Bowflex XDL – Is it Worth the Investment?

The Bowflex XDL can be purchased for a pretty fair price and on top of that it is a great way to be fit. You just have to know that you’re getting it in good condition and need to be aware of its price. Shipping is usually another factor, so here are guidelines to follow to get the best deal.


UPDATE: After being a part of a major recall, the Bowflex XDL is no longer available for purchase through any retailers, and we don’t recommend using it. Instead, I would consider one of Bowflex’s latest home gym offerings, either the Bowflex Xtreme or the Bowflex Revolution. Both machines are huge upgrades of the XDL. Learn more about them here:

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With that being said, let’s take a look at what the XDL was all about, before Bowflex discontinued it.

An item like this will sometimes have coupons attached to it. Before making your order from a company’s website, look up coupon codes for the seller. Even if you are only going to save a small percentage, when you consider that this is a pricey item it’s worth it to get as much in savings as you can. Used this can be even cheaper, but then you have to deal with it possibly having problems. Some sellers will try to get you to buy something they know doesn’t work and they won’t allow for returns, so be careful who you buy it from.

Shipping this kind of an item can be expensive. It’s a pretty big machine and it can cost you quite a bit of money to have it sent to you. Even though you may save on shipping if you go a cheaper route, you should think about how poorly some people handle the mail. If you are ordering this online or over the phone, make sure you ask about a money back guarantee and learn if you have to pay return shipping. Paying to ship it back can be expensive, so try to get it mailed to you by a quick service with a good reputation.

A Bowflex XDL can help you get into shape as long as you use it as directed. Make sure that you go online and look up how to use it if you’re not sure. There are bound to be videos or at least text tutorials that can help you to use it the proper way. Even if it comes with instructions it can be helpful to find a video that goes over how to use it and to make sure you are safe as well with it.


The reviews you can find written about this device can be helpful because if a lot of people don’t like it you know to look for another Bowflex option. Seek out information on the XDL and make sure you are sure the reviews are about the exact model you are thinking of buying. Sometimes they put out a newer one that is not as good, or it may be better. The only way to know is to make sure you see that it was mentioned in their review or that they are talking about it on the exact product page.

Does anyone have this machine anywhere around where you live? Maybe if you can find it that way and buy it from a private seller, you can test it first so you know what you’re getting. Pay attention to the marketing around the item too so you can learn about the features to expect. One good idea is to look up the instructions for it so you can see how it works without having to buy it first. Whatever the case may be, if you’re not happy with it then it may be hard to get the full amount you put into it back.

Buying the Bowflex XDL is a good way to spend your money if you are smart about it. Who is out there that sells it that you can trust? Will they give you a fair overall price? Many factors are out there that you need to consider.

UPDATE: Please see the info above. The XDL is no longer for sale from Bowflex, and we do not recommend using it. Instead, checkout one of Bowflex’s other new and improved home gyms here:

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