Best Isokinetic Exercises

Last Updated on May 24, 2020 by Sam Corbin

the best isokinetic workouts

Working out is not just about heading to the gym and pushing weight around. It’s all about planning ahead, understanding the intricacies of each movement and optimizing the routine as best as possible.

So many people lose out on potential gains because they’re unwilling to focus on these details. The days of ignoring these realities are long gone and it’s become important to start with the basics.

One of the primary options being considered by people around the world would be isokinetic exercise. This is a unique type of strength training that has been making the rounds and is considered to be an ideal option for people hoping to do well physically.

Here are some of the details to think about with regards to this type of strength training and what it has to offer. This review should dig deeper into the variation, how it works and what to expect if you were to go down this path.

What is Isokinetic Exercise?

A woman does a isokinetic kettlebell workout

Let’s start by recognizing the nuances of isokinetic exercise before assessing its quality.

In general, an isokinetic exercise is a form of strength training.

In this case, a person will make use of key exercise machines that can have regulated outputs during the course of a particular session. This means a person will put in as much effort as they want and this speed isn’t going to change.

The reason to do this is to make sure the workout is fully controlled and only the effort changes rather than the speed. This is where resistance can be concentrated on including a person’s range of motion.

This is valuable in many situations and is often sought out by athletes as a way to improve their workouts.

Most people are able to personalize these routines to get more out of the exercise. The changes that are made include their range of motion and/or speed. Everything can be catered to how a person likes to workout and even their current health if that’s a priority. With modern advancements in how workouts are done, a person has a lot more to work with when it comes to machinery.

They are able to play around with these attachments and get more out of what they’re doing on a daily basis. In fact, many people are able to target key muscle groups due to this reality.

By being able to target different muscle groups, the body starts to develop as a whole.

Remember, this type of strength training is built on the idea of maintaining speed and only changing the amount of force that’s applied at any given moment.

This means the speed isn’t going to change on the muscle but the effort will during the contraction phase. This is done to make sure the entire range of motion is used to generate force and build strength rather than a select portion.

In some movements, the speed changes and only the front half of an exercise provides value while the rest is wasted energy.

The muscle is designed to be contracted at all stages of the movement at a constant rate with this type of strength training. The muscle tension never changes. In some cases, experts like to customize where the force is put on the muscle to get it to grow. However, with isokinetic exercises, you are getting the entire movement to add value to how the muscle develops. It is far more even than traditional options.

Top Isokinetic Benefits

people doing a variety of different workouts

In modern situations, isokinetic exercises are often heralded for providing great value during rehab sessions. Imagine an athlete being injured and needing to get back to 100%. This is where these exercises come in handy because the speed doesn’t change. Everything is done in a controlled manner making it easier to isolate muscles and keep things as simple as possible.

However, what are some of the main advantages of these exercises?

1. Improves Flexibility

leg stretch

It starts with flexibility. A muscle group can start to become rigid with time. This has to do with how it is used. In this type of strength training, you’re able to build flexibility since the effort is put on your range of motion. The tension doesn’t drop.

2. Prevents Injury

The reason it is used for rehab has to do with its ability to help in these situations. It can help build that mind-muscle connection and truly understand how a muscle works during the exercise. This is how a person is able to strengthen their body as a whole.

3. Regulates Muscular Development

Most people want to get bigger, stronger, and healthier, which can happen with this type of strength training. You are able to regulate how the muscle develops and how much effort is being exerted. This has to do with controlled speed from start to finish as you intend for it to be. Anyone that needs to control things will know this is a good option to consider.

4. Promotes Faster Growth

a woman shows offer her muscle growth

Yes, this is noted for promoting faster growth because you’re not wasting time under tension.

Every aspect of the movement is going to be hitting the key areas of the muscle as intended. This goes a long way in building strength as you want it to be done.

Regular “isotonic” exercises waste a lot of energy and that has an impact on your ability to grow.

Potential Issues

Are there issues with this type of exercise?

In general, this is one of the safest options to pursue because everything is regulated and there aren’t sudden changes in speed, which tear at the muscle. Everything is done in a regulated manner, which is ideal for the body’s long-term health.

Remember, there is a reason this is used for rehabilitation!

Isokinetic Workout Equipment

a bowflex hvt with a white background

When it comes to getting a great Isokinetic workout, most gyms should have all of your needs covered.

If you want to get a good workout out in at home, things like free weights TRX straps, or even the Bowflex HVT (read about it here) are great options to consider.

You don’t need much for isokientics, so don’t overthink – just find a good workout routine for you, and get started!

Final Thoughts

According to professionals, this is as good as it gets and is a must for those looking to get stronger, faster, and healthier. Everything is controlled and it makes working out an easier task for those wanting to optimize every single minute in the gym.