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Nautilus Elliptical Review & Pricing Guide

Elliptical machines offer the advantages of a low impact workout by exercising different muscle groups in the lower and upper body. These machines help the user burn calories by providing an aerobic workout.

Since the machines are easy on the joints, they are also beneficial to aging people who are looking to save their joints from unnecessary wear.

All elliptical machines are not created equal.

Different brands offer various models, each with different features at different price points. It is up to the buyer to find their perfect fit from the long list of available options.

One of the most recognized brands when it comes to elliptical machines, and fitness equipment, in general is Nautilus. For those looking to reap the above benefits of elliptical workouts, the following is a comprehensive breakdown of why Nautilus elliptical machines should be at the top of their list.

Nautilus Elliptical Machine Models

Over the years, Nautilus has produced a variety of elliptical machines for sale. The Commercial Series E916, the EV716 Pro and the NE 3000 were offered in the past but are now discontinued; having been replaced by better equipment that offers exceptional performance.

Their current offering includes the E614, E616 and E618 models.

Here’s a brief description of each of these stand out machines.



Considered to be the base model among the available Nautilus elliptical machines, the E614 is not only affordable but also highly functional. The some of the main features on this machine include a dual screen display, 20 inch Precision Path stride length, comfortable cushioned footplates, 20 resistance levels and 22 workout programs.

The E614 also is Goal Track enabled to ensure that users can be able to accurately track their performance. The machine also allows users to create up to 2 unique profiles to help with their performance monitoring efforts.

Those who choose to go with this model will however have to bear with the manual incline feature. The six degree incline feature can only be set by the user, before they start their workout. Any adjustments, including mid-workout, can only be done manually.

All in all, the E614 is considered to be one of the most effective and easy to use elliptical machines in its price range.



Considered to the mid-level counterpart of the above described E614 model, the E616 comes packed with a variety of advanced features. First and foremost, the machine gets a motorized incline feature that goes from zero to ten degrees.

This means that users do not need to get off the machine and manually adjust the incline.

The number of workout programs is also increased from 22 to 29 on this machine. To track progress, the E616 increases the number of profiles that can be created from 2 to 4.

The Bluetooth connectivity feature on this model enables users transfer performance data conveniently to the free Nautilus Trainer App. They can use the app to compare it with their goals and even track their progress.

Other notable upgrades on the E616 include the two blue backlit screens; contact and telemetry enabled heart rate monitor; and an increased number of resistance levels, from 20 to 25.

E618 – The Best of the Best


This is the most advanced model in the entire elliptical line up from Nautilus. Even though it is more expensive than the two described above, it comes with a variety of value adding upgrades.

To accommodate most users comfortably, the E618 has a longer 22 inch stride.

The heavier 30lb flywheel fitted on the machine makes for the smoothest motion. On top of the articulating footplates, this mode adds an enhanced cushioning system to make for the most comfortable use.

Like the older E616 model, this model features a blue backlit dual display, 29 workout programs, Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with the Nautilus Trainer App and up to 4 user profiles.

Learn more about all the Nautilus elliptical and lock in the best deal at their official website.

Key Features

the display console

To ensure that users get the most out of their workouts, Nautilus elliptical machines come with a variety of useful features. Below is a short list of some of the main features buyers can expect to find on these workout machines.


Before purchasing this machine, it is important for buyers to find out whether there is enough space back at home to accommodate the fully assembled machine as well as the owner during use.

The E614 and E616 models have the same dimensions, L: 181.7 W: 67.7 H: 160.5 cm, while the more advanced E618 model is slightly larger, measuring L: 185.4 W: 68.5 H: 170 cm.

Once assembled, the pedals reach around 72 cm from the floor when the incline is set to the highest setting. Buyers can add their height to the above measurement to find out whether the ceiling height at their home (or basement) is sufficient.


works with the runsocial app

Both E616 and E618 models feature Bluetooth connectivity.

This makes it easier for users to transfer their performance data from the machine to the free Nautilus Trainer App.

They can use the app to set training goals and monitor their progress. These models are also compatible with the RunSocial App; making it possible for users to create, join and participate in running events with other users in more than 19 locations featuring upwards of 27 routes.

