The Best Treadmills of 2018

the bowflex bxt116 treadmill

These days, there’s a giant market for home exercise equipment. Sadly not everybody can fit an entire gym into their home. While it would be great if you could fit several weight machines, as well as several cardio machines, into a room of your house, that doesn’t mean it’s ever going to be possible. This is why you need a machine that can give you multiple styles of working out.

That’s where a high-quality treadmill comes in. Treadmills fantastic machines for multiple workouts – they can help you do your cardio workouts, as well as your strength workouts, as well as doing a mixed workout that will help work your entire body. However, just because a treadmill is a great piece of equipment, doesn’t mean that every single machine on the market is going to be worthy of your investment.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to ensure that when you buy a new treadmill, it’s one of the best treadmills available. In doesn’t make sense to invest a huge amount of money for a new piece of equipment that doesn’t do what you need, and will just end up consuming valuable space in your home. So if you want to make sure that you’re purchasing one of the top treadmills out on the market, you will need to do a bit of research – and luckily we’ve done that for you!

Our Top Choice for 2018:

find the best prices on bowflex treadmills

Below, you can find some of the things you’ll want to watch for when picking out the perfect treadmill, but here is our top choice to start the year:

The Bowflex Treadmill Series

We’ll go into more detail about these awesome treadmills below, but here are just a few of the reasons that we love them!

  • Sleek & Sophisticated Design
  • Premium Quality
  • Packed Full of Features
  • Awesome LCD Display

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Our Top 5 Treadmill Brands for 2018


bowflex bxt216 treadmill

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Bowflex has long been known for two of their top-rated machines: The TreadClimber and Max Trainer, both of which are amazing pieces of equipment to choose from. Now, they have officially entered the treadmill market with their brand-new Result Series.

The two Bowflex Treadmills to choose from are the BXT116 and the BXT216. These have quickly become our top-rated treadmills of the year, and they are sure to impress with their full line of features, amazing design, and the results they can deliver.

Bowflex is currently offering some pretty amazing discounts on these treadmills, so visit the link below to learn more about them and to lock in your discount:

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Sole Treadmill


The Sole F63 treadmill is the budget model from the Sole company. While Sole is also known for making high-quality equipment, it is not known for being inexpensive. The F63 is one of their cheaper treadmills and still costs almost $200 more than NordicTrack’s baseline model.

Even at $200 more, the F63 does not have quite as many features. It has a stronger motor, sitting at 3 horsepower rather than 2.75 horsepower, but it only has six customizable programs and 2 heart rate control programs.

This means that the F63 treadmill costs more and does less even though it seems more powerful. This is not to say that it is not a good treadmill. Sole makes high-quality machines, so you can certainly rest easy knowing that if you purchase a Sole it will still be a great investment for your health. However, it does mean that you can expect to pay more than some of the other models on the market.



Continuing with the budget model comparisons, the ProForm Performance 400i will cost around $600 should you purchase it online. ProForm also offers no interest plus free shipping, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. However, that is an offer that many different treadmill companies will make, so just be aware that financing will be available from most of the top brands on the market.

So what does the Performance 400i bring to the table? It has a motor of a similar strength to the NordicTrack budget model (2.5 CHP rather than 2.75 CHP), but also boasts fewer apps. This isn’t necessarily a huge issue, though since it is also several hundred dollars cheaper. However, ProForm is not known to make the highest quality models when compared to some of the other brands mentioned, especially when it comes to their budget models.

If you are willing to pay upwards of $1,200, then you can certainly get a high-quality treadmill from ProForm. However their budget model has only 18 workout apps, many of which are similar in nature, and the cushioning to help protect your knees and ankles is not rated very highly. All and all, you get what you pay for and that’s certainly true with the Performance 400i model.


nordic track

NordicTrack is a company that has a long-standing reputation for high-quality machines. While many people recall the NordicTrack ski machine, they are now better known for making top rated treadmills. Nearly any of their models are going to do just about any kind of workout you need. However one of the best out there for size as well as expense would have to be the NordicTrack C700.

The C700 model can provide a 0 to 10 mile per hour speed, thanks to its 2.75 CHP motor. It’s motor is self-cooling, as well as quiet and smooth. This means you’ll be able to workout at the intensity you need, without worrying about the sound of the motor or any jerking motions interrupting your stride.

The C700 model also has a number of safety measures to ensure the longevity of the machine and its user. As an example, it comes with a 1.9 inch roller which helps reduce heat as well as wear-and-tear on the belt. As if that weren’t enough It also comes with FlexSelect cushioning, which is a NordicTrack specialty ensuring that the treadmill is not harder than it needs to be on your knees, ankles, and other joints as you run. In addition to all of that, it comes with a heart rate monitor, 20 different workout apps, and allows for a 0 – 10% incline.

