How Often to use Bowflex Max Trainer for Weight Loss

Losing weight is something that can be difficult for just about anyone, but there are some steps you can take to make it significantly easier. One of the first things you can do is to invest in your health with a machine that is proven to produce quick results. The Max Trainer definitely falls into this category, and as someone who has owned one for more than a year, I have had a lot of success using this Bowflex machine. With that being said, you want to be sure that you are doing the necessary things that need to be done in order to achieve success in your weight loss efforts. If you are someone that has invested in a

One of the biggest selling points that Bowflex uses to sell the Max Trainer is that you can get an amazing full-body workout in just 14 minutes. This is possible through an interval trainer program that is built in to all models of the Max Trainer, including the M3, M5, and M7.

Are the 14-Minute Workout Claims True?

I put this 14-minute workout to the test, and I can tell you that these claims by Bowflex are 100% true – it has worked for, anyway. I have been consistently using my Max Trainer 3 to 5 times each week, and only for the 14 minutes, they advertise. In addition to using the Max, I also do 15 to 20 minutes of light weight lifting. I also own a Bowflex bench and set of adjustable dumbbells, and all of this equipment is kept in my small office – another huge selling point of the Max Trainer.

Since using by Bowflex workout gear consistently, I have been able to drop about 10 pounds of fat, while also toning up and building muscle. I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, so other could probably expect to lose even more weight if they were following a consistent 14-minute Max Trainer routine.

In the past year or so I have done my best to make the most of my time throughout the day. I wanted to make fitness a priority, but don’t always have a ton of time to fit in a workout. Between having a family, a hectic work schedule, and the other ups and downs of life, it can be easy to push exercise to the back burner at times. This isn’t the case any longer. Now, all of my equipment is in my office, so I can fit in a quick workout over my lunch break. Plus, I’m looking at the equipment all day long, so it’s pretty hard to come with any excuses at the point, without feeling extremely guilty about it. But, perhaps the biggest factor to

But, perhaps the biggest factor to my newfound motivation is the fact that I only need to set aside 14 to 30 minutes every day. If you can’t come up with 30 minutes every day, then it may be a lost cause at the point ;-).

Bottom Line:

So, to answer the question – YES, you only need to use the Max Trainer 14-minutes per day to see results. This assumes you’re using it correctly, and are following the built-in HIIT training system that Bowflex provides. Of course, results may be different for everyone, but

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Maximizing Your Results with the Max Trainer:


In addition to what I’ve already detailed above, here are a few other things you can take into consideration to get the most out of your Max Trainer workouts:

1. Consistency

The main thing that you are going to need to focus on when it comes to losing weight with the Bowflex Max Trainer is consistency. This is going to go a long ways towards ensuring that you are able to achieve weight loss success with your workouts and to hit your goals with their 14-minute program.

This is the display on the M3 – the M5 and M7 feature digital gauges with more functionality.

It can be easy to give up at times, but the fact that you only need to devote about 15 minutes to your health when using the BowflexMax, makes it a lot easier to stay motivated and consistent with your workouts. This will help you build a routine that you can sustain over the long term, and as a result, you will enjoy sustained results and motivation.

2. Rest Days

While consistency is important, you will also want to make sure you are getting enough rest as well. I typically take weekends off. That doesn’t mean I’m not getting exercise Saturday through Sunday – I’m still getting out for walks, playing with my kids, and golfing or rafting. But, I don’t usually use my Max Trainer on the weekends. On an average week, I use it about 4 days out of the week, along with my weight lifting routine that I detailed above. That seems to be more than enough for me and allows my body to recuperate.

The Max Trainer workout is intense, even in the brief 14-minute spurt – so you’re going to want to take some rest days, trust me. When you are working out with maximum intensity, you want to be sure that you are giving your body a sufficient amount of time in order to rest effectively. Your muscles will need to rest and heal. Therefore, you should try to give yourself a day off in between workouts in order to improve your overall results.

3. Get Your Diet In Check

Another important thing that you are going to need to do when it comes to losing weight with any kind of Bowflex machine is to focus on your diet. Your diet will go a long ways towards ensuring that you are able to hit your weight loss goals. While a Bowflex machine can help you produce amazing results, weight loss or gain really comes down to what you’re putting into your body every day. I was able to get the best results, once I had this component mastered, and I recommend researching a healthy eating plan that will work for you.


As you can see, it is possible to lose weight while only using your Max Trainer for 14 minutes per day. Ultimately, the amount of weight you lose is going to depend on your consistency, your diet, and your level of determination to see amazing results. To learn more about the Max Trainer, check out the official Bowflex website.

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