My Fitness Pal Reviews & Cost [2018] Does it Really Work?


For the modern human being maintaining a balanced diet, getting proper rest, addressing our need for physical activity and keeping up with social and professional responsibilities is nothing less than a balancing act.

Try adding to this the particulars of fine-tuning the exercise routines tails of daily diets as well as logging in calorie counts and more and the task of keeping track of health progress is virtually impossible. But technology has a solution for the time-pressed person and can provide assistance with these needs while on the go.

My Fitness Pal is an example of one such techno-breakthrough that allows for precision tracking and logging to meet health goals. This can be tailor-made to suit the needs of any athlete no matter their personal skill level or fitness goals. The best thing about this advantageous application is that it can be obtained for the very attractive price of absolutely free for iPhone, Windows, Android, and Blackberry.

MyFitnessPal: Key Features

Cost: FREE!

Community — The MyFitnessPal app is supported by a community of like-minded individuals looking for and sharing advice and pointers that keep them on target and making progress. There is also a good chance of making binding relationships with another fitness enthusiasts who can contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Exercise Tracker- MyFitnessPal features a database of over 350 different exercise programs stored in its impressive database. It can also calculate the amounts of calories burned during a single exercise routine according to the height, weight, and gender of the athlete. There are readings for cardio and strength training as well as Pilates and Yoga.

Calorie Counter — The app also has a calorie counter that will collect information on the calories consumed in one day. Set to daily goals. This counter can provide the deficit created by exercises as needed. It can also help make recordings of daily meals as so that the athlete can know when these should be included in their diet net.

The Good

Convenience — this app has an extensive list of features as well as a database that covers over 3 Million types of food from and the customized recipes can be uploaded as well. All changes you make on your phone will affect your online account.

Instant Feedback– Many studies have been made on the obese community and those looking to improve their health by means of diet and exercise. These studies have shown that having an app like this can be especially beneficial to the efforts of the athlete, even more so than the conventional “reporting in” methods. Why? Because the results you receive are instantaneous as opposed to delayed. this gives the individual; no time to “rethink” their healthy decisions.

Flexibility — Don’t expect this to be a “one-size-fits-all” type app. While everyone is given the same interface, it is up to the individual to adjust the setting sand counters to their specific needs. Once done, this provides a unique way of observing and interfacing with your campaign for better health.

The Not-So-Good

Inconsistent Updating — There is still a lot of food found in the markets that may not show up on this apps food database. Sometimes the counter will not allow the user to edit the information they have entered as well. For example, if you entered an intake of less than 8 oz of red wine, you will not be able to edit this information.

Mobile Dependability — You can use the app anywhere you go, as long as there is WIFI connection. If you were to find a beautiful secluded cove on the Mexican Pacific coast to practice your Yoga while on vacation, you will not be able to record your progress in the tracker.

Health Considerations — While the concept of calorie balance is a good rule of thumb, it is not an exact science nor the healthiest way to fitness. Calories are not simply calories, and choosing the best sources of nutritional intake will play a big part in your physical capacity and endurance to make a healthy adjustment to your life. Individuals constitutions are also important considerations and what is the proverbial “meat” for Jane can be proverbial “poison” for Jack. In the end, an effective diet plan dedicated to your needs is not something this app will provide for you.


In the end, the MyFitnessPal app is a tremendous tool for keeping track of your calorie intake in relation to your regular output. Any athlete would be wise to use this as a support to an existing plan for better health as opposed to building their health routine of the readings they find here. If you understand your needs in relation to your goals, you will get more out of your MyFitnessPal.

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