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Echelon Bike Promo Code, Coupons, & Discounts 2019

When it comes to find a great spin bike, Echelon is about as good as it gets.

Their bikes are one of our top-rated options of the year, plus they’re one of the few companies that offers live-streaming options for your rides.

That means, you can stream live spin classes, or access their huge library of pre-recorded workouts and scenic rides, on your bike.

That sounds awesome, but isn’t it expensive?

Well, Echelon is one of the most affordable options out there, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize the best Echelon promo codes or discounts, and save even more.

Below, you can find the most up-to-date Echelon discounts, so you can be sure you’re locking in the biggest savings!

Echelon Bike Discount Codes for September 2019

Echelon Target giftcard promo

At last check, you didn’t need a coupon code to lock in the current deals at Echelon. That doesn’t mean they aren’t offering some awesome promos, though.

As new Echelon promo are announced we’ll be sure to update this page.

Here are their latest deals:

Beyond these promotions, you can also save money on your bike purchase as well. These savings can change from time-to-time, so be sure to check back for updates.

At last check, these were the latest discounts on each of the Echelon bike models.

Echelon Savings by Bike Model: EX1, EX3, EX5, EX5s

the new EX-5s with HD flatscreen

If you want to save big on all of the latest Echelon bikes, including the EX1, EX3, EX5, and EX5s, there’s a very simple way to do it:

Sign up for the monthly or annual Echelon app subscription, and you can bring the cost of the bike down substantially. This really is a no brainer, because you’re going to to want to use the Echelon app either way if you’re planning to stream live classes, or access their library of workouts and scenic rides.

Here’s how much you can save per bike by also signing up for an app subscription:

EX1 Savings

  • MSRP $1339.98: Get it for $839.98 with App Subscription

EX3 Savings

  • MSRP $1439.98: Get it for $1039.98 with App Subscription

EX5 Savings

  • MSRP $1539.98: Get it for $1239.98 with App Subscription

EX5s Savings

  • MSRP $1839.98: Get it for $1539.98 with App Subscription

Read to lock in these discounts?

Activate Latest Echelon Promos here.

Shipping Discounts?

At certain times of the year, Echelon may offer free shipping promotions. If they aren’t currently offering free shipping, your total will be calculated based on where you live, but typically costs about $99.99.

Expect to pay some shipping if you opt for the monthly subscription plan.

How to Get Free Shipping

Shipping is free when you purchase the Annual Echelon App Plan or the 2 Year Plan. When you factor in the $99 you’ll save on shipping, plus what you’ll save on the app subscription, it’s worth opting for the longer plans, in my opinion.

Echelon App Discounts

the Echelon app on a tablet or smartphone

The Echelon App is an essential part of getting the most from your riding experience. As we mentioned, the App is what you’ll use to stream live workouts, access their huge database of pre-recorded workouts, as well as an awesome library of scenic rides.

It can be download on all major platforms – Apple, Android, Amazon, etc.

There are some ways to save on the Echelon App subscription as well. Basically, if you commit to more months at a time, you can bring the monthly price down. So if you commit to a full year of streaming, you’ll save more money than if you just go with the month-to-month plan.

Here’s a look at those savings:

  • Echelon Connect Month-to-Month Price: $29.99
  • Echelon Connect + Extra Mile Month-to-Month Price: $34.99
  • Echelon Connect Yearly: $349.99 (The Best Way to Save)
  • Echelon Flex All Classes: $19.99 per month
  • Echelon Flex All Classes + Extra Mile: $24.99

How Much You Can Save by Buying Longer Subscriptions

These are just a few examples of some of the prices per plan, and how much you can save when you bundle, or commit to more months at a time.

  • 12 Month Subscription: Save $78.89
  • 24 Month Subscription: Save $99.99

Learn more and pick out your best Echelon App plan here.

Warranty Options

When you buy an Echelon Smart Connect Bike, it comes with a 1 year warranty. You do have the option to purchase a longer warranty if you choose.

Financing Options

a side shot of the echelon EX1

Another awesome thing about Echelon is that they offer generous financing packages, which are still available even when you lock in one of their amazing promo options.

Financing is available to those who qualify and is currently provided by Affirm.

This allows you to pay over time, with monthly payments as low as $56 per month.

Monthly Payment Plans

  • 12 Months
  • 18 Months
  • 24 Months

Rates range from 0-30% APR. You can usually get a better interest with better credit, and if you opt to purchase the bike in a shorter amount of time, like the 12 month plan, for example.

Here’s a monthly payment breakdown by bike:

  • EX1 Monthly Payments:  As Low as $56 per Month
  • EX3 Monthly Payments: As Low as $65 per Month
  • EX5 Monthly Payments: As Low as $$74 per Month
  • EX5s Monthly Payments: As Low as $88 per Month

Learn more and find out if you qualify at Echelon’s website.

Discount Summary

Echelon Makes some of the coolest live streaming workout bikes on the planet, and they’re always running some awesome promos. This means, you can pretty much always save on their bikes, no matter the time of year.

The best part?

You don’t need a promo code to lock in these deals!

Learn more and check the latest Echelon promos here.


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