Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

Getting the best home equipment is a critical part of helping to make sure that any home workout regimen gives you the maximum benefit. There’s do denying that certain pieces of equipment are more effective just in the same way some exercises are going to be more effective at building strength or burning calories than others. The Bowflex SelectTechs are a prime example of how some common pieces of exercise equipment can be changed up into something incredible.

What Makes Bowflex SelectTechs the Best?the-bowflex-selecttech-dumbbells

These Bowflex dumbbells are adjustable with the weight plates actually sitting on the floor in a “dial system.” You can adjust how much weight each dumbbell is by turning the knob, which disconnects them from the holding dial and attaches them to the dumbbell itself. This way you don’t need 10 different pairs of dumbbells to take care of all your exercises.

The SelectTechs are extremely light, extremely heavy, and at a wide variety of different sizes in between. This remarkable versatility is a major benefit of the unique design and allows individuals to adjust as they move to different exercises, get stronger, or are looking to change things up without having twenty different pieces of equipment strewn about.

The weight is adjusted up or down in increments depending on what the individual is looking for. The amount of weight that is added on each increment depends on the exact SelecTech model being bought as the 552, 560 and 1090 all have a different niche to fill in strength training and therefore offer different weight amounts per increment, as will any future additions to this class of smart dumbbell.

These dumbbells are solid black in color, going along with the general Bowflex theme, and a little bit of red inside. These Bowflex theme, and a little bit of red inside. These dumbbells rest comfortably, each in their own resting stand that has the individual custom plates face up so the bar can be put down, the weight-adjusted, and then pulled back up. This is an ingenious design that allows for fast adjustments and a minimal amount of space being taken up as the workout proceeds.

The exact dimensions of each dumbbell set vary, but they are very reasonably sized which makes them easy to fit in no matter what the setup.

The 552: 15.75″ long by 8″ wide & 9″ tall
The 1090: 17.5″ long by 10″ wide & 10″ tall

Very reasonably sized, especially for the sheer benefit they bring to the table.

Amazing For Muscle Confusion Exercises

Because of the ability to quickly shift weight up or down, these dumbbells are exceptional when it comes to muscle confusion exercises. Start with a few reps at a very high weight, switch down and do more reps, and keep going by doing a ton of reps at a low weight with tired arms.

These are known as muscle confusion exercises and are designed to make sure your body doesn’t adapt and get too used to your exercise program. This helps make sure you will continue to get the highest possible effect out of your weightlifting since your muscles never know how long or hard they will have to go, or how much weight will be on hand.

Their adjustability makes them incredible as a piece of exercise equipment for your home gym.

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The 552 Bowflex SelectTechs 

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This is what you would call the “beginner” dumbbells in this group, but that really downplays just how effective they can be. These can be set as low as 5 lbs in weight but can be adjusted up to 52.5 pounds (and that is per dumbbell). The adjustments come in 2.5-pound increments up to 25 pounds but after 25 pounds it jumps up to 5 pounds each up until the total amount.

These dumbbells offer exceptional workouts and have a 2-year warranty on them. They are the most inexpensive of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell options.

The 560 SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

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bowflex adjustable dumbbells

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The 560s are the newest adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex, and offer a level technology never before seen with weight lifting. In a first of their kind, the 560s feature Bluetooth capabilities, which means you can track your workouts, reps, and get tips on the proper form fitness experts.

Unlike the 1090s and 552s, the 560s also feature squared weight plates, which some people may prefer. They do make the dumbbells more stable if you’re using them for bodyweight exercises like pushups, etc. Overall they are a great set of weights, and if you’re looking for a way to incorporate more technology into your workouts, this is probably the perfect set for you.

The 1090 SelectTech Dumbbells

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The 1090 set is a step up from the 552 in the sense that these can add a lot more weight and reach challenging levels for even heavy-duty athletes looking for the ability to create an intense workout at home. Each of the 1090 SelecTech models can start as low as 10 pounds and be adjusted up to 90 pounds each, in increments of 5 to hit plenty of other options along the way up.

These are very similar in appearance to the 552 models, although slightly larger, and make sense as the next step up for big-time strength training from the comfort of your own home. Many people end up owning both and like the versatility of weight, intensity, and a number of exercises that having both of these allows. On really good days or leg days, the weight goes up. On more rehabilitation or taking it easy days, the weight can be scaled down to suit a more moderate workout.

There is a three-year warranty on this dumbbell set, which is fully backed by the manufacturer and shows their level of confidence in the product.

Final Verdict


There’s a lot to like about these SelecTechs and everything that they bring to the table. The fact there is more than one model with a different degree of weight adjustment makes it as easy for the experienced athlete and bodybuilder looking for something extra to find their model as easily as the true beginner who is looking to start from scratch and will need to ramp things up more slowly as muscle gets built for the first time.

Having this many adjustable settings means a huge number of dumbbells and other home equipment can be successfully given the old heave-ho as a simple bench and these dumbbells offer an incredible variety of options that are impossible to fully ignore. It isn’t often you hear about a creative new development in the world of strength training but this simple yet effective dumbbell system will have Bowflex fans smiling workout after powerful workout.

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