Performance Tracking

When it comes to working out, it is important to monitor performance. Nautilus elliptical machines help users do this using Goal Track and the Free Nautilus Trainer App.

The former is available on the E614 model while the latter is available on the more advanced E616 and E618 models. Users can set goals and accurately track their performance using these convenient features.


To ensure that users can be able to track their performance while working out, all Nautilus elliptical machines come with two screens included in the adjustable display.

While the E614 (considered to be the base model) comes with two LCD screens, the more advanced E616 and E618 models add a backlight feature for better viewing in all light conditions.

Heart Rate Monitor

Elliptical machines are designed to help users get a good cardio workout. To help users track their hear rate during workout sessions, the above described machines are equipped with a hear rate monitor.

Contact hand grips perform this function in the E614 model, while the E616 and E618 models are contact and telemetry enabled with a chest strap also included.

Other Features

In addition to the above, Nautilus elliptical machines also come with Quick Keys to get users started fast; articulating footplates; water bottle holder; fixed and moving handlebars; 3 speed fan; tablet holder; USB charging ports; and acoustic chambered sound system.

Real Buyer Reviews

a woman uses her new elliptical

With hundreds of reviews on Amazon, Nautilus elliptical machines enjoy a seemingly positive view from buyers. This is especially true for the E614 and E616 models which have a 3.5 star or higher rating from hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon.

The newer E618 model has received a lower rating, just shy of three stars, from just 16 reviewers; however, this should not be taken as a final judgment on its quality as it is packed with better features than the previous models.

Most reviewers cited the solid construction, durability, silent operation and sheer ease of use of the machines as some of the most endearing features of Nautilus elliptical machines.

Most reviewers, including those who submitted low ratings, did also praise the responsiveness and helpful nature of the Nautilus customer support team. Finally, it also helps that each of the models available on Amazon is competitively priced at its specific price point.

Nautilus Elliptical Pros & Cons


side profile machine shot

Nautilus has been in existence for quite a while, more than four decades to be exact, and is considered to be one of the top brands when in the elliptical machine market. Here’s a list of some of the main reasons why buyers are drawn to their products.

Quiet Operation

Nautilus elliptical machines are solidly built. This means that users can enjoy stable and silent operation even when they are conducting a vigorous workout. While the machines may squeak every now and then, the run quit smoothly and quietly most of the time.

Ergonomic Design

Users who intend to work out for extended periods on a regular basis will be grateful to know that these machines are designed for the most comfortable use. The moving and stationary handlebars are padded, while the large articulating footplates are cushioned to ensure that the user’s muscles are not strained unnecessarily.


To get the most out of each work out, users need to create their very own perfectly suited workout plan. Nautilus elliptical machines make this possible with the help of features such as Goal Track and the Nautilus Training App. Furthermore, different users who use the same machine can create separate individual profiles suited to their own requirements.

Wide Variety of Workout Programs

Nautilus elliptical machines come with a wide variety of workout programs; ranging from 22 to 29. In addition to ensuring that users don’t get bored with the same routine, these programs help users meet their exercise goals by targeting various muscle groups.


Each of the elliptical machine models described above is considered to be among the most competitive options at their price point.


On the flip side, Nautilus elliptical workout machines do have some notable downsides as well. Here are the main ones.

Complicated Assembly

One of the most common complaints among users is that some of the machines are quite difficult to put together due to their complicated assembly manuals. However, some sellers offer professional assembly services for free.

No Lifetime Warranty

Nautilus is also one of the few elliptical manufacturers that do not offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Generally, their warranty covers an average period of ten years.

How Much Do They Cost?

The Nautilus Ellipticals range in price from $849 to $1299, depending on the model and options you go with. Shipping costs $99 when purchased directly from Nautilus, and financing is available. 

Learn more at the official Nautilus website.


Nautilus has a lot of experience when it comes to the manufacture of top quality fitness equipment designed to meet the requirements of buyers. This is evident in their elliptical product line up.

The wide variety of features, solid dependable construction, reliable customer care and affordable pricing make these machines seemingly irresistible to buyers.

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