Nugenix Reviews – Does it Really Work?

nugenix reviews


As men age, a gradual drop in their testosterone levels is something that is to be expected. But, does that mean it has to be accepted? Fortunately, the answer is “no”, because there are now plenty of valid treatments available to men who are suffering from Lower T.

Nugenix is one of these treatments, and it has been creating a lot of buzz recently, quickly rising to Top Free Testosterone Booster status in just a few short years.

So what is it that makes Nugenix so popular with men, and is it something you should consider taking? Below, we’ll take a look at all of the key details surrounding this hot supplement, so you’ll be better prepared to decide if it’s the right testosterone booster for you.

Nugenix: Does it Work?

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Nugenix was created by a team of Boston-based researchers, and it was designed to help your body restore its free testosterone to levels that are considered to be healthy. This is important because as men age their natural testosterone levels decrease over time. This is the case for pretty much all guys, and it’s just a side effect of getting older.

For most men, their free testosterone increases from the time they hit puberty until about 30 years of age or so. After that, it starts going down, and for a lot of men, this dip in T leads to a number of different side effects, including a loss in sex drive and strength.

Fortunately, Nugenix provides one solution, when combined with a good workout program, for dealing with these issues and can help you get your life back on track.

Does Nugenix Work for Lowered Sex Drive?

As men get older, their bodies start to change and one of the changes is reduced free testosterone. This makes it harder for them to perform in the bedroom, and it also means that they struggle to get stronger in the gym. It is harder to add muscle, and also harder to lose weight.

It is not uncommon for men to start to feel generally lethargic. The symptoms creep up on people as they age, and it’s easy to just write them off as a normal part of getting older but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then why not try boosting your free testosterone levels to see if it can help? Just because you have more years on the earth, it doesn’t mean that you have to start feeling old.

One popular free testosterone booster is Nugenix. This supplement is made by the same people that make Instaflex and Lumiday. These have been advertised heavily over the last couple of years, and it’s certainly hard to escape advertorials – but does Nugenix really work?

What Does Nugenix Do?

Nugenix promises to help men who have seen their free testosterone start to slow down because of the ‘andropause’. These are men that are in generally good health, but who are experiencing fatigue, and self-confidence issue as well. Their free testosterone supplement has been available for more than five years, and the company’s rating with the BBB is good – which can be taken as a positive sign.

Nugenix is an innovative free testosterone booster. It is made from the patented ingredient called Testofen® (more on Testofen® below), which has been tested extensively in laboratories. Testofen is a specialized extract of Fenugreek extract – a herbal compound which promotes free testosterone levels. Nugenix promises to increase a man’s sex drive and to improve sexual performance. As an added benefit, the increase in free testosterone levels may also help you feel a boost in your day to day energy levels, allowing you to perform better in the bedroom and in the gym as well.

What is Testofen®?

Testofen® is made up of fenuside, which comes from a very rare plant known as Fenugreek. Testofen helps restore your body’s free testosterone levels, which in turn feeling stronger and have a more vigorous sex drive.

In addition to Testofen, Nugenix also features the following ingredients:

  • Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex: L-Citrulline Malate, Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% Fenuside), Tribulus (Fruit)
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Zinc

You can take a look at the full Supplement Fact label below:

L-citrulline also improves blood flow, by helping to widen the blood vessels.

Why Choose Nugenix

Nugenix is a true innovation, unlike some synthetic testosterone compounds. It contains essential micronutrients and vitamins, and as such it serves as a good booster of day to day health. It is easy to find, since it is more of a supplement than a medication or a prohormone, and it is reported to be safe for healthy adults to take.

Some people do experience some side-effects. Most people tolerate the supplement well, but bloating, upset stomach and gastric distress can happen, but are often alleviated by taking the supplement with food. However, if you experience more serious side effects, then you should stop taking the supplement immediately and consult with your doctor. For more on potential free-testosterone boosting side effects, see below.

Nugenix is not recommended for men who are suffering from high blood pressure, or for those under the age of 18.

Nugenix is sold in the USA and in Canada and around the world, in common health food stores and vitamin/supplement shops. It can also be purchased online and it is possible for people from other countries to import it – you can find the best deal at the official Nugenix site HERE.

