Can Stress Lower Your Testosterone Levels? See How to Prevent it.

how to prevent stress related low t

Testosterone isn’t something guys want to play around with. Quite frankly, the longer you can motivate your body to produce the hormone, the higher-quality of life you’ll ultimately enjoy.

Seriously, many of the aches and pains guys endure as they get older are related to a lack of testosterone. It’s also why you will feel less energized and most likely lose your passion for certain things.

Before getting into more detail, these are some of the things you can expect to experience when your testosterone levels dramatically drop due to stress.

  • You feel more agitated and frustration than usual
  • Depression and a lack of passion
  • Overall physical pain
  • Inability to sleep/too much sleep
  • Struggle to perform sexually

How Stress Brings Down Testosterone

an older man dealing with stress related low t

Stress is a silent killer in the sense that it creeps up on you. And among many other things, it can cause your testosterone levels to drop at a rapid pace.

This is because when you are stress, your body produces cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and it literally reduces testosterone production.

In other words, stress has a physical form, and it can be seen in the changes your body will go through.

Essentially, if you want to prevent stress from reducing your testosterone levels, you have to take care of yourself within all aspects of your life.

Obviously, you won’t be able to neutralize all the stress in your life, but you do you have the ultimate control in terms of how you approach stressful situations.

Tips For Preventing Stress-Related Low T

Change Your Perspective

a change of perspective can help bring down your stress

The mind is a powerful thing, and it’s the soil for stress seedlings – in a manner of speaking. You literally nurture stress in your mind, until it eventually bleeds into your physical life.

This is when you start feeling like a zombie most of the time. But more importantly, you feel it in your body.

Except for the muscle pain and headaches, stress will no-doubt cause, stress will also influence the confidence you have in the bedroom.


Because cortisol is the hormone your body is focusing on, instead of testosterone.

Out of all the tips you get from this article today, make this one the priority – change your perspective.

How you choose to perceive your situation is what will ultimately sink into your subconscious. And the more you control your perspective, the more control you gain over your emotions.

The end result is you mastering the triggers for your stress, and defusing them before stress can get the better of you.

And simple techniques like focused breathing for ten seconds can mean the difference between nurturing and releasing stress.

Get Your Blood Pumping

an older man does yoga

It should be made clear that you want healthy ways to get the blood pumping, and this means participating in productive activities.

For example, exercising is recommended by EVERYONE if you want to naturally boost testosterone.

In some cases, you may need some supplements to give yourself an added boost while working out – Crazy Bulk is my personal favorite (learn more here) – but you’ll want to consult with your doctor first before deciding the best course of action to take.

But if you are more into sports, then join a team or create your own. The activity you choose doesn’t necessarily have to entail weightlifting, but some cardio can be incredible if you want to detox from stress.

So, if briskly walking around the block gets your heart pumping, try to do it every day.

Become More Social

socializing is one way to lower your stress levels

Science has proven that laughter is a natural medicine for depression and stress. And while you might laugh with a movie, some human interaction every now and again will help to get your focus away from stress.

For example, having a special occasion to look forward to over the weekend can help to maintain a positive mood, which is what you need for effectively blocking stress.


There is nothing wrong with exploring some alternative ways to enforce stress prevention. These can include meditation, yoga (Beachbody On Demand has some amazing Yoga workouts – learn more here), and hiking.

Believe it or not, having some alone time with your thoughts, especially while pushing or controlling your body, you can develop some valuable skills.

And these skills won’t just make you feel healthier, but they can stop stress from slowly seeping into your life.

Implement A Healthy Diet

healthy food can help you get better results

While the connection between food and stress seems pretty straightforward, it remains an important part of your stress prevention campaign.

Keep in mind that different foods have different effects on your mind. For instance, a big and heavy lunch will not make you a productive or positive person.

Whereas a healthy proportioned meal, geared toward boosting testosterone and energy levels, makes a lot more sense.

Develop Healthy Sleep Patterns

It can’t be said enough that you need to get your beauty rest. Yes, even the guys have to put in the time if they want to hold on to healthy testosterone levels. More importantly, it helps your mind and body fight stress build-up.

Following a sleeping routine is the best way to ensure you always get enough. That means going to bed and not waking up several times during the night for at least 7 to 8 hours.

Focus on a Good Mood

keeping a positive mood can help bring your stress down

Some guys might think that simply avoiding stress could be the better alternative. Unfortunately, you can only avoid stressful situations for so long before they get worse.

Facing small challenges right now means you are getting things done, and this will automatically put you in a confident and positive mood – the best combination for preventing stress.

A Final Thought

Stress is one of the main reasons why men experience early signs of erectile dysfunction, and it’s directly connected to a lack of testosterone production. And your body is going to maintain this strike until you find ways to effectively manage that silent killer.

However, most men tend to protect their pride, and accepting that something as “fickle” as stress could be causing your ED is not easy.

In the end, there are so many reasons why you want to pay attention to your natural production of testosterone, and living a healthy life until you die is one of these reasons.