Concept2 Rower Review: Price, Specs + Where to Buy

Last Updated on May 27, 2020 by Sam Corbin

concept 2 rowing machine reviews and pricing info

Looking for an honest Concept2 rower review? Well, the importance of cardio cannot be stated enough, and there are several options for a person to consider when hoping to get in a good workout. You can go out to run, hop on a treadmill, go for a swim, or grab hold of a good indoor rowing machine.

For many, like me for instance, the rower is much more satisfying workout than simply going for a jog, or even worse running on a treadmill.

The rower provides a much more intense full-body workout, and in my opinion is a lot more fun that pounding the tread for an hour.

Below we’ll take a look at one of our favorite rowers on the looking into the “Concept 2 Rowing Machine” and the power it has to offer.

Concept2 Specs & Features

Side view of a black Concept 2 rowing machine

  1. Robust Indoor Rowing Machine
  2. Offers Flywheel Design With Reduced Noise
  3. 14-Inch Seat Height
  4. Adjustable Monitor Arm For Better Angle
  5. Includes Performance Monitor 5 For Data
  6. Adjustable Footrests For Comfort
  7. Two Pieces For Storage
  8. 500-Pound Capacity
  9. 5 Year Warranty (Frame) & 2 Year Limited Warranty (Parts/Labor)
  10. Comes In Light Grey Or Black
  11. Burns 200+ Calories In One Session
  12. Dimensions: 8 ft x 2 ft (244 cm x 61 cm)

Concept 2 Price: How Much Does it Cost?

Cost: Check Latest Concept 2 Price at Amazon

Let’s start with the basics: This is priced right at $900.00. This is going to get you their basic rower, which is still an excellent option for any level of fitness. It’s a robust machine and fits snugly into the market of indoor rowing machines price wise.

Most competition is seated in this $800-1200 range with similar features and general settings.

Concept 2 MODELS: Model D vs. Model E

  • Model D: $945
  • Model E: $1160
  • Dynamic: $1250

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Types of Rowing Workouts

It is designed to recreate a rowing movement and is going to activate the same muscles as if a person was rowing outside in a canoe. This is important because it’s a robust cardio exercise and one that is well-regarded in the fitness industry for promoting good health and burning calories.

This machine ensures a person can race through workout programs and maximize them based on requirements.

Want more resistance? The settings can be adjusted to help change how the machine is working. This enables a person to choose the setting best for their needs.

It’s a fascinating indoor rowing machine and syncs well with modern requirements a person will have from the equipment.

Tech Features

Concept 2 is the best rowing machine

With the Performance Monitor, it’s easier to track performance when using the indoor rowing machine. It is a distinct monitor that sets it apart from the competition in the open market.

The data presented by the monitor ensures a person remains on top of what they’re doing.

It provides in-depth information on the force being generated and the time it takes to complete a workout. All of this data can be carried with a USB to one’s computer or related device for deeper analysis.

Bluetooth connectivity is on offer with the machine for easier connection to one’s PC or Mac.

Beautiful Design

The Concept 2 is so easy to store

The design is robust and a big part of what it has to offer. This is a sleek design and is perfect for the home gym. It sits nicely in the room and is not going to make a lot of noise.

It is made from robust materials ensuring it remains durable for a long time.

With the nickel-plated chain, it can sustain itself in the long-term and not break down.

The design is a significant component of the Concept 2 Rowing machine, and they’ve spent considerable time perfecting it.

Easy To Use

This machine is easy to use. A person can sit down and let the monitor take over. It will set the desired resistance, and a person will be able to burn calories at a quick rate.

The ergonomic design is hard to ignore as it is designed to be “low impact” and not cause pain in one’s joints in the long-term.

This is important for those wanting to begin rowing and not damage their body.


concept2 dimension and specs

The seat is comfortable and made to be easy on the joints. It will not add pressure in any way, which is important for those who want to maximize their time with the indoor rowing machine.

The padded seat and the comfortable footrests ensure the body can adjust to where it is situated.

Too many rowing machines don’t have adjustable settings, and this can lead to an uncomfortable situation for those wanting to spend longer periods on the rowing machine without getting injured.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine does a good job of alleviating this stress and not heightening one’s worries of working out in one position.

Easy To Store

concept2 D side view

What about storing away the machine? Many home gyms require a person to store away their machines rather than keeping them out in the open. If that is a requirement, this is a real winner.

The machine is easy to store away with the frame lock mechanism. It is built-in, and in a few seconds, the machine will become compact and easy to put away.

Even when it is opened up, the machine does not take up a lot of space and is nine feet in length from one end to the other.

Exceptional Performance Monitor

The performance monitor is a real winner and one of the best features this product has to offer. It is the reason this is among the best indoor rowing machines going right now.

The amount of data generated and at the speed, it does it hard to deny.

There aren’t too many machines, which can provide an in-depth look at one’s performance on the machine.

This is what makes it unique and far better than comparable heart rate monitors.

It’s consistent and well-regarded for being accurate down to the last decimal. This is a major plus point and a big part of what it has to offer.

Final Verdict: Where to Buy

Is this the best indoor rowing machine in the world right now? This is one of the best without a doubt.

The performance monitor, comfortable seat, and range of technology features make it a winner. There isn’t anything comparable on the market at this price point.

It is a world-class rower and the one you have been searching for.

Putting this in the home gym is going to make working out that much easier.

BOTTOM LINE: It is a must buy for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line rower at a reasonable price.

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