Do Free Testosterone Boosters Really Help?

Nugenix has been found to boost free testosterone in men who are healthy but whose bodies have lower free testosterone than their capabilities.

With that said, it is well worth trying Nugenix to see if it can help you. If, after taking it for a while and also making some positive lifestyle changes (better diet, more sleep, more exercise, stopping smoking and reducing your alcohol intake) you find that you are still struggling to perform the way you would like to in the bedroom and you still have low energy, you should talk to a doctor about getting your testosterone levels tested.

There is no reason to just accept declining with age. It could be that your lowered testosterone is age-related, but it could also be a sign of a more serious health issue.

Nugenix Dosage – How Do You Take it?

Nugenix should only be taken by healthy adults, and as instructed on the label. Nugenix Free Testosterone should be taken on an empty stomach, and it is recommended to take 3 capsules. On days that you are working out, they recommend taking it about 30 to 45 minutes before you hit the gym, or start exercising. On days when you won’t be working out, they recommend taking it in the morning.

According to Nugenix, they recommend 3 capsules per day, but if you feel the need to up the dosage by 1 or 2 capsules, that should still be in “the safe tolerance zone.”

Nugenix Side Effects

helps with symptoms of low t

According to the Nugenix website, their research hasn’t found any known side effects associated with their Free Testosterone supplement. That said, Nugenix should only be taken by healthy adults, and we always recommend talking to your doctor before taking any supplement, including this one. They will be able to tell you if you’re healthy enough for Nugenix and can look at the ingredients to determine if any of them may or may not be safe for you to take.

What do the Nugenix Reviews Say?

Amazon has the largest number of Nugenix reviews that I have found, with 667 people weighing in at last check. Out of those, around 52% of reviewers left at least 4-star feedback.

For some reviewers, they didn’t see any noticeable effects, but there are a large number of guys who seemed to find Nugenix to be beneficial. Here’s just what a couple of them had to say:


Reviews via

Where Can You Buy it?

Nugenix can be purchased in a number of different places, including Walgreens, Rite Aid, and GNC if you’re looking for a brick and mortar retailer.

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Nugenix FAQs

This section will be used to answer questions about Nugenix in more detail. Some of these FAQs are addressed briefly above, but we’ll answer in more detail below:

Is it Safe to Use Nugenix?

As we outlined above, Nugenix is an innovative free testosterone booster that has been on the market for more than five years. This free testosterone booster is based on a proprietary blend of ingredients including fenugreek extract as well as vitamins, minerals, l-citrulline and Tribulus fruit.

Nugenix works by boosting the body’s free testosterone and at the same time helping to open up blood vessels, and help you feel stronger and more energetic.

This supplement does not contain testosterone itself – which is a good thing because this means that it is not classed as a ‘performance enhancer’ and it is something that people can take without worrying. It is a comparatively mild and gentle free testosterone booster, and it should be well tolerated by most people.

Some of the active ingredients work by expanding the blood vessels to improve circulation.

What Else Does it Do?

Nugenix promotes an improvement in free testosterone in healthy individuals. It has Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Fenugreek Extract, L-Citrulline and Tribulus Fruit. It is not a testosterone supplement, and it will not help people who have underlying medical conditions. It will, however, help your body to perform at its best.

It is a good idea to talk to your doctor before taking any supplement, not just before starting Nugenix. This is especially important if you are taking medications or you have a pre-existing medical condition. In addition, talk to the doctor if you have any concerns about your overall health.

Supplements such as Nugenix can help you, and many men who are approaching middle age find that they benefit from sleeping more, exercising, and eating a healthier diet. If you make positive changes to your lifestyle and find that you are still not enjoying the benefits that you had hoped – and you feel tired, have low energy, or are unable to perform in the bedroom – ask your doctor for a check-up. It could be that you will find there is something that is causing the issue, and that treating that underlying problem will benefit your overall wellbeing. These are decisions that should not be made lightly, and that you should always talk to a doctor about.

Other Benefits

Overall, there are many benefits to taking Nugenix. The ingredients are clearly described and labeled, and the product is made by a trusted supplier. It is easy to take, since it is in tablet form, and it offers improvements to vitality, as well as overall health. It is well worth trying Nugenix before you move on to other testosterone boosting or replacement options – as it is one of the lower risk options, and if it works it could offer benefits that will have a lasting impact on your life.

