The Fitbit Charge 2: Reviewed

The Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the leading fitness trackers on the market today, because of its broad range of features and functionality. But why do we need to track or activity, and is this the best tracking device for you. Let’s take a look at why these devices are becoming so important, and examine some of the key features that the Charge has to offer.

As the negative effects of lifestyle diseases become ever so clear, we find ourselves with an inherent need to pick up and lead healthy lifestyles. As such, we are hitting the gym to burn excess calories more, we are eating healthier foods, and more importantly, we are tracking our lifestyles. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. The more you understand your health status, the better you will be at adjusting your lifestyle to ensure you remain healthy.

fitbit charge 2 reviews

To acquire this knowledge, we use fitness tracking devices, such as the Fitbit Charge. Fitbit is a company that specializes in producing fitness tracking devices. Being a specialized company, Fitbit has carved out a reputation for being the leader in the fitness-tracking niche. They are constantly innovating to produce industry leading products, and becoming more and more popular with each new release.

Fitbit Charge – one of their critically acclaimed products in the fitness tracking market – is designed to track all-day activity. Rather than tracking your morning run or your exercise at the gym, the Charge tracks every activity you engage in throughout your day to produce a more accurate estimate of your energy consumption in relation to energy expenditure.

As an all-day activity tracker, the Charge tracks your active minutes, the distance you travel, the number of steps you track throughout your day, the amount of time you are active and stationary, the number of floors climbed, and more importantly, an estimation of the calories you burn throughout the day. It is one of the very few fitness tracking devices that is near complete package.

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The Charge 2: Key Features & Functionalities

Price: $149.95

For you to understand how well the device works, you need to understand the various features it has. Below we’ll take an in-depth look at the various features that make the Charge 2 what it is.

Overall Design and Material: The overall design of the Charge is similar to many fitness tracker designs. The band is very comfortable on the hand, thus allowing you to wear it hours on end without being conscious of its presence due to discomfort.

It also has a bright OLED readout that takes the Charge to the smartwatch realm. The screen is activated by double tapping or by pressing a button on the side. The vivid display provides real-time tracking of flights of stairs climbed, the distance traveled, and the number of calories burned. The Charge’s screen also has additional functionality, whereby it displays time and caller ID.


The Fitbit Charge makes use of high-quality material in the making of the band. Just like other high-end sports watches, the Fitbit uses elastomer material to produce Charge’s band. Elastomer, as a material has proved to be durable, and flexible, whilst negating the skin irritation.

With regards to color varieties, you can choose from a selection of four colors, including black, slate, blue, and burgundy.

Functionality Components: Each and every tracking functionality of any fitness tracker is powered by sensors. Therefore, the sensors incorporate in any tracking band should be of great interest. As for the Charge, much of the tracking functionalities are performed using the 3-axis accelerometer and the altimeter. For notification functions (such as caller ID and alarm clock functionality), the Charge uses a vibration motor to induce vibrations.

Batteries and Power: Fitbit Charge uses a lithium-polymer battery to power its functionality. The battery, which charges in as little as one to two hours, can last anything from seven to ten days.

Syncing Functionality: Just like most Fitbits, the Charge comes with an easy to use syncing functionality. Bluetooth 4.0 powers the syncing functionality, which allows users to wireless and automatically load your stats into your mobile phone dashboard or your laptop computer for extended analysis. Additionally, the same syncing system is used to drive the call notification. Finally, you should note that the phone is capable of syncing with up 150 phones running on iOS, Android or Microsoft’s Windows.

Dashboard Capabilities: The mobile or desktop dashboard allows users to log workouts in a monthly calendar format; log the food you consume with a barcode scanner in an effort to track the number of calories you consume; share your progress/stats as well compete with others, and to track your sleeping trends for overall healthy living.

How Much Does the Fibit Charge Cost?

If you are sold on purchasing a Charge for tracking your daily activities, and by extension your fitness, you will have to part with just under $130 in the U.S, AU$150 in Australia, and £100 in the UK. There upgraded models, so the price can go up if you upgrade to their Rose Gold Plated addition, which is currently running at $179.95

How Fitbit Compares With Other Fitness Tracking Devices

For a proper understanding of any device, you should compare it to other offerings within its niche market. So, how does the Fitbit Charge hold up against other fitness tracking bands? On the design end, its performance is outstanding when compared to trackers such as the Garmin Vivoactive and the Fitbit Surge.


On the notification front, the Charge performs moderately when compared to other high-end trackers or smartwatches such as the Microsoft Band and the Samsung Gear Fit. Its battery, however, does not hold up as well as other do. For instance, the Misfit Shine last up to four weeks whilst the Jawbone last as much as two weeks.

A few drawbacks it has is the lack of inbuilt GPS tracking capability as well as the lack of heart rate monitor and tracking capability. To negate the lack of GPS tracker, you can pair it with your phone to map out your course during a walk or run.

Who Should Considering Buying a Charge?

The Fitbit Charge is most appropriate for individuals looking for a means to track and monitor their fitness through the course of the day. They are particularly helpful if you have an active lifestyle and in need of a comfortable and easy to use the tracker. The seamless syncing makes your tracking life a tad more comfortable.

However, it is not appropriate for users looking to track their activities in aquatic environments as the device is not waterproof, just sweat, rain, and splash proof, so if you need something for swimming you may want to consider the new Apple Watch, or another fitness tracker that is designed for swimmers.

That being said, the Charge is a stylish and super functional tracker, so if you’re looking for something to help keep you motivated and stay on top of your vital health stats, then the Charge is probably the device for you!

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