How Does the Bowflex Max7 Work?

The Bowflex Max7 and How It Works

Bowflex is a long lived, and well established brand in the fitness business, and the results from the company’s exercise equipment speaks for itself.

Now, Bowflex has a new, and highly effective exercise piece of equipment called the Max Trainer 7, or simply the Max7.

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The primary emphasis is that of losing weight while at the same time getting into the best shape that you have ever experienced your entire life. While it is true that it can sometimes be very difficult to lose weight, the Max7 does make the process more efficient and more effective, but you will still have to perspire to get the job done.

There are thousands of diet and exercise programs out there, but they don’t always work so well simply because the don’t focus on the right things at the right time. For example, it is possible to lose a good deal of weight with an appropriate diet, but soon you are off the diet and the weight just comes back onto your body

Similarly, a cardio exercise program will focus on gaining more muscle for example, by building up your cardio focus, but it too does not always have lasting results. The key to it all is to achieve real health in your diet and exercise by forcing your body to burn both ends all at once.

This is exactly what the Max7 will help you to do. It is not a treadmill, and it is not an elliptical, but it is one of the very few total body cardio machines that is available in the marketplace.

What exactly is the Max7 and how does it work? Working in a similar way as an elliptical, the device has pedals upon which you stand and grips, or handholds to grasp as you exercise. You can run, step, stair climb or jog, using one of several options for resistance. These options provide the resistance against which you will work, building up both your strength as well as your cardio.

Unlike most other similar types of machines, the Max7 is a full body exercise machine. In this case, the hands move along with the foot pedals which have their own levels of resistance. Simply put, while you are working your legs out, you are also working out with your arms, pulling backwards and forwards, by pushing and pulling on the hand grips. You are working both your arms and your legs, giving you a maximum cardio workout.

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But wait, there is even more. The position of the machine forces you to also give a good workout to your body and trunk, building your abs, your lower back and muscles in the side.

All of this motion and resistance will cause you to receive a full workout in a minimum amount of time, and you don’t have to spend time in working on just on part of the body, and then having to move on to the next part.

The Bowflex M7 is certainly a machine whose time has come, with its multi-faceted workout, it is a clear winner.