Best Dietary Supplements for Improved Exercise & Athletic Performance

best supps for better athletic and workout performance

Working out is only one part of the equation as it’s important to remember the value of your diet.

Most people will go to the gym without understanding their energy requirements, caloric intake, or how to use quality dietary supplements.

This can lead to challenging hurdles that get in the way of one’s ability to get stronger, fitter, and healthier.

Here’s a deeper look into the world of dietary supplements and which ones are a must-have before you put together a workout regimen.

The Top Supps for Better Performance

1. Whey Protein

best supps for better athletic and workout performance

The most important dietary supplement for improved athletic performance would have to be whey protein.

This is a classic supplement and one most individuals use in some capacity.

It’s also well-studied and is highly regarded for its ability to help the muscles repair themselves and get stronger post-workout.

In general, whey is one variation of protein and is generally found in dairy and meat products.

During the processing of milk into cheese, whey protein is sourced and turned into one of the world’s most important dietary supplements.

With its high-impact nutritional profile, whey protein is packed with BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and will work well with the human body as soon as it is put to use.

When a person works out, he/she will need to replenish the body’s depleting protein levels. Instead of seeking other forms of protein, this option provides access to BCAAs, which are important during the digestive process.

Your body is designed to seek out protein sources and break them down into amino acids.

It is these amino acids, which will do the heavy lifting and help your recovery phase. According to studies, increased levels of BCAAs in a protein supplement leads to improved results and better absorption.

This is why whey protein is such a heralded dietary supplement and can do wonders as soon as it is consistently taken.

You will also notice improving body fat percentages due to these amino acids!

Whey protein supplements are measured by their “efficiency” and biological value (BV).

In essence, the amount of nitrogen offered by the protein helps increase absorption levels while gaining a better understanding of how the body responds.

Over time, the whey protein continues to be absorbed and therefore maximizes the healing process post-workout.

There are several sources of protein including natural foods but dietary supplements often provide the right amount without additional costs of doing groceries.

Based on modern trends, whey protein supplements come in three forms (whey protein isolate, whey protein blends, and whey protein concentrate).

With whey protein concentrate, the idea is to have a solution that offers 75% protein in combination with increased fat and lactose content.

While whey protein isolate doesn’t provide the same amount of fat and lactose in its formulation.

In general, whey protein isolate is prepped to remove over 90% of the excess fat/lactose content and get rid of additional carbohydrates.

Of course, there is an extra step in the processing of these supplements making them expensive compared to other variations.

For those on a budget, it’s often smarter to look into whey protein blends (mix of concentrate and isolate).

Benefits Include:

  • Helps Build Muscle
  • Improves Recovery Times
  • Enhances Endurance Levels

Continue to monitor how the body responds as it is important to have a good idea of how whey protein impacts the results.

A lot of people end up using the wrong whey protein supplements that are jam-packed with additives, sugars, and other harmful ingredients.

Take the time to go with a reputable brand because this is the most important dietary supplement in your bag.

Without good whey protein, you are not going to see the type of gains you’re looking for without spending hundreds at the grocery store.

2. Creatine

man goes for a mountain bike ride after taking some creatine

Next on the list would be creatine and this is one of the most talked about supplements.

It is a natural substance located in the body’s muscle cells.

The core purpose of creatine is to make sure the body is able to generate the requisite amount of energy as soon as it needs it.

However, there is always a genetic limit to how much can be released and this is where creatine supplements come into the mix as a viable option.

As you are spending time in the gym, your muscles are going to be burning and the high-intensity work will start to have an impact on your natural development.

This is way taking a regular serving of creatine is a good way to keep chugging along without a problem in the world.

Creatine has quickly become a supplement that is desired by bodybuilders and famed athletes.

This has a lot to do with the noteworthy performance and muscular gains offered by creatine.

It is able to offer similar amino acids such as glycine and arginine. It’s always smart to look into natural sources of creatine to make sure you’re getting enough during the day.

These items can include meat, which is high in creatine!

According to studies, at least 85+% of your body’s creatine is in its muscles. The actual compound is called “phosphocreatine.”

While the remaining 5% goes straight to the liver, brain, and kidneys to keep them as healthy as possible year-round.

Once the creatine supplement is ingested, you will start to notice an increase in energy and this will be a gradual upswing instead of a sudden one.

Over time, you will feel energized and that’s what it comes down to as an athlete. You will be able to help store more energy in your muscle cells and make sure it’s being maximized to its fullest potential.

Over time, you will be able to create ATP and this will let you do better in the gym.

Benefits Include

  • Helps Body Produce Additional Energy
  • Fastens Muscular Development
  • Improves Endurance

Creatine is all about staying consistent and making sure you are getting the right dosage before going to the gym.

Now, this doesn’t have to be consumed right before the gym and you’re more than welcome to take it at any time of the day as it has a longer half-life.

It will stay in your body longer and is going to show its results in the long-term.

3. Multivitamins

different bottles of vitamins

When talking about dietary supplements, multivitamins are as popular as it gets in the modern age of working out.

Multivitamins are a unique blend of vitamins such as E, A, and C, which can be found in natural sources.

However, for the convenience of having an “all-in-one” solution for the body, it’s often easier to go down this path and take advantage of it.

There are several vitamins a person is simply unable to take because they can’t find the right sources.

In such cases, it is recommended to look into the use of multivitamins as they will improve your performance over time.

A lot of people end up using these to better their health and it does add value in all walks of life including the gym.


  • Improved Mood
  • Boost in Energy Levels
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Blood Circulation

By taking at least one multivitamin a day, you are going to keep the doctor away and it’s going to improve your workout results!

4. Caffeine

a woman gets ready to box after taking some caffeine

This is common knowledge as millions of people start their day with a mug of coffee.

It often has to do with their energy levels and wanting a quick boost before heading off to school/work.

A supplement is aimed at using the natural substance and turning it into a simple digestible solution for workout enthusiasts.

Caffeine is sourced from 60 different species (cocoa seeds, tea leaves, coffee beans) and is able to work with a variety of foods, medications, and beverages.


* Improved Focus
* Higher Energy Levels
* Quick Boost Before Workouts

5. Amino Acids

amino acids

In a simple breakdown of the human body, 20% of it is made up of protein. This illustrates the value protein has on the body and its underlying processes.

It’s the foundation of good health and has to be kept in mind while looking at different dietary supplements.

This is why amino acids play such an important role in how muscles recover.

Your muscles, tissues, and cells are all composed of amino acids and they’re designed to handle major bodily functions.

The amino acids are all about structure while transporting nutrients from one part of the body to another as seamlessly as possible.

With this in mind, amino acid supplements are essential while looking to improve your chances of recovery.

Your body will be able to do a lot more with these supplements in place whether it’s muscle recovery or muscle gain.


  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Improved Muscle Growth
  • Faster Fat Burn
  • Improved Focus in the Gym

Please make sure to find the best amino acid supplements and take them as directed.

These are influential options and are going to have a profound impact on the rest of your life.

Where to Buy The Best Supplements

a woman races her bike after taking high quality supplements

This is just a small sampling of some of the supplements you could potentially take if you’re looking to improve performance and results in the gym or during your workouts.

There are a number of different places that offer high-quality supplements, including Amazon and Crazy Bulk (read our review), just to name a couple.

Ultimately, you will want to decide which supplements will work best for you, and then research the places that offer the highest quality and best prices.

Either way, keep these dietary supplements in mind and move forward with a perfect collection of top-tier products.