The Best Inversion Tables for 2019

best inversion table

Inversion tables are designed to bring relief to people who are suffering from back pain, but with so many on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

Luckily, there are many great options so it’s pretty easy to find a high-quality inversion table, that can help bring quick relief to your ailing back.

Below, we’ll narrow our list down to the Top 3 Inversion Tables, but first let’s examine what inversion tables are, how they work, and some of the key features you want to look for before making a purchase.

Top 3 Inversion Tables For 2019

1. Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd

teeter hang ups inversion table

PRICE: $429 Retail

Teeter Hang Ups makes what is widely considered to be the best inversion table on the market today. They have gained a stellar reputation for a number of different reasons, but most important their quality and attention to detail are really hard to beat.

For me, this is really important, as I don’t want ANY issues to arise when I’m suspended upside down on a table. Here are just a few of the features that make the Teeter EP-560 one our favorite inversion tables currently on the market:

  • FDA-Cleared: They’re currently the only table available that has this FDA designation. This means it can be used for back pain, muscle spasms, tension, herniated discs, facet syndrome, and sciatica – just to name a few.
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel: In addition to their high-quality steel parts, their tables also feature security-enhancing features like auto-locking hinges, durable pivot bearings, and cam locks.
  • Built for Comfort: One-of-a-kind ankle straps provide an unmatched ergonomic fit. The bed is also contoured so it is designed to flex and help maximize your stretching capabilities for the highest level of relief.
  • Premium Level Features: The Teeter inversion tables cost a bit more than a few others on the market, but the price is worth it, in my opinion. The Teeter tables include extra-long stretching handles, a lumbar bridge, and a tether system that allows you adjust your angle quickly and easily.

As you can see from the pictures, Teeter Hang Ups pays close attention to detail when it comes to their tables. Every aspect is of the highest quality, and they have a long track record of successfully helping people with back pain find relief – the even have the FDA Clearance to prove it, which no other inversion table can currently claim.

It’s no wonder they have a nearly 5 out 5-star review on Amazon, with more than 1100 customers leaving feedback.

They currently have a couple of tables to choose from, so if the EP-560 Ltd. seems a bit too pricey, you can save a few bucks with their standard 560 version, which is currently available on Amazon:

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See the Teeter Hang Ups in Action:

2. IRONMAN Gravity 4000

IRONMAN Gravity 4000

PRICE: $199 Retail 

The Gravity 4000 from IRONMAN is one of the highest rated tables on Amazon, earning an impressive 4.5 out of 5-Stars from more than 2890 reviewers. It is also slightly more affordable than the Teeter Hang Ups, which may or may not be considered a positive for you.

That being said, let’s take a quick look at some of the key features with the Gravity 4000:

  • Sturdy Table Design
  • Specially Molded Ankle Cushions: Ergonomic molding
  • Supports up to 350 LBS.
  • Steel Frame
  • Memory-Foam Backrest 
  • 180 Degree Inversion
  • Easy Storage

This table is packed full features and has an extremely high rating from a lot of customers on Amazon, so it should tops on your list when looking for one to buy. At under $200, it’s also pretty affordable all things considered.

With a 350-pound weight limit, the IRONMAN Gravity 4000 also lays claim to the inversion table with the highest weight capacity, which is good news for folks with back pain who are tipping the scales at more than 300 pounds.

Amazon currently has a great deal, so be sure to check them out to see what kind of price you can lock in.

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3. Innova ITX9600

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

Image via

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The ITX9600 inversion table from Innova is one of Amazon’s highest rated tables, with more than 2300 customers providing feedback. It has a stellar 4.5 out of 5-Star rating, and all for under $100! This makes it one of the most affordable inversion tables on the market, while also offering pretty impressive results for a lot of verified customers.

With the lower price tag, the ITX9600 is going to be a little lighter on features when compared to the IRONMAN and Teeter Hang Ups, but it still has quite a bit to offer:

  • Five Adjustable Positions
  • True Balance System: Easy Inverting
  • Protective Cover
  • 300 LB. Weight Limit

The ITX9600 packs a lot of features into its affordable frame, and even at under $100 it’s still one of the most highly rated tables we can find.

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want a high-quality table option for dealing with your back pain, this may be the inversion table for you.

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What is an Inversion Table?

These tables operate on the principle of inversion therapy, which means being upside down, often at an angle that is inverted. To accomplish this you usually hang from your feet, ankles or legs to you can achieve all of the benefits associated with this type of therapy.

This inversion process helps alleviate back pain by decompressing the spine, which is also known as spinal traction. By hanging upside down from your feet your back joints are stretched out, which in theory should help relieve any back pain associated with compressed joints.

You can also use a product called Gravity Boots, that allow you to be suspended upside down as well, but the table seems like a better way to go, as you can adjust the inversion angle of the table as needed. This allows you to stretch your back from multiple angles.

Are Inversion Tables Safe?

someone with back pain

As with anything we write about here on, you should always consult with your doctor before trying one of these tables. There are some risks associated, as you will be suspended upside down, so you want to make sure you have someone else around when using the table, are fully versed on how your table works, and make sure you have a high-quality table that can support your height and weight.

Inversion therapy can be considered risky for people suffering from high blood pressure, certain eye diseases, heart disease, and women who are pregnant.

Inversion therapy isn’t going to be for everyone, either. You may try it and just not like the sensation of hanging upside down, or have other issues that arise. Again, check with your doctor before trying this type of therapy.

All of this being said, most tables should be designed with your safety in mind, so as long as you use them as instructed by the manufacturer you should be able to use them safely.

Key Inversion Table Features to Look For

Let’s be honest: not all inversion tables are going to be created equal, which is why you want to look for a high-quality table that meets a minimum level of criteria. Below, you will find just a few of the main features you will want to look for when selecting the best inversion table:

  • High-Quality Materials: Heavy-Gauge Steel Frame, Locking Hinges, Cam Locks, etc.
  • Easy Rotation Controls
  • Lumbar Support
  • Safety Certified
  • Padded Ankle Supports

These are just a few of things you will want to consider when looking a nice, high-end table. There are many other features that may or may not be included as well – ultimately it will just depend on which table you decide to buy, and what kind of features are must-haves for you.

With all of this in mind let’s take a look at our top picks for the best tables of the year:


There are a lot of great inversion tables on the market today, but any of the tables in our Top 3 list should meet the needs of most people. Each one brings its own set of qualities, and the best course of action is to take a close look at all three, to see which one is best for you. For my money, the Teeter Hang Ups table

For my money, the Teeter Hang Ups table has the most to offer, and as the only table with the FDA designation, you can rest assured it’s designed to alleviate your pain and has your safety in mind.

Amazon has one of the most comprehensive selections of inversion tables, so I really recommend browsing their site, so you can see their full list for yourself.

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