Fitbit Alta Review: The Sleekest Fitness Tacker Available?

The Best Fitbit Alta Reviews of 2016

With the world of fitness trackers expanding and a lot of effort going into remaining in sync with one’s performance throughout the day, it’s become important to look at purchasing one of your own. If you’re looking for one of the sleekest, highest preforming trackers on the market, then you should consider the Alta by Fitbit.

The Alta has quickly become one of the most popular trackers on the market, and with it’s modern, sophisticated design, it’s not surprising. Below, we’ll detail some of the key features and functionalities of the Alta, and then you can hopefully decide whether or not this is the fitness tracker for you.

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Key Features


1) All-In-One Fitness Tracker
2) All Day Tracking
3) Full Synchronization with Smartphone
4) Auto Sleep Tracking
5) Simple Tap Display
6) Detailed Call, Text, And Calendar Alerts
7) Interchangeable Accessory Bands (Purchase Separately)
8) SmartTrack (Auto Exercise Recognition)
9) Provides Reminder To Move
10) Battery Life Up To Five Days
11) Multiple Clock Faces For Customization
12) Silent Alarms For Waking Up

Who Is It For?

This is best suited for those who are casual users who are looking for enough information to remain healthy. Serious athletes might want to move up to the higher options in their series to get more data.

Seamless Tracking

Let’s begin with the tracking as that’s most important with any fitness tracker. Does it do a good job of tracking all of the relevant physical data your body provides?

The FitBit Alta will provide information such as:


1) Steps & Distance
2) Calories Burned
3) Active Minutes
4) Running
5) Cardio
6) Sleep Monitoring
7) And More!

There are so many vital details tracked all at once making it a reliable partner to have along with you during the day. So many people are unable to track these details, but the FitBit Alta does an impressive job from the word go. The accuracy of the information is what puts it over the top.

It’s a quality device when it comes to the “all day tracking” features.

Slim Design

The design of a fitness tracker shouldn’t be ignored when making a purchase. The FitBit Alta is well-regarded on the market for being sleek and elegant around the wrist. It’s a fashion-forward solution that sets the stage for the rest of your outfit.

Not only does it look great on the wrist, but it is also lightweight.

This is important for those who are going to be participating in intense workouts and want to let the fitness tracker settle into the background. You will not have any issues with this design when it pertains to the weight.


There are multiple colors on offer along with interchangeable accessory bands (sold separately) for a person to choose from based on personal needs. This gives it the extra flair a person is hoping for to suit their needs and wants. Why go with a poor-quality fitness tracker when you can get the FitBit Alta and its customization options?

This is one of the bigger positives on offer with the FitBit Alta, and it sets the stage for how well it works throughout the day.

Gorgeous Tap Display

The OLED tap display is elegant, responsive, and easy to use. It is an all-encompassing solution created in a manner to provide high-grade results. It will not get in the way of what you’re doing nor will it create issues with the rest of its features.

FitBit is well-regarded for doing an excellent job with its display, and this fits the bill too.

The tap display is spacious and easy on the eyes while working around the clock as required. It will never create long-term issues, and the tap display is sensitive to the touch ensuring you get real value for your money.

Great Battery Life

The battery life is listed at “5 days” on a single charge. This is impressive in the world of fitness trackers where energy levels can be sapped in seconds.

Not only is the battery life impressive, but the recharge time is great too. It takes less than 60 minutes to have the FitBit Alta up and running back at 100% for another five hours. What more can a person ask for with their fitness tracker in this day and age?

This is a seamless option, and the battery life is one of the best in the industry right now.


Complete Synchronization

For those who are looking to sync the fitness tracker with other devices (i.e. laptops and smartphones), you will be able to with the FitBit Alta. The company has done a good job of making sure the syncing takes a few seconds to set up. It will work like a charm regardless of the activity you’re participating in.

The syncing gives you multiple options with what you track and how you do it.

Plus, you’re able to receive immediate alerts on your FitBit whether you’re getting a call or text. This is useful when on the go.

Comfortable For Long-Term Wear


Let’s say a person wants to put this fitness tracker around their wrist throughout the day, will it start to become uncomfortable? This can be a real concern with fitness trackers, but the FitBit Alta doesn’t provide such concerns when put on.

Instead, it is going to feel great around the wrist.

It is sleek and lightweight designed to be worn throughout various activities, so you get a comprehensive reading on how you’re doing. Not only is it good for a day, but you can also wear it for a month and not have to worry about it. Yes, it is that lightweight!

Useful Movement Reminders

The final positive of the FitBit Alta comes from its useful movement reminders. They’re not intrusive nor do they flash up all the time. This gives you a great balance between being active and knowing when you can take a break or do whatever you wish to do.

The movement reminders are wonderfully scheduled to optimize your health.

FitBit’s algorithm does an excellent job of making sure the fitness tracker is responsive to your body and its movement. You can rely on the fitness tracker giving a timely reminder throughout the day enabling you to make adjustments as needed.

It is never inaccurate, and that’s a plus point.

Concluding Thoughts

Its versatility and elegance are hard to ignore. For the average user looking for more information around their wrist, the FitBit Alta is a real winner and a great option to purchase.

It’s a seamless design and comfortable to the eyes. It will sync well with your devices and provide a wholesome experience in the long-term.

If you’re looking for something is more like a smart watch, and has a few more features, then I would recommend checking out the Fibit Charge or Blaze!

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