P90X Back and Biceps Workout


Say hello to workout number 10 in the P90X series: Back & Biceps. For many of us, the bicep is the centerpiece of our arm muscles – at least, it’s the muscle we want people to see the most. Having well-defined biceps helps you look great in shirts, and people think, “Hey, this dude’s in shape.” At least, that’s what we can hope.

Stick with the Back & Biceps workout, and you’ll be rocking those Schwarzenegger biceps in no time. So what’s it going to take to shred your arms and back? Let’s find out…

The Back & Biceps Workout

get ready to do some pull-ups

  1. Warm-Up
  2. CHEST – Standard Push-Ups
  3. BACK – Wide Front Pull-Ups
  4. CHEST – Military Push-Ups
  5. BACK – Reverse Grip Chin-Ups
  6. Water Break
  7. CHEST – Wide Fly Push-Ups
  8. BACK – Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups
  9. CHEST – Decline Push-Ups
  10. BACK – Heavy Pants
  11. Water Break
  12. CHEST – Diamond Push-Ups
  13. BACK – Lawnmowers
  14. CHEST – Dive-Bomber Push-Ups
  15. BACK – Back Flys
  16. Water Break
  17. BACK – Wide Front Pull-Ups
  18. CHEST – Standard Push-Ups
  19. BACK – Reverse Grip Chin-Ups
  20. CHEST – Military Push-Ups
  21. Water Break
  22. BACK – Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups
  23. CHEST – Wide Fly Push-Ups
  24. BACK – Heavy Pants
  25. CHEST – Decline Push-Ups
  26. Water Break
  27. BACK – Lawnmowers
  28. CHEST – Diamond Push-Ups
  29. BACK – Back Flys
  30. CHEST – Dive Bomber Push-Ups
  31. Cool Down

As you can probably see, the Chest and Back workout is very push-up and pull-up intensive. It’s tough, especially the first couple of times you do it. But, stick with it, and you’ll develop those long, lean muscles we’re all working so hard to get.

For the most part, these moves are pretty standard. Tony explains each exercise in detail, so if there’s something you don’t recognize, don’t worry, he walks you through exactly how to do everything. There are also modified versions for all of them, which most people will probably need to use their first few times through the workouts.

That said, here are a couple of quick videos demonstrating how to do a few of the lesser-known exercises on the list:

Heavy Pants

Dive-Bomber Push-Ups


Anything Else?

p90x workout program by tony horton

Beyond the three videos above, the rest of the workouts are pretty standard – just variations on the pull-up and push-up, for the most part.

As mentioned, Tony shows you exactly how to do every exercise, so they will all make sense once you start the program.

For me, the pull-ups and chin-ups were the hardest part of the P90X when I first started. I don’t think I had done a pull-up since 8th-grade gym class, so it’s fair to say that it had been awhile!

The nice thing is, they offer modified versions for all of the workouts, which is especially handy with the pull-ups when you’re first starting out.

You can use a chair to rest your feet on, which makes them a little easier. Over time, you will no longer need the chair, and you should be able to start cranking out pull-ups like a beast!

Where Can You Find the Video?

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