isn’t a good idea for women to take anabolic steroids, that doesn’t stop them from seeking out information or trying to buy them.

Anavar seems to be an exception to this rule, however, as it’s sometimes considered to be safer than other anabolics, which makes it an extremely popular supplement with female bodybuilders looking to gain an edge with their workouts or in the gym.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what makes this such a popular drug with women, examine any of the potential side effects, and then take a look at some safer and legal alternatives.

Why Anavar?

Females look to Anavar, because it is super effective when it comes to building lean muscle and burning fat.

In some cases, it has also been used as a prescription medication to treat a condition called Turner’s Syndrome. This is a rare genetic disorder, and Anavar seems to help increase the height of girls who are afflicted with this ailment.

It is more commonly used as a body-building agent, however, albeit illegally.

Women like its benefits, because it can help build a toned and defined look, that is often sought out by weight-lifting competitors, and women looking for a slim, yet strong looking figure.

How Does Anavar Work?

Anavar is powered by dehydroepiandrosterone, which is made from dihydrotestosterone, more commonly referred to as DHT.

DHT comes from testosterone but is more powerful at producing noticeable results in terms of muscle building and weight cutting.


Most women who are taking Anavar, use something called Oxandrolone. It isn’t as powerful as the more traditional forms but still produces the results that many women are looking for.

Is it Safe or Legal?

is it legal

Anavar should only be taken under the guidance and care of a medical professional or doctor. It is illegal to take in the United States without a prescription from a doctor, which means if you’re just trying to use it to build lean muscle or cut weight, then you’re most likely going to be using it illegally.

Only a doctor is going to be able to tell you which doses are safe, and if you should be taking it, so seek out competent medical advice if you’re interested in learning more about Anavar or Oxandrolone.

Are There Side Effects?

side effects

There are a number of different side effects linked to this medication, including nausea, vomiting, headaches, skin discoloration, changes in sexual interest, hair loss, oily skin, and acne.

For women, there are some rare, yet serious side effects that can occur.

These can include a deepening of your voice, hoarseness, body or facial hair growth, irregular periods, and an enlarged clitoris.

If any of the above were to occur, you would want to notify your doctor right away.

For a much more extensive list of potential side effects, check out WebMD’s page. If you have any questions or concerns about your own personal use of any medication, including Andavar, consult with your doctor before taking it.

Final Thoughts: Find a Legal & Safer Alternative

safe alternative

Andavar is a powerful and effective bodybuilding steroid for women, but it is illegal to take without a prescription from your doctor.

It can also carry some potentially very serious side effects. Because of this, we recommend using a safe and legal alternative, like Anvarol from Crazy Bulk.

Anvarol works great for cutting weight, building strength, and giving you more energy during your workouts.

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