Flywheel Home Bike Review, Cost, Pros & Cons + Where to Buy

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Exercise bikes have always been a highly appreciated cardio machine among fitness enthusiasts. These bikes are easy to use, gentle on the joints, and offer incredible cardiovascular benefits.

In recent years, the fitness industry has shifted towards a more tech-centric setup and that includes exercise bikes. The Flywheel Home Bike is a wonderful example of this move towards creating tech-friendly solutions. The bike offers an incredible set of features including live and recorded workout classes allowing users to immerse themselves in the experience.

This Flywheel Home Bike review will take a look at how it works, possible workouts, and whether or not it is a good option for the average person. We’ll also show you how much the Flywheel currently costs, and where you can buy it, if you decide it’s the right bike for you.

What is the Flywheel Home Bike?

a woman stretches on her flywheel

The Flywheel Home Bike is an all-encompassing cardio machine with a fascinating set of features. It comes in two different models (both with similar physical specs) and the only difference between the two is a built-in tablet.

The tablet is designed to work with a variety of systems such as Chromecast, Android, and iOS to deliver a power-packed workout solution.

This high-tech exercise bike is designed to offer something versatile and unique with a variety of app-related features. This allows users to customize how the exercise bike works at home and the amount of resistance that’s on offer throughout the workout session.

This exercise bike is designed with a built-in belt-drive system ensuring the performance is silky smooth without requiring unrelenting maintenance throughout the year.

The Flywheel Home Bike comes with an adjustable seat (4-way) and can be tweaked with nothing more than the accompanying safe pin. Users can also play around with the handlebars and resistance knob to get the bike to sit as they want it to. The bike comes with unique weigh bars that are attached to the front of the bike allowing users to create additional resistance while pedaling away.

This is a world-class exercise bike that’s designed to offer a wide array of features.

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How Does it Work?

a man streams the flywheel workouts

The Flywheel Home Bike is equipped to act as a “smart” bike with a comprehensive console. This is something a traditional bike doesn’t offer, which gives it an additional advantage over comparable solutions.

In this regard, the exercise bike comes with a built-in tablet that’s measured at 15.6″ and the touchscreen allows users to swiftly change settings and toggle through different settings.

Once the exercise bike has been set up, users can take advantage of the Bluetooth and/or Wifi connectivity to get started. Please note, the bike can work without the additional app and does allow users to enjoy the bike’s traditional settings.

After setting the resistance levels and/or choosing a specific workout, users will start to see a multitude of measurements pop up in front of them.

These measurements will include the amount of power that’s generated. This bike is also equipped with top of the line pedals that are tested in the US for durability, safety, and general quality.

To choose the right resistance level, there is an accessible knob controller that allows riders to pick and choose what they need for the workout session. This is a powerful feature for those who prefer a customizable option and don’t want to go ahead with a cookie-cutter workout.

The simplicity and quality begin to stand out as soon as you sit down and get started.

It’s also equipped with a comprehensive high gear ration (1:11), which is designed to help mimic a traditional riding experience.

This is essential when it time to put in a long session without getting bored.

Flywheel Home Bike Workouts

a look at their app and workouts

Flywheel offers a multitude of workout options for riders to enjoy as soon as they sit on the Flywheel Home Bike. With the monthly subscription, it’s possible to toggle through all of these workouts and choose the ones that are going to sync with your workout goals.

Each person is going to have their requirements and this exercise bike does a wonderful job of customizing the session to meet those needs.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the workouts that are on offer.

1. Method

The Method workout involves HIIT training (high-intensity interval) and is designed to push the body to the next level. The premise is to focus on pushing harder than ever before while working in short bursts. There are set intervals a rider can go through while fluctuating between all-out and relaxed to get the heart pumping.

This is a wonderful way to test how much your body can handle while putting in the hard work.

2. Tempo

This is all about focusing on building a rhythm while riding and becoming comfortable with building a strong core. This is all about riding with performance in mind and continuing to increase the effort level as the session goes on.

This is one of those workouts that does push the body to the next limit and builds endurance in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

3. Power

When it comes to the Power workout, this is one of those options that are designed to look at going the extra mile and kicking it up a gear.

