a guideline for getting the best results from nugenix

When’s the Best Time to Take Nugenix?

Nugenix is a well-regarded free testosterone booster supplement and has helped thousands of men maximize their potential. Whether it’s a man’s sex drive, energy levels, or ability to recover after a grueling workout, a testosterone booster is ideal.

It can help maximize testosterone levels in the short and long-term while avoiding the use of chemicals (i.e. steroids).

Here is a deeper look into taking Nugenix and making sure it is safely used.

Getting Started with Nugenix

Before doing anything else, it’s always best to head to your family physician for a physical. The idea is to get a feel for your current testosterone readings and then move forward from there. In some cases, men might need to have additional blood work done to see if they’re able to take this supplement.

While the supplement is comprised of natural ingredients, it is still best to have a full physical done as soon as possible. It will ensure the body is ready to go for any changes including the use of Nugenix.

Take the time to speak with your family physician to see what he/she has to say about Nugenix (read our testimonial). It will add value to the experience and make sure you feel comfortable with the process as soon as it begins.

The Ideal Time To Take Nugenix:

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1) 3 Capsules a Day

The average man will look to start with a simple dosage of three capsules a day. This is good for the body and should let it adapt to the supplement.

Please do not jump headfirst into such a process without taking the time to adapt. If you do so, it is easy for the body to react poorly and lead to insignificant results.

You want to take the time to learn about your body and this includes Nugenix. If the supplement does well and the body responds as it is supposed to then it’s okay to increase the dosage. If not, then it is best to reduce the dosage to see how things go.

All of this information is about customizing the process so you don’t overwhelm the body.

Take pride in this step and make sure it is followed to a tee. You want to stay as consistent as you can because there’s is nothing more important than regularity.

2) First Thing in the Morning

It is highly recommended to take Nugenix first thing in the morning. This is when the body is energized and there’s no food in the stomach. Taking Nugenix with food in the stomach is not a good idea as it may react poorly.

Set aside time in the morning and keep the capsules ready before you head out the door.

By taking it first thing in the morning, it’s easier for the body to digest the supplement and make sure it goes to work as necessary. if not, it can start to slow things down and that is when the supplement might not kick in as desired.

By taking it first thing in the morning, this variable is eliminated and it’s easier to rely on the solution.

Simply wake up in the morning and take these capsules with a glass of water. This should be more than enough to kickstart the process and increase your free testosterone levels over time.

3) 30-40 Minutes Before Morning Workout (If Necessary)

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What about men that prefer to workout as soon as they wake up? There are numerous individuals that prefer to go for a jog or want to get in their weighted routine in as soon as they get up.

For these men, it is best to wait a bit and take the supplement first. You want to have the capsules in your mouth at least 30 minutes before the workout session begins.

This is going to let the body digest what you have taken and the workout won’t get in the way of your results. Plus, the short-term benefit of doing this is seeing a boost in your energy levels during a workout. You are going to notice a change in how energetic you feel and that is always a plus point.

You can even make this a routine if you work out regularly.

4) 30 Minutes After Last Meal

For those who are not going to be taking it early in the morning, you will have to take it during the day or at night. For this to be done properly, you will need to make sure the stomach is empty.

This means you want to wait at least 30 minutes after a meal (of any kind) and then take the capsules. You should make sure to stick to this directive otherwise the supplement may not work as intended.

This is why it is best to take it early in the morning so you are good to go.

5) Continue to Monitor Results

Along with the steps on taking Nugenix, you also want to take pride in monitoring results. This starts with the preparatory steps that have been mentioned above such as getting blood work done but also continuously monitoring in a journal.

This is essential as it will let you know whether or not the booster is working.

Over time, you are going to notice a change in the body and how it reacts to things such as workouts. You will also notice a change in your energy levels and that should always be recorded in your journal.

Final Thoughts

Nugenix is one of the most powerful testosterone booster supplements on the market. It has helped thousands of men and continues to do so with each passing day.

If you are looking to make use of this supplement and want to do it the right way then it is time to take advantage of these steps.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to making the most of Nugenix and all that it has to offer.

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