Best Stationary Exercise Bike Workout For Beginners

best exercise bike workouts for beginners

Buying and setting up a stationary bike is wonderful but only when you use it correctly.

This detailed stationary exercise workout plan for beginners is going to showcase what it takes to see results. Follow this workout plan and start to see a change in your fitness immediately.

Here is what the workout plan encompasses and why it is going to push you harder than ever seen before.

Top 3 Stationary Exercise Workout For Beginners

1. Resistance Heavy

The first session is going to involve a “resistance heavy” workout meaning you are going to increase the resistance right away. In general, you want to set the resistance to 70% of your max.

Going any higher than this amount will mean you can’t ride for more than 5 minutes. By setting it at 70% of your max, it is possible to get in a good 30-minute workout even if you slow down near the end.

This is a simple workout that is going to push you hard every step of the way. The premise is to keep biking at this resistance level for as long as you can or when 30 minutes are up. In the beginning, your session isn’t going to last as long as you want and it’s okay to reduce the resistance to 50-60%.

2. Endurance Blast

This is a difficult session but one that is going to make you a fitter, healthier person.

The endurance blast is all about testing how far you can push your body for distance. This means you are going to be aiming for an extensive distance at a low resistance level.

In fact, you can have it set at a simple 10-20% resistance level and then start riding for distance. This means you are going to try to cover as much distance as you can within a set period (i.e. 30 minutes or 60 minutes). Your only focus is on the distance in this session, which means increasing the resistance isn’t required.

3. Ramp Up and Ramp Down

This is going to be the final workout of your three-day spurt. After this, you are going to take a rest day and then repeat the cycle again.

With this workout, you are going to be looking to work your weigh up and then all the way down. For example, you are going to start at 10% of your max (resistance) and do 1 minute at that level. Once the minute passes, you are going to increase the resistance and set it to 20% of your max. Continue to do this until you have reached 60% of your max.

From there, you are going to start working down the mountain and go back the way you came.

This means you are going to do a minute at 50% of your max then 40% of your max and keep going until you are back at 0%.

This is a wonderful workout and isn’t going to take a long time. The increasing and then decreasing intensity will have you sweating buckets. This is the charm of a workout designed to test your endurance and determination.

How to Get Best Results from Your Exercise Bike Workouts

1. Maintain a Stable Posture

Your posture is a must when it comes to riding a stationary bike. Too many people start slumping over and this can lead to major back concerns depending on how excessive the bend is.

You have to be diligent and make sure to stay on top of your technique at all times. A lot of riders will start biking with the right posture and then eventually slump into a bent position that is dangerous for their back. Having stability is going to allow your body to focus on burning calories rather than pain shooting through your joints once the session is over.

If necessary, play around with the customizable settings (i.e. handlebars, seat) to see what works best for your body. It’s best to do this beforehand to make sure you don’t have to make adjustments in the middle of a workout.

2. Learn to Track Your Heart Rate

Do you have a good understanding of what your heart rate is like during a workout session?

This is pertinent information to have in your mind to make sure you don’t push past a certain number. A lot of people invest in heart rate monitors because this makes it easy to look down and see what your heart rate is.

However, even pressing your finger against your neck or wrist to see how fast your heart is beating works. This is a wonderful way to see whether or not your heart is racing too fast especially during an endurance session. You want to stay as steady as possible to get more value for your time.

3. Stretch Before and After the Session

This is such an underrated component of working out with a stationary bike. You are going to be pushing your body hard, so it makes sense to stretch beforehand.

A simple 5-10 minute stretch to loosen up the muscles or even a 5-minute warmup on the bike will help. It is all about getting the blood flowing to your muscles and making sure everything is ready to go.

Otherwise, you are going to have a bad situation on your hands where the muscles tighten up and you’re out for the next week or two due to a pulled muscle.

4. Utilize Live Workout Options

Using programs that offer live and on demand biking workouts can be a great option, especially for beginners.

Bikes like the Echelon Smart Connect, NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle, Bowflex C6, and Schwinn IC4 are all great options for streaming your workouts.

You can learn more about all of these bikes and more, with our guide to the best exercise bikes for 2020.

Final Thoughts

With these stationary exercise workout plan for beginners, you are going to get the best of all worlds.

It’s important to understand your body’s limitations when going through a new workout plan. Remember, what has been written in this guide should only be used as a way to add structure to what you are doing.

If your body doesn’t react well to a certain session, it’s okay to slow things down and see how much your body can handle. Eventually, you are going to be able to complete this workout plan and set new personal records along the way.


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