The Best Fitbit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2017)

Fitbit: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals!


If you’re like us, then you absolutely love the Fitbit fitness tracking device! With that being said, it can sometimes be worth the wait to hold out and see what kind of Fibit sales will offered during Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. In many cases you can find huge discounts on the fitness tracking device on both of these days, so if you’ve been putting off buying them, now may be the time to pull the trigger. Below we will detail each of Fitbit’s current offerings, and then as we hear of sales, we will be updating the links so you can be sure to get the best Fitbit buy.

Below you will find a link where you can browse all of the Fitbits for this year, so click that if you want to get connected right away to the best Black Friday Deals, or read about a few of our fit bits below:

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Fitbit Blaze Discount


The Fitbit Blaze is one of the most popular fitness tracking devices on the market right now, and for good reason – it has a super sleek design, is packed full a ton of great features, and it’s pretty affordable. Checkout the link below to get the best discounts on the Blaze:

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The Blaze is full of great features, but here are just a few that make this one of the best fitness tracking devices you can buy:

  • Step Counter
  • Mileage Tracker
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Interchangeable Bands
  • Text and Phone Call Alerts
  • Syncs with Your Apple or Android Device
  • Calorie Counter
  • And MUCH More!

Fitbit Alta Sale


The Fitbit Alta is probably their second most popular fitness tracker, and that’s because its sleek design and smooth functionality. While it doesn’t include the heart rate monitor it is still a very formidable device and is perfect for people who want an unobtrusive fitness tracker, that can count their steps, miles, calories and more!

Just look at the picture to the right and you can see how awesome the Alta looks, plus look at all of the band designs you have to choose from. This would make a great gift for your wife or girlfriend, and it even works well for guys too. It really is a great fitness tracker, and worth checking out if you’ve been in the market for one!

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Fitbit Charge Discount

The Charge is another amazing device from the folks at Fitbit, and is right up there with some of their most popular devices. It has many of the same great features that the Alta provides, but it also includes the heart rate monitor, which is an essential component for many people. It’s a little bit wider than the Alta, so it doesn’t have that super slim design, but many people are going to prefer it’s slightly more rugged look and feel. Again, it’s packed full all of the great features that you have come to expect from Fitbit, so you really can’t go wrong with this one either.

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Final Thoughts on Fitbit

Fitibit is the industry leader when it comes to fitness tracking, and they have been making the best devices on the market for a long time now. They currently have seven different fitness tracking products to choose from, if you buy one of their brandnew offerings, so I really encourage you to check out all of the devices to find the best one for you. Here is a list of their current products, so you know what to search for:


  • Blaze
  • Alta
  • Charge 2
  • Flex
  • Surge
  • One
  • Aria

Like we said, these are all great devices, and if you’re looking for the best deal on any of them, then Black Friday is certainly the time to make the purchase. We will be updating this page as we learn of new deals and discounts, so you can rest assured that the links we will be providing are going to point you to the best discounts and deals. That said, check back often as they may change leading up to Black Friday.

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