The Best Bowflex Revolution Workouts

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The Bowflex Revolution is an exciting home gym equipped to offer incredible flexibility. With a bit of preparation, it’s possible to work out and make the most of one’s time. This is a machine that has become a go-to option for workout enthusiasts looking to build muscle, get leaner, and achieve their fitness goals.

To get started, it all begins with a better understanding of what can be done with the Bowflex Revolution. This read is going to look at building a detailed workout regimen using this home gym as the foundational equipment.

Revolution Workout Schedule

  1. Monday: Legs
  2. Tuesday: Back and Biceps
  3. Wednesday: Shoulders and Triceps
  4. Thursday: Rest Day
  5. Friday: Chest
  6. Saturday + Sunday: Rest Day


Let’s begin with the legs as that is half of your body!

This workout is designed to provide a balanced and high-intensity session that is going to be a lot of fun and will let the legs grow at the rate you want them to. Make sure to stretch before you begin!

  • Leg Curls
  • Leg Extensions
  • Cable Squats
  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Leg Press

Each movement will be performed in three sets of 12 repetitions.

Please remember not to cheat yourself and put in the effort. Your form is going to play a big role in how you feel and how the body responds throughout the session. Leg day is important but many mistakes can be made when you are not paying attention or don’t take the workout as seriously as you need to. Be diligent and follow the workout from start to finish.

This leg workout has been divided into specific movements to target each muscle in the leg and ensure it’s allowed to grow.

With legs, you want to continually add resistance if things become easier. The muscles in your legs are naturally strong and you can put a good amount of pressure on them without seeing growth.

Back and Biceps

  • Hammer Curls
  • Bicep Curls
  • Seated Row
  • Straight Arm Push Downs
  • Single Arm Cable Pull Down

Each movement will be performed in three sets of 12 repetitions.

a woman does bicep curls using the bowflex revolution

With your back and biceps, it’s important to build a robust mind-muscle connection as soon as possible. The premise is to feel the contraction and not just go through the motions without thinking.

Those who see the most growth are people with a dedicated approach to these muscles.

You want to be in this group and pay attention to the top of each contraction. This will lead to tremendous results.

For your back exercises, start by methodically learning the form so you don’t tweak your back. The Bowflex Revolution makes it easier for beginners and it’s better to start with minimal resistance to get a feel for what’s needed. As soon as you do this, the rest will come to you and it will become simpler.

Once this becomes easier, you will want to reduce the rest time between each set and try to work on increasing the amount of work you’re doing throughout a session. This will lead to future growth and is going to increase the intensity as well.

Shoulder and Triceps

  • Triceps Pushdowns
  • Triceps Pullovers
  • Front Cable Raise
  • Side Cable Lat Raise
  • Cable Shoulder Press

Each movement will be performed in three sets of 12 repetitions.

With shoulder movements, it’s best to focus on your poster as everything needs to be aligned from the first set. If you are not thinking about your posture than movements such as the cable shoulder press will lead to potential injury! Be smart about how you complete this movement and it will lead to the results you wish for.

The beauty of this session is how it targets the shoulder from all angles. The shoulder is made of three different heads that have to be targeted. While the front of the shoulder gets a lot of work in any chest session, the other two do get ignored. The way this workout has been constructed will make sure each head is targeted and allowed to feel the burn.

Of course, it will all come down to your form and how methodically you go about the session as soon as it begins. If you are giving it your all, the rest is going to work out for you with time. This is the magic of shoulder workouts.


It’s time to move onto the final part of your body that’s going to be targeted using the Bowflex Revolution. You want to maximize this session and round out the week with a wonderful workout that will burn for a while!

  • Chest Press
  • Chest Fly
  • Cable Cross Over
  • Lower Cable Chest Raise
  • Cable Iron Cross

Each movement will be performed in three sets of 12 repetitions.

The chest is strong for a lot of people and that means minimal amounts of resistance won’t cut it. You need to be aware of this and take your time learning how the muscle works. This is going to allow you to increase the resistance and get more out of each set.

Please note, the chest session has been divided by targeting each part of the chest from a variety of angles. The chest has to be targeted in such a manner to make sure it doesn’t grow unevenly and remains the way you want it to while growing.

Look to complete this session with a bit of vigor and watch as the results pour in. The Bowflex Revolution is power-packed with great options and all of them come to the forefront in a chest session.

Final Thoughts

The Bowflex Revolution is one of the best home gym options on the market and can lead to impressive changes as long as you’re dedicated. A lot of people buy this equipment and then go through the motions! Don’t let this happen and make sure to follow a set routine (as mentioned above) and progress towards your toughest goals. Anything is possible with the Bowflex Revolution once you build out a proper regimen and adhere to it!

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PDF: The best place to find a full list of different workouts you can do with the Revolution is in the owner’s manual that will come with your new machine. You can also download a PDF copy here.