the guide for maximizing weight loss with the treadclimber workout plan

TreadClimber Weight Loss & Workout Plan

Are you looking for an incredibly easy and fun way to get in shape and lose weight?

Then the Bowflex TreadClimber may just be the perfect machine for you.

With the TreadClimber, you can literally walk your way to better health. It’s one of the coolest fitness inventions out there, and there even some ways you can maximize your results with this one-of-a-kind machine!

Before we get started, though, you may be wondering where you can get a TreadClimber, how you can lock in the best deal, and what it is about the TreadClimber that makes it so amazing.

Here are just a few of the reasons that make the TreadClimber one of the best machines on the planet:

  • Amazing, Low-Impact Workout: With the TreadClimber you can save the wear and tear on your knees, joints, and the rest of your body, while still getting an amazing workout!
  • The Best of Both Worlds: The TreadClimber takes the best of the treadmill and the stairclimber, and combines them to make one incredible fat blasting workout machine.
  • Get Amazing Results in Just 15 Minutes: With the TreadClimber HIIT Workout Plan you can get amazing results in less than 20 minutes per day!

When you buy the a new TreadClimber from Bowflex, you get full access to their amazing workout and weight loss plans, plus right now you can lock in some big savings!

Ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Right now is a great time to get a TreadClimber:

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The 15-Minute TreadClimber Interval Training Workout

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide from Bowflex for maximizing your TreadClimber workouts, this is it! With this 15-minute high-intensity training program, you can get that lean, toned body you’ve always wanted, without having to pound the pavement for hours on end.

Here’s the Amazing HIIT Workout in Action (You Can Use This Video as Your Guide):

As you can see, this workout is intense, but also very quick! Who doesn’t have 15 minutes per day that they can set aside for getting healthy?

Here’s How this HIIT Workout Works:

  • 2 Minute Warm Up (Intensity of 3-4)
  • 1 Minute High Interval (Intensity of 5-6 for Beginners, 7-10 for Advanced)
  • 1 Minute Lower Interval (Intensity of 3-4)
  • Repeat the High and Low Intervals 5 More Times
  • 1 Minute Cool Down (Intensity of 2-3)

It’s really very simple, and once you cycle through this interval course over a few days, it should just come naturally for you. I have also downloaded HIIT apps for my iPhone in the past if you want a good way to keep track of your interval times. There are plenty of free ones out there for both Android and Apple devices, so just search around in the app store and you’ll find one that works for you.

Need a Way to Boost Weight Loss with the TreadClimber?

If you want to ramp up your weight loss, then you should also check out the Bowflex Body Weight Loss Guide. They offer a full PDF that shows you exactly what to eat to improve your health and help you maximize your results with their equipment.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a way to boost your results with your Bowflex TreadClimber? Their HIIT workout program is the perfect way to lose weight, and get the most out of your Bowflex machine.

Check out the full workout video above to see what this high-intensity training program is really all about!

Our Review of the Bowflex TreadClimber