ProForm Elliptical Reviews 

ProForm is easily one of the best elliptical manufacturers on the market. There’s a reason you see their machines in professional gyms and home gyms alike. They create high-quality machinery and they market them at affordable prices. Let’s break down some of the top models and see what makes them so great.

ProForm Endurance 520 E


One of their top-notch models is the ProForm Endurance 520 E. This particular model comes in near the $1,000 mark from their official store. It is slightly pricier than some of their other models, but it has plenty to offer. It is adjustable, works in five different positions that range from 0 to 20 degrees incline.

The Endurance utilizes this adjustable incline to really intensify your workout routine and improve your results. The adjustments of 5 degrees allow you target specific muscles ranging from the glutes to the calves.

It also comes with 18 powerful workout apps to help you track your progress and get the best workout possible. The machine tracks calories burned, overall performance, incline position and allows for speed workouts. The system was designed by a team of certified personal trainers.

Of course, it’s not all about the burn. Comfort is an important consideration as well. The Endurance 520 E is comfortable enough that you won’t want to jump off after ten minutes on the machine. It has soft touch hand grips so that you can better enjoy each step.9

Finally, it is compatible with the iFit app. This nifty app runs on your iPad and links with the Endurance. It opens a Google maps route in your preferred location and then adjusts the incline of the elliptical according to your position on the map. It moves you forward along the map with a first-person view. You actually feel as if you are running in the mountains or wherever you have set your map to.

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ProForm Endurance 720 E

ProForm Endurance 720 E

As the numbers would indicate, the Endurance 720 E is a step up from the 520 in terms of features and pricing. To some, the increase in features might not justify the increase in price. To others, the extra features are worth every penny. It depends on how serious you are about your workout routine.

For example, the 520 comes with 18 digital resistance levels while the 720 has a total of 20 different levels. It also has 6 extra workout apps only available on the 720 and 920 models. The weight capacity also increases from 300 pounds to 325 pounds. A small increase, but noticeable.

Some of the best features are shared between these two as well as the 920 model.
The soft grips upper body workout and the EKG grip pulse are just a couple of examples. It can monitor all of the important health metrics and provides on-screen feedback as you workout.

ProForm Endurance 920 E

The 920 E is the top model in the Endurance line of ellipticals from ProForm. In addition to all of the great features present in the previous two models it has some added bonuses that warrant a slight price increase. For example, there is an adjustable 20-inch stride. This makes it possible for the entire family to easily adjust the stride length according to their own needs.

ProForm Endurance 920 E

The 920 also features a beautiful seven-inch full-color touchscreen display. You can watch television, surf the internet, or use the iFit app to visualize yourself jogging through the wild. This is all while still having access to your various fitness metrics such as heart rate, resistance settings, and calories burned.

The number of available workout apps increases again from 24 with the 520 to an impressive 32 unique workout apps. It also has 24 digital resistance levels. The weight capacity; however, remains the same at 325 pounds.

Overall, the Endurance 920 E is an amazing and fully capable elliptical from ProForm. It is the most expensive of the Endurance models, but all of the extra features and the impressive touchscreen make it worth the very small increase in price.

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ProForm Pro 12.9

The 12.9 is the cheapest model in the Pro line of elliptical from ProForm. It takes everything you would expect from a high-end elliptical and then adds some more to it. The average price is around $1,300, which makes this a model intended for those who really know what they want and are serious about their workout routine.

ProForm Pro 12.9

Of course, not a penny is wasted with this model. From the tablet holder to the touchscreen display, to the various adjustable workout settings. It has just about every feature you could possibly want on a workout machine.

Similar to some of the other models, it features a 20 degrees incline with adjustable controls. The incline still adjusts with 5 degrees implements. On the side of the machine, it no longer shows the degree of the incline, but rather what muscle group you are targeting with that particular incline. It makes it easier to quickly adjust to the right setting without turning to Google.

One very unique feature of the Pro series is that the elliptical comes pieced together in their box. You don’t have to spend days trying to decipher an instruction manual to build the machine. It is already assembled and ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

ProForm Pro 16.0 NE

With previous models, the increase in price from one tier to the next within the same line was very small. The increase in price between the 12.9 and the 16.0 model of the Pro line is rather large. It adds at least $600 to the price tag, but could very well double it depending on where you purchase the elliptical from.

ProForm Pro 16.0 NE

In addition to the adjustable incline, the 16.0 NE model also includes an adjustable stride length, similar to the Endurance 920 E. This lets multiple people of different heights transition to using the machine comfortably. It also includes a wireless chest strap for monitoring your heart rate. It’s perfect for those who prefer the hands-free style when on their elliptical.

It comes assembled out of the box with a total of 40 different workout apps and 26 digital resistance levels. The upper body grips adjust to multiple positions to allow for the best possible workout. The weight capacity is also increased to 350 pounds. Finally, there’s a nifty water bottle holder right where you need it.

ProForm Pro 16.9

The 16.9 takes everything you love about the 16.0 NE and makes it slightly better. For starters, it increases the size of the screen from 7 inches to 10 inches. That’s enough to make a noticeable difference while you are working out. It makes it easier to quickly set goals, start apps, or surf the web.

Aside from that, they didn’t make too many big improvements. The number of apps actually decreased to 35 and the number of digital resistance levels stays the same. Weight capacity increases by 25 pounds as well. It also includes a very nice CoolAire workout fan.

ProForm Smart Strider 735 and 935

The Smart Strider series is designed more for the newcomer or budget shopper. It sacrifices a few features here and there and is sold at a much lower price. Both, the 735 and 935, are available under $1,000. The 735, of course, is somewhat cheaper.

ProForm Smart Strider 735 and 935

Both still have access to the iFit application and both have an 18-inch strider. They also both have an 18-pound effective flywheel. The incline is adjustable with both models up to 10 degrees.

The 935 improves on the 735 by including a 7-inch touchscreen display and adding an extra 8 workout apps. If those things are important to you, then you should stick with the 935.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Series

Technically speaking, the Hybrid Series could be considered their entry level machinery. It is definitely the most affordable of all the elliptical machines mentioned here and it has the fewest features. That’s what makes it so great for beginners. They rarely seek all of the bells and whistles.

They just want a workout machine they can test, see if they like, and see if it delivers results. Once they experience the results they want, then they upgrade to the fancier models mentioned earlier.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer


They are called hybrids because they are actually two machines combined into one. There is the traditional elliptical machine and the recumbent bike. This allows for a comprehensive workout routine that actually isn’t available on the more expensive models.

Neither of them have full-color touchscreens, but they do have tablet holders and iFit compatibility. The normal hybrid has a 15-inch stride and the hybrid pro increases that to a 17-inch stride.


ProForm has yet to manufacture a sub-par elliptical. Even their lowest priced models are better than the majority of elliptical machines seen on the market today, and are one of the best ways to get healthy. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness pro, you are guaranteed to find a workout machine that suits your needs from ProForm.

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