It is supposed to be an advanced version of the Method workout and is all about going longer, harder, and faster than before. This means it pushes the body to work harder and endure more over a long period.

The intervals get shortened meaning users end up putting in more effort with reduced recovery periods.

Pros & Cons

a man tracks his progress using her app


1. Stream Live and Recorded Studio Classes

Flywheel has their own app, that allows you to stream live studio spin classes from your tablet, or on a built-in touchscreen if you opt for that package.

Their classes are led by elite instructors, and are a great way to make exercising fun, stay motivated, and compete against other Flywheel owners.

2. Sleek Design

Beginning with the Flywheel Home Bike’s design, it’s an immaculate machine built to last. Whether it’s interval training or traditional tempo riding, this bicycle can handle everything thrown its way without breaking down.

The attention to detail is immaculate whether it is the aluminum handlebars or the padded seat, everything about the bike delivers.

This is what makes it such a competent option for beginners and experienced riders.

3. Quiet Drivetrain

If this exercise bike is going to be situated in an apartment or condo, it’s important to invest in a quiet bike. This is one of the quietest indoor cycles on the market right now and works beautifully once it is turned on.

Everything is well-built ensuring there’s minimal rattling and everything flows as intended.

4. Smooth Magnetic Resistance

One of the primary requirements when investing in a brand-new exercise bike is making sure it has high-grade resistance settings. This is the bare minimum and the Flywheel Home Bike gets the job done. The resistance knob is easy to play around with and the level of customization is impossible to beat.

This is what makes the Flywheel Home Bike shine.

5. Ergonomic

Due to the different adjustments on offer with the Flywheel Home Bike, users can enjoy toggling between settings throughout the session. This includes the seat, handlebars, and resistance levels.

The adjustments ensure a person can get the bike to work as desired without having to waste time.

6. Easy to Setup

The setup process is a breeze and that is what makes it such a fascinating option. Being able to take it out of the packaging and put it to use within minutes is appealing to the average rider. If you are a beginner, this may be among the finest indoor cycles on the planet right now.

It simply adds value to your workout and doesn’t take long to get going.

7. Affordable

When compared to other bikes that offer live or recorded classes, Flywheel is one of the most affordable options out there. If you’re looking for a high-quality, but affordable exercise bike that offers studio classes you can take part in at home, then Flywheel should be at the top of your list.


1. No Armrests

For those who prefer resting their arms at different points of the workout, this bike isn’t going to get the job done. The setup isn’t designed to include armrests and that does hinder some of its appeal from a comfort perspective.

Otherwise, it is one of the more comfortable indoor cycles being sold right now.

2. Average App Compatibility

It’s important to note this exercise bike isn’t as compatible as it needs to be. In general, the exercise bike works well with Bluetooth, Wifi, and ANT+, but that is only reserved for specific apps such as the Flywheel app and Strava.

This is far more limited than what is out there for users to take advantage of, which is slightly disappointing.

Features and Specs

a bike in the living room

  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Frame
  • 15.6″ Touchscreen Tablet
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • 4-Way Adjustable Seat
  • Bidirectional Drivetrain
  • Anodized Aluminum Handlebars
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Multiple Resistance Settings
  • 3-Piece Crankset
  • 9.7 Pound Flywheel
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 62″L x 20.5″W x 59″H (With Tablet) & 56″L x 20.5″W x 47″H (Without Tablet)

How Much Does it Cost? Latest Flywheel Prices:

Since there are two models, it’s important to highlight both prices.

  1. The Flywheel Home Bike (without tablet) comes in at $1,950 + optional monthly subscription ($39).
  2. The Flywheel Home Bike (with tablet) comes in at $2,280 + optional monthly subscription ($39).

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Review Summary: Where to Buy

The Flywheel Home Bike is a world-class indoor cycle and is well-equipped with a wide array of features. If it is time to invest in a high-tech option that is going to generate quality results, you can’t go wrong with this solution.

It’s easy to use, refined, and simply offers incredible results.

Think the Flywheel sounds like the perfect bike for you?

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