Do Natural Testosterone Supplements Really Work?

do natural testosterone supplements really work

Testosterone is an important chemical that is found in both men and women and has an important role to play in certain bodily processes and systems — the greater the quantity being naturally produced at the time, the better these processes perform.

In addition to presiding over the important reproductive systems, testosterone is also an essential ingredient for a smooth operating sex drive. Muscular regulation and the growth of body hair are also two other processes that are improved by plenty of T in the system.

But, a high T level in the body is necessary for more than muscles and sexual libido, Testosterone is also important for keeping a high quantity of red blood vessels and can also affect the density and strength of the skeletal system. Furthermore, having a stable supply of testosterone has also been associated with a general sense of tranquility and serenity.

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During your 30s, at some point, the bodily processes that produce testosterone are gradually shut down and the body’s supplies of this exciting hormone slowly abate. This notion often sends full grown men into a state of depression and existential crisis.

The first reaction is often to start hitting the steroid cocktails in an effort to regain their glory, but this can actually upset a very delicate balance of chemicals and actually cause more harm than good. The bodily functions that are balanced by T production and regulation can be sent of kilter with many surprising and undesirable results.

Those looking to boost their Testosterone the natural way can actually see far better results through focused efforts on better living than those who reach for the synthetic alternative.

The natural way calls for encouraging and boosting the natural production of testosterone through creating healthy habits conducive to conserving levels and boosting them as well.

Of course, there are some natural supplements that can help (Nugenix Maxx is one of our favorites), but following these steps can help as well.

Following is a step by step guide may be on way to help:

Step 1: Address the sleep habits

One of the most important ways that testosterone can be preserved and regulated further is by improving the quality of sleep. Many of the body’s vital processes depend on regular and sufficient sleep cycles to maintain their optimal functions and the production of testosterone is one of them. Men who burn the late-night oil and have irregular sleeping habits have a generally lower T level than those with plenty of rest.

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The solution will be to take time to evaluate your sleep habits and begin getting better rest. Melatonin is the bodies sleep cocktail and can help you sleep better at night, it is also produced after the lights go out so shut off TVs, consoles, and mobile device for a full hour before bedtime.

Step 2: Keep Active

The experts agree that more testosterone is produced as the body needs it, so it makes sense to get plenty of regular exercise. You can imagine that lives with very little healthy exercise or regular activity won’t be the most suitable for high testosterone levels.

This is because the levels of testosterone in the body are regulated by the brain. Once the brain gets the message that no more testosterone will be needed, it begins to put the breaks on your T levels. The more regular activity you are getting the more T is going to be needed and therefore produced. This important health habit is best practiced early in life, but can be applied at any moment.

Step 3: Raising Testosterone Through an Improved Diet

A healthy supply of nutrition in your regular diet is another way that testosterone can be boosted naturally. Vitamin D is an example of a nutrient you will find in the best testosterone supplements and is important for the synthesis of this important chemical. Making sure you are getting plenty of Vit D will ensure you are improving your T levels.

You can take the supplements for this but the best way to enjoy these important nutrients is right at the source. So, eat plenty of fatty fish like Mackerel, Sardines and Salmon. In addition to improving your T levels, these foods are good for the heart and brain.

Step 4: Supplementation

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Then there are some supplements that can round off your efforts to improve T levels naturally. IT is essential to understand that these will be most effective after steps 1 through 4 have been fully applied to your daily life habits. Then you will have a better chance of taking advantage of what these supplements can do for your T levels.

Take D-Aspartic Acid for example.

Tests have found that this natural amino acid can improve testosterone levels by as much as 42%. D-AA actually functions as a messenger between the chemical factories in the testes and the brain, essentially improving T production by improving the communications between the brain and the chemical production.

This is a common ingredient in many natural testosterone supplements and could be the key to boosting T levels and production if implemented as part of a broader plan for better health and increased testosterone levels.

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion — While supplementation can be a boost to your efforts toward higher T levels, it seems unlikely that testosterone levels will be improved much through supplementation alone. It will be important to address all aspects of your life that can be holding back your T levels and restricting the production of this hormone.

Obviously, you should consult with your medical doctor before starting any testosterone supplementation, and to come up with a plan that will work best for you.