Sole F63 Treadmill

The Sole F63 treadmill is an entry-level machine in the segment of the market that focuses on basic folding treadmills costing less than $1000. This particular model was recently updated in 2016, and is possibly the highest-quality option within the aforementioned sub-market for treadmills.

Highly reviewed, the F63 has been noted by critics and users alike as being the simplest model within the overall lineup that Sole provides right now. After the recent updating and upgrades, the Sole F63 currently sports a 60-inch running surface powered by a 3.0 CHP motor. The renovated console now has ten training programs built in. Runners can go up to 12 miles per hour as the powder-coated steel frame is steadier than ever before.


The LCD measures 6.5 inches across, but there is also a mobile app called Sole Fitness so users can integrate their mobile electronics with the treadmill itself to wirelessly track their exercise and share their fitness via social media and the Internet. Android and iOS devices are all compatible in live-time. Sole Fitness also has the power to communicate with training apps like MyFitnessPal and FitBit.

The F63 does fit into the under-a-grand folding treadmill market segment, but just barely, coming with a $999 price tag. However, the protection package is premium, as you get a year of labor coverage, three years protection for the electronics and parts, and a lifetime warranty on the frame itself.

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Our Top Ten Reasons to Buy the Sole F63:


1) Premium Parts: Sole Fitness’ line of treadmills have quality that surpasses or is competitive with anyone across the entire industry. The F63 is no different, as the components are commercial-grade; specific examples include durable motors, enhanced cushioning, and big track rollers. Sole presents the F63 as a ‘basic model’ but it is actually more appropriate for exercise veterans than lethargic newbies.

2) Track Quality: The track of the Sole F63 is considerably ahead of market averages, particularly when noted against foldable counterparts. The 60-inch long track is also 20-inches wide and also has a two-ply surface.

3) Heart Rate Monitor: The machine has integrated contact pulse monitors, but most Sole treadmills also have compatibility with any wireless chest straps you own. You can even use your heart rate data to manage the level of difficulty on the treadmill while you workout for a true cardio-centric workout.

4) Advanced Cushioning: Treadmills in general appeal to many runners because they want less wear and tear on their joints. Sole treadmills have a custom CushionFlex Deck that feature one-third less impact as compared to running you might do on pavement.

5) All the Bells and Whistles: The F63 is like other Sole treadmills as it features Bluetooth compatibility. Other nice perks you get include a utility tray, multiple cooling fans, and a number of water bottle holders. The armrests feature speed and incline controls for ease of access.

6) Warranty Coverage: Among the 2016 F63 upgrades include an enhanced warrant coverage reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in its construction and durability. Any labor charges in the first year are covered, as are the first three years of any issues involving the electronics or deck. The motor and frame are both covered with a lifetime warranty.

7) Space-Saving Design: The F63 is a foldable model, although it is rather durable at the same time, thanks to a distinct horseshoe-styled frame. With the F63, Sole seems to have gotten past the most common consumer complaint of foldables in general, which is how much they typically wobble. The soft-drop system and hydraulic shock assist both make unfolding and folding easy operations.


8) Exercise Presets: If you are looking to tone your muscles, lose some weight, or get some cardio training in, you can find options among the ten preset programs. A pair of user profiles can be stored with custom workouts that carry over to future exercise sessions. The 6.5-inch LCD is easy to read and operate with a scrolling message center.

9) Power Up the Incline: If you need some extra difficulty, the running surface can be inclined up to 15 percent, which results in more caloric burn. You can easily access and operate both speed and incline controls via the console of the handlebars.

10) New & Improved Motor: The motor on the updated 2016 Sole F63 models is quiet, yet sports 3.0 CHP power. Heavy-duty flywheels cool the motor, so you can expect it to last far longer than equivalent motors from competitors.

Reasons the Sole F63 Might Not Be for You

There are not a lot of reasons why this particular foldable treadmill might not prove the right choice for you, but no unit is absolutely perfect. If you are new to running on treadmills and are not sure if it will be a long-term activity for you, this model might be overkill. It is designed for dedicated runners who workout often and hard.


At the other end of the spectrum, if you are in the market for a premium model and willing to spend more than a thousand bucks, there are premium units that have motors with more power, additional upgrades, and displays that are far more advanced. The Sole F63 has great features for novice to intermediate runners on something of a budget or looking for an entry-level machine. The current price tag does represent incredible value that you can expect to last a long time, but premium machines will come with far more features.

While this model was refreshed, updated, and upgraded in 2016, it is worth remembering that previous generations of this particular treadmill were notably slow in their acceleration at times. This definitely changed with their recent upgrades though, so the latest model is a huge improvement compared to past versions.


For being just under a thousand dollars, the Sole F63 is a tremendous value for getting your cardio training done at home and indoors. Taller users are sure to like the extra-long track, and the track cushioning and commercial-level powered motor combined with a plentiful warranty package mean you can run on this machine for years. Throw in the tremendous customer service you can expect from Sole, and it is easy to see why the F63 is a perennially popular choice for consumers.

If after reading this you are on the fence about this model or think you might want something higher grade, consider reading about the Sole F80 or F85 for a good comparison of higher-end choices. That being said, the F63 is a fantastic entry-level model, provides great storage options, and was greatly improved with its 2016 upgrades, so you really can’t go wrong with this one either.

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