OrderMax Trainer – Can You Get a Deal at OrderMaxTrainer.com?

ordermax trainer from bowflex

There are a couple of places where you can order your Max Trainer, but really the best option you’re going to find is directly from the Bowflex website. Of course, you can buy the Bowflex Max at a couple of other locations as well, but purchasing it right from the manufacturer is typically the safest bet, in my opinion.

With that being said, let’s dig a little deeper into why you want to order Max Trainers right from Bowflex, when all is said and done.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Max Trainer


Starting at $999 (Get the Best Deal Here)

side view of the m7 bowflex max trainer

In most cases, you’re going to find the best deal on your Bowflex Max straight from the people who make it.

Plus, if anything goes wrong with your machine, or you have any warranty issues, it’ll be much easier to get answers and get things resolved after ordering directly from Bowflex. In my research, Bowflex

In my research, Bowflex usually has the best deal on the Max Trainer, even when compared to Amazon. On top of that, they are always offering discounts and freebies when purchasing, so you will definitely want to check their website when looking to make a purchase.

No matter where you look, the Max Trainer M3 usually starts at $999, although there may be some cases where you can get if for less.

The M5 is going to cost $1599, and the M7 runs $2199. There may be times where the prices change a bit, but for the most part they have remained pretty steady over the last year or two.

See all the Max Trainer review and pricing info on our official review page.


a woman rides the m5 max trainer

When you order the Max Trainer from Bowflex you automatically get their standard warranty plan which covers 2 years on the parts, and 90 days on any labor you may have paid for – this applies when you pay to have your Bowflex machine assembled by an expert.

But, you also have the option to extend your protection. The last time I checked you get a 3-year protection plan for around $119, and a 5-year plan was running $159. Both of these plans covered both parts and labor.

If you buy your Max from another outlet, you may or may not have access to the Bowflex warranty plans.


The only way to know for sure that you are buying a REAL Bowflex Mas is to order straight from Bowflex. This will give you peace of mind, and ensures that you’re getting a machine of the highest quality.


the Max Trainer M3 display panel

This is another huge bonus when it comes to ordering your Max Trainer from Bowflex.

They offer a generous financing package, which is especially nice if you’re considering one of the upper-tier models – the M5 or M7.

This means you don’t need to come up with the full payment all at once, and you can spread the cost out a bit. This makes it more comparable to that monthly gym membership you’ll no longer need after ordering one of these things.

You will want to check with Bowflex to learn more about the terms and what it takes to qualify, but it’s definitely a nice option to have when ordering, especially if cash is tight.


This will be entirely up to you. For my money, I always like to get a brand new piece of equipment, because you never know how the other person used their machine.

Plus, there’s no way to ensure that it was assembled properly, and if anything goes wrong with it, you will be out of luck when it comes to warranty options on the parts or labor, and it’ll be pretty hard to get things fixed at that point.

a side view of the m3 max trainer

That said, you can sometimes find decent deals on Max Trainers on Craigslist, but buyer beware! In my opinion, it’s a much better idea to get your Max Trainer delivered brand

In my opinion, it’s a much better idea to get your Max Trainer delivered brand new from Bowflex – that will help ensure your safety when using it, and keeps you covered if anything were to go wrong with your machine.


The are a few different options if you want to order a Max Trainer, but we recommend buying it directly from Bowflex. This helps ensure you get the best price, a full warranty, and an authentic piece of equipment.

To order your Max Trainer, check out the official Bowflex website at the link below:

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