The Bowflex Revolution Lat Tower & Workouts

bowflex revolution lat tower users guide

The Bowflex Revolution XP Lat Tower is one of the best options for people looking to gain muscle, get leaner, and start to see results faster. The goal has to be to make the most of this world-class attachment and harness the value it has to offer.

It is going to take time to learn the nuances of a solution such as this but it’s going to be a boatload of fun.

This read is going to take a look at the best Bowflex Revolution XP Lat Tower workouts and how to go about building out a regimen with the help of this attachment.

How to Use the Revolution Lat Tower

1: Traditional Lat Pull-Down

Let’s begin with something basic because it’s a good way to come to terms with a movement that isn’t going to be taxing. You will want to sit down and grab the bar at an even length (shoulders’ width apart) and make sure the grip is as balanced as possible. If this takes you a while to get, don’t worry about taking your time. The moment you get this wrong, the chances of injury go through the roof and that is a lot worse than wasted time!

As soon as you have the right grip, it’s time to bring the bar down to your chest while keeping the back rigid. You will not want to curve the back (inward) as that is going to cause injury. Instead, you want to curve the back naturally facing upwards to stabilize the spine and avoid additional stress on the joints.

The traditional lat pull-down is one of the best movements with this attachment and will be the one you want to add as soon as possible. It is a lot of fun once you get going and can change the entire outlook of your back’s growth moving forward.

2: Reverse Close Grip Pull-Down

The next movement is going to take a look at the reverse close-grip lat pull-down and is going to mix things up a bit. The premise of this movement is to ensure you are able to hit the middle of your back instead of the lats only. A lot of people assume they are working every angle of their back with a traditional pull-down and that is not the case. In fact, you are only working the “wings” or the lats close to the armpits. The rest of your back is under minimal stress as long as your form is good.

For those who want to hit the middle of the back and get to it during the workout, you want to focus on this movement as soon as possible.

It is the only way you will be able to see noticeable results as soon as the workout is completed. With this movement, you are going to sit down, grab the bar (palms facing you) and pull with both hands. You are going to pull the bar into the middle of your chest with the hands in the same place. Make sure not to move your hands around while doing this!

3: Lat Pull-Down (Behind the Neck)

the revolution with the optional lat tower installed

Using a lat pull-down (behind the back) is a good way to continually change the angles at which you are using the back. This is a good option that is a simple variation of the traditional lat pull-down and can be just as fun as long as you perform it correctly.

Be patient while doing this and take your time to learn the form.

To do this the right way, you will sit down on the seat, grab the bar (shoulders’ width apart) and arch your body forward at the hip. You are going to make sure the bar is coming straight down behind your neck. Let it hit your shoulder and then bring it back up to complete a repetition. Do not go further!

4: Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down

This is one of those movements that will lead to a great pump and will make you feel the movement in all the right places!

The name says it all, you are going to begin by sitting on the seat and grabbing the bar with a wide grip (outside shoulders width) and make sure to grab it tightly. You will use the same form as the traditional pull-down but you will make sure it is brought down slowly. Let it hit the chest to complete the repetition.

5: Single Hand Lat Pull-Down

This is the final movement and is one of those wonderful “finishers” that can hit the back hard and make it burn. Of course, with the single hand lat pull-down, the goal has to be to make sure the lat tower is put to use appropriately. You do not want to get injured as that is a horrible feeling to deal with and the quickest way to be out of commission for a while! Instead, you will want to warm up and let the blood flow by going through the other movements beforehand. It is up to you as to which one is your preferred choice but there’s value in picking 1-2 and doing them patiently. As soon as you are done the warmup, you will be able to move onto this movement.

The idea behind the movement is to take one hand, grip the bar (palm facing you) and sit down. You are now going to pull the bar down into your chest and then back up. Do this for 6 sets (12 repetitions) while rotating hands after each set.

Final Thoughts

These are the lat tower workouts that are going to give you great gains and will lead to quality results in the short-term. You want to be able to incorporate these movements with the rest of your workout to make sure things are as balanced as possible.

The Bowflex Revolution XP Lat Tower is a wonderful addition to the setup and is a great way to reach your fitness goals without losing out on potential movements. You will be able to progress faster and it will add variety to your workouts as well and that never hurts!

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