Bowflex Max Trainer vs. Schwinn 470

max trainer comparison

Bowflex and Schwinn remain two of the most reputable fitness brands that produce world-class equipment.

The Max Trainer is one of Bowflex’s premium cardio products and has earned praise for its attention to detail, robust build quality, and “14-minute workout.” While the Schwinn 470 has also gained steam in recent time with its unique approach to fitness.

This comparison will assess these two machines and how they compare to each other.

1. Bowflex Max Trainer – Our Top-Rated Choice

a woman rides the m5 max trainer

This innovative machine comes in three variations (M3, M5, and M7learn more) with each option bringing something different to the table. This machine is power-packed with modern features, possesses an ergonomic design, and comes equipped with additional content to manage upcoming cardio sessions.

How Much Does the Max Trainer Cost?

The Max Trainer is priced depending on the model that’s selected. Each model has a different price.

  • M3: $999.00
  • M5: $1,599.00
  • M7: $2,199.00

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Please note each model is equipped with unique features.

Along with the features, customers are provided with the option of choosing a financing plan. This makes it easier to manage payments and gain access to one of these models as soon as possible. The payment plan is well-structured and a bonus for those looking to get their hands on the Max Trainer.

How Does the Max Trainer Work?

The Max Trainer is different to other cardio machines and offers an all-encompassing workout. The handles aren’t stationary and will move in sync with the feet. This is ideal for providing a more realistic movement that works the body from various angles. As soon as a person stands out the Max Trainer, he/she will be able to change the settings and set the resistance that’s ideal for them. This will help keep the workout fun, challenging, and effective.

  • Multiple Resistance Settings
  • Backlit LED Display
  • Built-in Workout Programs (Including 14-Minute HIIT Workout)
  • Multiple User Profiles

Once a person has the settings in place, they will be able to move their feet in sync with the arms. This gets the core engaged and the rest of one’s body moving too. The Max Trainer is ideal in this regard since too many machines (i.e. bikes) don’t offer a comprehensive workout.

14-Minute HIIT Workouts

One of the main selling points for the Bowflex Max Trainer is its 14-minute workout. This is essential for those looking to enter their gym, blast through a hard workout, and then see noticeable results as they tone up. This workout is included with the machine and is fully vetted when it comes to delivering exceptional results.

The idea behind the workout is to make it a one-button setup that doesn’t take long to initiate. A person can hop onto the machine, press the button, and start a good 14-minute workout.

The workout is split into three components that are fully displayed during the 14 minutes that are spent working out. These components have been studied and offer incredible value to those looking to optimize their sessions.

  • 25 Seconds All-Out Intensity
  • 80 Seconds Low Intensity to Recover
  • Repeat

This is done until the 14 minutes are up. The workout is grueling and a boatload of fun for those who do go through it.


1) Easy to Setup

The setup is exceptional and that matters a lot when dealing with equipment. It’s a large box but easy to move around and can be put together in an hour or so. This is essential for anyone looking to get started on their workout as soon as possible.

2) Low-Impact

This is an elliptical that has been manufactured with comfort in mind. Whether it’s the handles or pedals, the Bowflex Max Trainer is easy on the joints. It doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the body and that makes it easier to focus on the actual workout.

3) Makes Workouts Fun

The different resistance settings and built-in workout programs make it a lot of fun to use. Too many cardio machines end up becoming useless as the programs run out. Instead, the Boxflex Max Trainer is able to offer value to those wanting to work out regularly without getting bored.

4) Unique 14-Minute Workout

The 14-minute workout is the ultimate HIIT option for anyone that is looking to purchase a new elliptical. There aren’t too many machines that consider creating a workout program such as this and no one offers such a quick button to get a workout started. It is the complete package in this regard without a doubt.

5) Space-Saving Design

When the machine has been set up, it’s time to move it around and get things in order immediately. When you are in this position as the owner, you will want to make sure it isn’t a hassle. The Bowflex Max Trainer is incredibly versatile, easy to move around, and compact.

6) Affordable 

The price point is exceptional when compared to other options in the fitness industry. With three different models to choose from, a person is able to set a budget and get what they want out of the Max Trainer. The best part is, each model is a good addition to your gym.


1) No iPod Connection

An iPod connection is one of those underrated details that does matter a lot but it isn’t made available by Bowflex. Those looking to use their iPod via the machine will not be able to and that is a point to note down.

Which Max Trainer is Best for You?

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2. Schwinn 470

a fitness model rides the schwinn 470

This elliptical is a unique variation from Schwinn and is heralded for its compact appearance. Schwinn has released numerous cardio machines over the years and is a well-established brand making this is a wonderful addition to the collection.

How Much Does the Schwinn 470 Cost?

Schwinn 470 is priced at $1.299 – CLICK HERE to Lock in BEST Prices.

Please note this price can fluctuate depending on the time of year and whether pre-determined discounts are being run on the website. Keep this in mind while looking at the Schwinn 470 and figuring out whether it’s a solid buy or not.

How Does the 470 Work?

The Schwinn 470 is equipped with 29 programs, 9 heart rate controls, 12 workout profiles, 2 fitness tests, and a quick start option. It comes with a unique LED display that stands out and is fun to use for those looking to maximize their workout.

The quick start option can be used for those wanting to get started as soon as they hop on. The Schwinn 470 whirs into action and enables one to make the most of their workout as soon as they like.

Does the 470 Offer HIIT Workouts?

No, it doesn’t come with a pre-determined HIIT workout although there are several vague options made available on the machine. It’s possible to use those to run a half-hearted HIIT workout but it’s better to customize it and set up a custom profile to run the workout.

This can take away from the experience but once in place, the machine is good to go.


1) Strong Build Quality

The build quality is simply outstanding and it is one of the main advantages of using any Schwinn product. They have a good understanding of what materials work, how to put them together, and what to think about when it comes to longevity. It is a great piece of work in this regard.

2) Portable

Imagine setting up a machine and then not being able to move it around! Schwinn has made sure its machine doesn’t pose such a risk and is easy to navigate. It is heavy but the build makes sure it is easy to roll into place.

3) 25 Resistance Settings

The Schwinn 470 comes with built-in resistance settings and there are 29 of them. Each setting is a lot of fun to use and makes it an enjoyable workout for those wanting to spice things up a bit. A person is able to pick the ideal resistance setting for their need and move forward from there.


1) Average Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart rate monitoring doesn’t cut it in this day and age. It is simply unusable and not ideal for those wanting perfection. If you are looking to monitor your heart rate then this is only going to disappoint as a machine.

2) Limited Incline

The limited incline is inefficient for those wanting to increase the amount of resistance on their body. It is limited to 10 degrees and that is not enough for a lot of people. For those wanting to maximize their options, the Schwinn 470 doesn’t do a lot in this regard and that is bothersome.

3) No Adjustable Stride Length

It’s not easy to work out at the pre-determined stride length for some people and that can be a hindrance. It’s important to keep this in mind before buying.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, Bowflex is a clear-cut winner with its Max Trainer series. The collection is an absolute joy to use and is one of the more affordable ellipticals on the market. For those wanting a space-saving design, unique features, and a beautiful screen, this is the right way to go.

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