Electric Bike Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: 2023 Update

Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Sam Corbin

best black friday and cyber monday ebike deals

There are plenty of places to buy electric bikes these days, but Amazon has one of the largest selections that I have seen.

On top of that, they have been known to run some pretty incredible Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on their eBike prices and potential discounts as their holiday sales draw near!

We’ll be posting any bike deals we find below, so be sure to check back. New holiday deals should be announced daily, so we’ll be updating this page often as new discounts and promos are released:

See the Full List of Amazon’s Top-Selling eBikes and Their BEST Prices this Holiday Season:

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Most Recent Holiday Discounts Spotted:

The Top-Selling eBikes on Holiday Sale

Below, you can find info on a wide variety of electric bikes, including just a few of the best-sellers that Amazon currently has available. We’ll be updating this list as new Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are released:

1. Addmotor Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike Sale

PRICE: Check Latest Price on Amazon

addmotor fat tire folding ebike

This is serious one of the coolest eBikes on the market, and one of the most versatile rides you can get.

Combining the portability of the folding eBike, with the ruggedness of a fat tire ride, Addmotor has created one of the best all around electric bike experiences we have found!

Fat tires are great, because you can take the bike almost anywhere, and it even makes a great ride in the winter. On top of that, you can easily fold this one up to take on trips, fit in a trunk or camper, or just for easy storage in your home or office.

Here are just a few of the features that make the Addmotor Folding eBike one of the best buys out there:

  • 500 Watt Motor
  • 48V Lithium Battery
  • Comes in 4 Colors
  • 40-55 Mile Rage with Pedal Assist
  • Top Speed of 23 MPH

Ready to learn more and save on one of the hottest eBikes on the planet?

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2. Goplus Folding Electric Bike Deals

PRICE: Check the Latest Deals HERE

goplus ebike sale

This is a versatile and easy-to-store eBike, making it the perfect commuter or travel bike. It features a 36V lithium battery, 6 speeds, and 250W of power!

Here are a few of the key specs:

  • Speed: 16 MPH
  • Weight: 54 LBS
  • Max Load: 243 LBS
  • Range: 15 to 22 Miles
  • Charge Time: 4 to 6 Hours

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to get to work, or a foldable bike to take with you when you travel, then the Goplus is worth checking out! Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be two huge days to save, so be sure to check to see how much you can save on the GoPlus eBike!

2. ONWAY36v 500w eBike

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onway ebike

The ONWAY Beach Cruiser is the perfect eBike for those work commutes or just causing around town. This thing is smooth and comfortable ride, plus features 500 watts of power!

The powerful motor gives your 40 to 50 miles of range using pedal assist, and it has a max speed of 15 to 18 miles per hour. The SHIMANO 7 speed gear system gives you a smooth and comfortable ride, whether you’re cruising the streets or climbing a hill.

Be ready to turn some heads, with its cool, sleek design!

3. Addmotor MOTAN Electric Fat Tire Bike

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addmotor electric fat tire bike

My father-in-law bought a full suspension eBike from Addmotor this summer, and he couldn’t be happier with it, which is why they made our list!

The use a lot of the same components as similar eBikes that cost more money, but you can get an Addmotor for a fraction of the price. I have a fat tire eBike, and it is seriously one of the best investments I have made in a long time.

I use it on my commute to work most days, and the fat tires make it so I can take it almost anywhere. You can even take it out in the winter months if you want!

This particular eBike has a center hug, and brings 1000W of power! It’s powered by a 48V battery, and can reach a top speed of 30 MPH!

On top of that, it has a range of 55 to 65 miles when you’re using level one pedal assist.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be your chance to save big on this awesome eBike, and be sure to check back to see what kind of deals you can get!

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More eBike Info

Electric Bikes, AKA eBikes, are a great way to get around town quickly and in a way that is fun and still gets you some exercise!

I swapped my scooter for an electric bike a while back, and boy am I glad I did! They’re a ton of fun, and depending on where you live and what kind of eBike you decide to buy, they can even be used on some trail systems, and off-road a bit, which sets them apart from your typical gas-powered moped.

On top of that, you’re still pedaling most of the time, so can still get some exercise during that commute or trip to the grocery store as well!