The Top 5 At-Home Workouts for Building Stronger Legs

a woman displays her toned legs after working out

We all want to have bigger, leaner and stronger legs. However, the truth is that a lot of us don’t have the time to hit the gym on a regular basis, and if we do, then we often skip leg day. The good news is there are plenty of workouts out there to help you build stronger legs, right from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine being able to build stronger legs without stepping foot inside the gym?

Well, you can, but it does take hard work and effort. With that said, check out these 5 at-home workouts for building stronger legs.

1. The Basic Body-Squats Workout

a woman does a pistol squat to tone her legs and butt

One of the best workouts you can do is the body-squat workout. This is the most basic workout you can do at-home, and it requires no weights whatsoever.

The way it’s done is simple, you squat as if you were squatting with a barbell, except you’re not using a barbell.

You’re using your body-weight.

A good routine to follow is to perform this workout at least four times per week. Each time you do the workout, try to do a few more reps than you need in the previous workout.

Eventually your legs will become stronger.

That being said, an example routine looks like this:

  • Monday: 5 sets of 40-50 reps
  • Wednesday: 5 sets of 50-60
  • Friday: 5 sets of 70-80
  • Sunday: 5 sets of 100-120 reps
  • Repeat, but add more reps

If you’re able to do more reps per set, then good for you and definitely do it. The key is to do a bit more reps than you did previously. Your legs build up tolerance to the same old amount of reps you do regularly, therefore you want to keep on challenging yourself.

The basic body-squat workout might not look like much because it’s only one exercise you’re doing. However, squats are the king of all exercises and they work virtually all of your leg muscles. Give the above workout a try and stick with it for 12-18 weeks.

2. Leg Burner Workout

This workout is exactly what it sounds like, a workout designed to leave your legs burning. It consists of doing six exercises in a row, as part of a series.

a guy does lunges as part of the leg burner workout

What you do is spend 20-40 seconds on each exercise and do as many reps as possible in that time.

After you complete an exercise, move on to the next exercise and do the same thing until you’ve completed the last rep on the sixth exercise.

After you complete the last exercise, quickly go back and do the first exercise. Repeat this for a total of 4-5 times.

Trust us when we say this routine is intense and you’ll wrap it up very quickly.

The six exercises you’ll be doing as part of this workout are:

  • Jumping squats
  • Body-weight squats
  • Side-lunges
  • Forward lunges
  • Laying down leg curls (body-weight)
  • Calf raises (body-weight)

You don’t need any weights for the above workout.

However, feel free to use a light barbell or a pair of light dumbbells. The lighter the better because the goal is to perform as many reps as you can of each exercise.

You should do this workout 3-4 times per week. Do it every other day or every third day.

Within a few weeks, you’ll probably notice just how much stronger your legs are.

3. Intense Squat Workout

Do not underestimate the effective of this workout. It may only consist of four different types of squats, but by the end of it you will feel the burn. The four exercises you’ll do as part of this workout are:

  • Jumping squats
  • Regular squats
  • One-legged squats
  • Sumo squats

As for the actual workout, you want to start off with regular squats and perform as many reps as you can.

Take a 1-2 minute rest and move onto jumping squats and perform as many reps as you can, followed by a 1-2 minute rest.

Keep this pattern going until you’ve done the last rep of the fourth exercise of your choice.

After you’ve done one set of each, take a 3-5 minute break. Once you’re rested, do the same thing all over again.

Do this for a total of 8-10 times.

If you want to keep your rest periods shorter than what we’ve recommended, then go right ahead.

The key benefits to the intense squat workout is it works all of your legs. If you do this workout 2-3 times per week, you’ll see results before you know it.

Not only will your legs be stronger, but they will look more ripped.

4. Run/Walk/Dance/Squat Workout

This workout is a bit unorthodox and a lot of people might scoff at it, but don’t completely write it off. This is one of the top at-home workouts you can do for your legs. The workout looks like this:

  • Run in place for 5-10 minutes
  • Walk up and down stairs for 5-10 minutes
  • Dance for 5-10 minutes
  • Do body-squats for as many reps, take a short rest and repeat 2-3 more times

Here’s a tip, when you dance you don’t need to try to be a professional. Just throw on music and move, but try to do min-squats while you’re dancing.

Generally speaking, as long as you’re using your legs a lot while you’re dancing, you’ll be training them.

This workout will take approximately 45 minutes to complete, and you should do it 5-6 days per week. Within a few weeks, you’ll find your endurance has improved and your legs will be stronger.

Don’t be surprised if you can do many more body-weight squats than you were doing when you first started this routine.

Also, you should do the run/walk/dance/squat workout because it doubles as a carido workout. It burns fat all over the body. This means you’ll have a leaner physique if you stick to doing it 5-6 days per week.

5. The Kettlebell Workout

some kettle bells sit ready for a workout

For this at-home workout, you need a kettlebell, but don’t worry because you don’t need a heavy one. This workout involves doing three exercises as part of a circuit.

The three exercises are:

  • Wide-leg squats or sumo squats
  • Regular squats
  • Stiff-leg dead lifts (for the glutes and hamstrings)

Start off with wide-leg squats and do as many reps as possible before doing regular squats, and then you can move on to-stiff-leg dead lifts.

With each exercise, you want to do as many reps as possible. There is no rest period in between the exercises, except for when you do the last exercise.

You’ll only take a minute or two before doing the circuit all over again.

Do the circuit for a total of 10 times. If at any point the kettlebell feels too heavy, then ditch it and continue on using your body-weight. As long as you do the circuit a total of 10 times, you’re fine.

As for how many times you should do the kettle workout, do it three times per week. It’s an intense workout, so you don’t want to overdo it.

If you want to build strong legs fast, then we advise doing this workout before any of the others.

Final Thoughts

Those are five great at-home workouts you can start doing today if you want to build stronger legs. Remember, you have to be consistent with your training because if you’re not, then you won’t get the desired results.

If you need additional guidance, then you can check out in-home on demand workout programs like DailyBurn, or YouTube is always a great resource too.

All you have to do now is create a workout schedule, stick with it and then check your results in a few weeks.

The chances are you’ll notice and feel a difference within 8-12 weeks of consistent training, and with the above workouts.