tony horton does the chest shoulders and triceps via p90x

P90x Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps 

P90X is easily one of my favorite workout programs of all time.

I’ve never had better results or felt better when I was fully emersed in an at-home exercise system.

the p90x chest shoulders and triceps workout

It is by far one of the best workouts in the world, and probably has a better before and after group than any program I have seen.

The Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout is no exception. This will absolutely shred your upper body and is an intense and fun routine all at the same time.

This is the 9th Disc in the series, and the entire workout should take you about an hour.

There are 24 total exercises, and that doesn’t include the warm-up and cool-down.

While most of the moves can be found online, the only way to get the full experience and maximize your weight loss and muscle building results, is to jump on board with the full P90x program.

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Ready to shred that upper body?

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at all of the exercises, so you can know what to expect before getting started.

Here’s Tony Breaking Down Many of the Moves:

Equipment Needed

  • Weights or Resistance Bands
  • Pull-Up Bar (Use the Chin-Up Max, if Pull-Ups are too Hard)
  • Bench or Chair

The Workout

  1. Warm-Up (8:52)
  2. CHEST – Slow-Motion 3-in-1 Push-Ups
  3. SHOULDERS – In and Out Shoulder Flys
  4. TRICEPS – Chair Dips
  5. CHEST – Plange Push-Ups
  6. SHOULDERS – Pike Presses
  7. TRICEPS – Side Tri-Rises
  8. CHEST – Floor Flys (Switch Every 4 Reps)
  9. SHOULDERS – Scarecrows
  10. TRICEPS – Overhead Triceps Extensions
  11. CHEST – Two-Twitch Speed Push-Ups (4 Fast, 3 Slow)
  12. SHOULDERS – Y-Presses
  13. TRICEPS – Lying Triceps Extensions
  14. Water Break (53 Seconds)
  15. CHEST – Side-to-Side Push-Ups
  16. SHOULDERS – Pour Flys
  17. TRICEPS – Side Leaning Triceps Extensions
  18. CHEST – One-Arm Push-Ups
  19. SHOULDERS – Weighted Circles (2X20 Reps)
  20. TRICEPS – Throw the Bomb
  21. CHEST – Clap or Plyo Push-Ups
  22. SHOULDERS – Slo-Mo Throws
  23. TRICEPS – Front-to-Back Triceps Extensions
  24. CHEST – One-Arm Balance Push-Ups
  25. SHOULDERS – Fly-Row-Presses
  26. TRICEPS – Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows
  27. Cool Down (4:18)

Is the Workout Hard?

get ready to have some fun

Image via YouTube

Yep! Just like all of the P90X workouts, you’re going to be working for your results!

That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, though. P90X is a blast, will get your heart rate pumping, the sweat pouring, and help you develop that lean muscle we all want.

The Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps workout is no different, either. As you can probably tell from the moves listed, you’re going to be feeling it when this one is over.

Your upper body should be ready for a rest by the end.

There are plenty of push-ups, flys, extensions, and presses – enough to really target these key areas and getting that nice looking, and chiseled upper body.

Two-Twitch Speed Push-Ups…What The?

p90x workout program by tony horton

Yeah, I had never heard of them before P90X, either. Or many of the other workouts, for that matter.

Don’t worry, though, Tony Horton walks you through how to do every workout in the entire program, so if you see something that you don’t recognize or sounds too difficult, don’t freak out!

Tony is there to guide you and offers modified versions to try until you get the hang of things.

Final Thoughts

The P90X Chest, Shoulder and Triceps workout is a fun and intense way to shred your upper body. Tony keeps things fast-paced and entertaining, and you will be feeling this one the next day.

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You can try it risk-free for a full 14 Days….

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