This is one of NordicTrack budget models and yet is still one of the best treadmills on the market. That should tell you something about Nordic Track record of high-quality machines.

LifeFitness F1 Smart Treadmill

If you’re looking for a budget treadmill, LifeFitness is not the company for you. The least expensive treadmill model they have is the F1 Smart Treadmill, and it clocks in at $2,199 at the cheapest. What do you get for that kind of money?

Honestly not much more than you would get for several of the other budget models. It boasts a 2.5 horsepower motor, its own version of shock absorption padding, and heart rate monitors. The only real benefit to a LifeFitness treadmill over any other companies treadmill is the fact that you can customize the number and type of workout programs it comes with.

While that is certainly an enticing offer, the fact that you will have to pay at least $2,200 for the privilege makes it a bit more costly than a reasonable purchase should be. However, if you have that kind of money to toss around, LifeFitness is considered to create some of the highest quality machines on the market.

Precor Treadmill Model TRM 811

If you’re looking for a budget model treadmill from Precor, you’re simply out of luck. They don’t even list a price range for their models on their website. Instead, they require that you contact their sales departments to get a quote. They claim that this is because they intensively study the needs of their community, which is likely true. Still, it also means they tend to service professional gyms rather than individual sales.

That said, it seems as though their machines are certainly high quality and come packed with features. There are always sounds reviews for any of their treadmill models, and they offer a little more than market standard for most machines.

In addition, Precor states that they will help you install your treadmill and make certain that it’s working. They tend to sell directly to professional gyms, which is part of why they require you contact their sales department for quotes and more information. This means that you can be certain your treadmill will work and you will have plenty of support in keeping it working, but it may not be suitable for a home gym.

Key Features of a Great Treadmill

nordictrack treadmills

The first thing to figure out when you’re trying to buy a new treadmill is what you’re actually hoping to accomplish when making a purchase. There are multiple features that a treadmill might have, but that doesn’t mean every feature is something that you’re going to want or need.

So when you’re looking to buy a new treadmill, spend some time considering what kind of workout you want. Are you planning to do more cardiovascular work? Do you want to incorporate any strength training (The Max Trainer works great for combining these areas!)? Are there specific kinds of cardio workouts that you find more beneficial than others? These are important things to consider when you’re looking for a new treadmill or fitness equipment.

That said, there are a few things that are almost always worthwhile to have. For example, you want to make certain that you are not buying a low-powered machine when you need a high-powered one. Many inexpensive treadmills are cheap because they have a lower powered motor, and if you weigh 250 pounds or more, then you are definitely going to need a treadmill that is suited to your weight and size. It may seem like a great deal to get a lower power treadmill, given that it will be cheaper, but you will quickly find that isn’t going to give you nearly the workout that you need or wanted.

Another factor to consider is whether or not you feel comfortable putting a treadmill together. Often times, purchasing online can let you get a high-quality treadmill for a much lower price. However, most online sales are going to require some form of assembly. Some companies offer assembly for an additional charge at the time of purchase, and a technician will actually come to your home and put the machine together for you. Obviously, not every area is going to have technicians available, so you will want to look into that as well. In addition to the technician option, most companies also provide assembly videos that can usually be found on their website or YouTube, which can also be a great option for people who feel handy enough to do the work themselves.

Now that we’ve had a look at some of the key features you will want to look for when selecting a treadmill that’s right for you, let’s examine some of the best treadmills that are currently on the market. For this article, we’re going to stick with the budget models for each machine, while also discussing the overall brand. Just know that each brand features a pretty broad range of treadmills, so some of the features you’re looking for may just depend on how much you want to spend.

Which Treadmill is the Best?

At the end of the day, there is one major question: What is the best treadmill?

As stated previously, much of that depends on what you’re looking for out of the treadmill. However if you’re looking to start a home gym, or simply have a machine in your home that can give you the work out that you need, then there is one clear obvious choice.

The Nordictrack treadmill is clearly the best choice for an individual purchase. It’s budget model offers more than most other budget models, and as much as some mid-tier models from other companies. While the company does not offer the kind of support that Precor does, it still has a long history of providing high-quality equipment, as well as excellent customer service.

Ultimately, best is subjective, and you will just need to decide which brand and model is best for youSo, take a look at the reviews we’ve provided and pick the machine that will fit your lifestyle and needs!


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