How to Get a Thigh Gap

thigh gap

Are you interested in toning down your legs to develop that luscious thigh gap we see exhibited in so many attractive bodies these days? For better or worse this well-defined, lean and attractive look has become the symbol of a well-kept physique and athletic figure.

Before we begin this guide to developing your own set of hot legs, remember that strong, beautiful drop-dead legs can be this way without a thigh-gap. Exactly how your legs will look when they have completed the following important “how-to’s” will have to do with your genetics.

The important thing to remember is that making the effort to tone and address your leg muscles and their conditions will pay off in any wonderful way. There will be significant effort to achieve this look, but rest assured your efforts will never go on rewarded, even if your don’t end up with a “thigh gap”per se.

Having established that every body type is unique, let’s delve into some of the best practices for slimming down, toning up and sporting beautiful legs.

Top 5 Tips for Getting a Thigh Gap

1. Consider the Calories Count

a woman works on her thigh gap

Women will naturally carry a healthy supply of their stored fat in their thighs and legs and interfacing with your body’s own fat regulating system takes patience and an intuitive approach.

Calorie counting has been found to be an effective way of reducing stored fats but must be done slowly, so the body doesn’t get the feeling it is starving and begins storing fats again.

Introduce diet changes into your regular lifestyle slowly and never more than 10% – 20% of a change at anytime. Keeping a food journal will allow you to measure your changes according to their effects.

2. Choose your foods wisely

After you begin getting an idea of what your ideal calorie intake will be, you will want to be consuming calories from the healthiest sources and those that will contribute to your daily efforts.

A good way to begin will be to replace the unhealthy calories from processed food with natural sugars (fruits), proteins and only those carbohydrates that come from green veggies.

Again, remember to ease into this change as a woman’s body can have a hair trigger that sets fat regulation on “starvation mode”. So, begin moving toward this new diet type slowly, don’t cut all carbs from your diet at once. Reduce carbohydrates by one meal a day to only one meal day. Or a single “cheat” day out of the week.

In the end remember that the point to watching what you eat is to give the body what it needs to perform the daily demands you have for it without exceeding this important balance.

By understanding what your specific needs are and reducing excess you will be on the best course to the ideal weight and perfect thigh.

3. Understand Your Metabolism

a woman with a nice thigh gap

Your metabolic rate is what decides how much of what you eat is converted into energy and how much is stored.

By keeping an active and well-fed lifestyle, you will communicate to your body that fat can be released and more energy will be supplied as needed.

For some people, getting more small meals in one day can boost a metabolism to burn more fat as fuel for daily exercise. When you consume foods, much of what you eat will be broken down into sugar and fuels for the muscles.

If not used, this will be turned into fats and this is counterproductive.

It will be essential to balance your diet with your exercise and daily routines. These must in turn be balanced against proper sleeping and resting habits that will keep your hormonal balance and keep the body and mind in a “well-established” state conducive to weight loss.

4. Know Your Body Type

You will have a better chance of addressing your physique if you consider your body type is unique and build your plans around this.

A thigh gap is not actually something everyone can achieve. Some women have hips that are not wide enough for this gap and others have especially muscular legs that won’t allow for it.

The best approach will be to choose the final look that will work best for you regardless of whether or not it includes a thigh gap. Look for specific styles of clothing that are especially flattering for your body type and go for this.

Another important aspect that many women disregard is how much can be achieved with a simple adjustment in posture. Many thigh gaps that you see are the product of the correct angle of the pelvis in relation to the femurs.

So, considering the shoes you are wearing may be another way to give your legs the best presentation possible.

5. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio!

a woman goes for a run

After you have taken control of your diet and are giving your body exactly what it needs for the exercise you require of it.

Begin slowly increasing your calorie consumption while simultaneously burning off your calories with steady routines of cardio.

Cardio is the best way to address an unwanted fat supply but it must be done as part of an overall effort to greater health. If you were to begin demanding heavy amounts of exercise from a hungry body, your metabolism may get the idea that you’re running for your life and hold on to the fat stores it needs.

Then pick the exercise routines that will best suit your needs. If you think your legs could use some toning think of power walking and elliptical training (see our favorite ellipticals here).

If you would like to increase the strength in your legs try the TreadClimber (read our review), jumping rope, or aerobic classes. If your legs are muscular enough but you need the cardio, swimming is one of the best body sculpting activities known to man.

Final Thoughts

Getting a thigh gap takes dedication, commitment, and the right approach to diet and exercise. Develop a plan, stick with it, and you can see results!