Nugenix Doesn’t Report any Side Effects, but What About Other Free Testosterone Boosters?

Free testosterone supplements attempt to boost the natural supplies of the essential “T” hormone that sometimes tend to start to disappear prematurely. The most important consideration for those looking to increase their free Testosterone levels through boosters are the health implications involved.

The most important factors will be the quality and content of each individual booster as there are many different brands with different ingredient lists. There are actually quite a few products in this category that can be considered safe, nevertheless, it is essential to be aware of the possible side effects.
One good idea is to have your progress and conditions monitored by your medical provider who can provide valuable feedback that can help you avoid any serious health conditions.


Nugenix Helps with Free Testosterone – What Does That Mean?

What Are Free Testosterone Boosters

Free testosterone is an important part of maintaining the health and well being of adult men. It is used to govern the reproductive system, and also for building muscle. Men who are suffering from lower testosterone experience lower sex drives, find it harder to gain muscle.

If you are suffering from lower testosterone then it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there aren’t any safe options. This is not the case. There are other options that can be used by men who are generally healthy but just suffering from slightly lower testosterone because of diet or lifestyle issues or the simple natural effects of aging. Boosters like Nugenix will not help someone who has a medical condition, but they are good for people who just need a little boost.

What is Free Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone, and it is made in the adrenal glands and in the testes. Women make a small amount of testosterone in their ovaries but have much lower levels of the hormone than men. Most of the testosterone in the body will attach itself to albumin or sex-hormone binding globulin, which are two proteins found in the blood. The remaining testosterone does not attach to any protein, and this is called ‘free testosterone’. This testosterone and the testosterone that has bound to albumin is considered to be bioavailable testosterone because it can be easily used by the body.

If you go to have your testosterone levels tested, then your health care provider will first of all test your total testosterone level. This will test all three kinds of testosterone, which means that it is not a perfect test because it does not tell you how much of the testosterone in your blood is readily available for your body to use.

Lower testosterone can cause a man to feel like he has less energy. Testosterone levels fall with age, and this is not considered to be a serious problem. For those who are suffering from lower levels due to the natural effect of aging, it does not mean that such a person cannot use supplements to self-medicate.

Free Testosterone Boosters

Free testosterone boosters like Nugenix are innovative supplements that can help to boost the level of free testosterone in your blood. It is not uncommon for men to have lower free testosterone levels because of lack of exercise, poor diet, or other similar issues. Free testosterone boosters offer nutritional support to help people to feel stronger in the gym, and improve their performance in the bedroom.

There are many different ingredients in free testosterone boosters. Some ingredients work very well, others do not – but are added to the less reputable supplements (and to some good supplements too) in order to help people to feel better and more energetic, and generally feel an improved sense of wellbeing. It would not be unreasonable for a cynical person to suggest that the supplements offer their improved feeling of wellbeing through those ingredients rather than actually boosting free testosterone. That said, some supplements do actually work. Let’s take a look at some ingredients that are related to free testosterone levels.

Here’s a closer look at one of the key ingredients found in Nugenix and other free testosterone boosters:


As mentioned about, Nugenix features Fenugreek, as well as a bunch of other free test boosters out there. It is known to have anabolic properties. Some studies show that men who take fenugreek extract feel greater increases in strength while training than those who were given a placebo.

Are Free Testosterone Boosters Worth it?

Free testosterone boosters can help to improve your vitality, and they are useful as a supplement. Many boosters may not target the level of the free testosterone specifically. With that said, any boost in testosterone is worthwhile for someone whose natural levels are lower due to aging.

If, after trying supplements, getting more exercise and sleeping better, you still find that you are not feeling the way that you think you should, it may be a good idea to seek professional medical advice. Doctors can test your free testosterone levels and will be able to rule out any underlying medical condition which could be causing problems for you. If you do have an issue which is limiting your testosterone, then the good news is that there are ways for improvement. With professional medical attention, you can get back to feeling how you should, and will not need to worry about your sex drive or energy levels anymore.

Supplements are an affordable way of boosting your free testosterone and are a low-friction option that you can try.

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