Does Yoga Work for Weight Gain? The Answer May Surprise You

Last Updated on May 24, 2020 by Sam Corbin


Do you agree that it is probably much harder for most people to gain weight vs. losing weight? I know I have always been able to pack the pounds on pretty easily, and it can be a much harder struggle to get the weight off again. For some people, though, the opposite seems to be true – especially if you’re really born skinny or maybe your genetics prevent you from putting on body mass, or if you have a high metabolism, it can be really challenging to keep weight on.

In these cases, both men and women can struggle to gain weight. While some people may be jealous that you can eat anything and still remain skinny, being underweight or feeling too thin is not something everyone is super excited about. In some cases, it also has risks that can greatly affect your health.

With weight gain, binge eating is not the answer. It’s unhealthy and would just give you unlikely sicknesses and conditions that would not make you feel good, better, or healthy. Binge eating can be defined as stuffing your body with so much food even when you can no longer swallow it down. It can probably be paralleled to a crash diet where people who are trying to lose weight completely stop eating full meals. Both of these weight gain and weight loss methods are definitely a no-no!

The best way to gain weight is how it also is when trying to lose weight: pairing a healthy diet with a healthy amount of exercise.

Lately, maybe you have seen some people, maybe even your friends carrying yoga mats around, or doing extremely cool yoga poses on their Instagram. Maybe this even piqued your interest. You also want to try what they’re doing! You want to try practicing yoga, however, you are afraid that it would just make you lose more weight, and would make you look even skinier.

But yoga is much more about just weight loss or gain. There are ways to practice it to lose weight, but you can also practice it to gain more body mass. Yes, yoga is not just for weight loss! It can help you gain weight too! And it’s not just beneficial for your body weight. It also has great benefits with regards to keeping your mind healthy, affecting your behavior and feelings to be more optimistic. Yoga helps you be your best self, and being your best self can affect others around you. When you have a positive, radiant vibe, the people around you would also feel this happiness.

If you’re just starting to practice yoga, you can start with these poses. They are definitely beginner-friendly; you don’t need a yoga expert to do these poses. These 5 easy poses are arranged according to their level of difficulty.

1. Savasana: The Corpse Pose

Together with meditation, this pose can relax your whole body and mind. When your mind and body are at ease, your stress levels go do down significantly. This lowers the amount of adrenaline hormones released by your body, which affects your feelings, behavior, and health, which tends to result in unwanted weight loss.

2. Virabhadrasana: The Warrior Pose

This is a basic yoga pose that is always included in every yoga routine. It helps center your chakra or your energy providing your body with enough energy to burn unnecessary calories to increase your appetite. This yoga pose also makes your muscles work, helping you build muscle mass.

3. Pavanamuktasana: Wind Relieving Pose

Pavanamuktasana is known as the best post when a person has digestive problems. As you lie down on your yoga mat, knees up and feet together, with hands all the way above your head, the blood circulation on your lower body improves.

4. Matsyasana: The Fish Pose

This yoga pose can be a little intimidating to do at first, as it seems like you are letting your body off guard. However, this pose tremendously strengthens your circulatory, digestive, reproductive and cardiovascular systems, helping your body boost the hormones and nutrients it lacks.

5. Sarvangasana: Shoulder Stand

Standing on your shoulders may seem a bit challenging. But with the right breathing and meditation, you will be surprised how strong your body actually is! Sarvangasana may require a certain amount of strength and meditation to do, but doing the pose is very beneficial for your body. It stimulates and conditions blood flow into areas that are inaccessible, and it also boosts your energy as your chakras are realigned and cleared.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is a practice that helps realign your chakras or energy sources. It is a type of exercise that requires breathing techniques and meditation. It is a good practice to keep both your mind and body healthy, strong and energized. Yoga involves a lot of poses, which gave different levels of difficulty. Some poses require a certified teacher as they might have some health hazards when done incorrectly. It is suggested that you enroll yourself in a yoga class if you diligently want to practice yoga, you get to learn from an expert, plus you can also make new friends!