Mastering the P90X Core Synergistics (with Video) – The Best Belly Blaster?


p90x core synergistics reviews

While the Core Synergistics program from P90X is designed to hammer your core, it also targets your arms and legs as well. The 8th workout in the program features a broad range of exercises, that make it fun and different. Like most P90X routines, though, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises, and you’ll also need your resistance bands or weights.

We know the results that the P90X program produces, and the same can be said for Core Synergistics – it absolutely shreds your core, when used correctly.

Let’s take a look at all of the moves in the workout, so you know what you’re getting yourself into when you press “PLAY.”

The Workout

1: Warm-Up

2: Banana Rolls (16 reps for 2 min)

3: Leaning Crescent Lunges

4: Squat Runs

5: Sphinx Push-Ups

6: Bow to Boat (4 Sets/1:48 min)

7: Low Lateral Skaters

8: Lunge & Reach

9: Water Break (42 seconds)

10: Prison Cell Push-Ups

11: Side Hip Raise

12: Squat X-Press

13: Plank to Chaturanga Run

14: Walking Push-Ups

15: Superman Banana 

16: Lunge Kickback Curl Press

17: Towel Hoppers

18: Water Break (44 seconds)

19: Reach High & Under Push-Ups

20: Steam Engine

19: Dreya Rolls

20: Plank to Chaturanga Iso

21: Halfback

22: Table Dip Leg Raises

23: Cool Down & Stretch (About 5 min)

Dreya Rolls, Plank to Chaturanga, Bow to Boat…What the Heck?

I know, many of these workouts are going to be brand new to you – I certainly I hadn’t heard of most of them. Keep in mind, though, Tony Horton shows you how to do every exercise, so even though they may sound intimidating or foreign, it will all make sense once you get started. That said, here are a couple of videos showing you how to do a few of the more difficult routines:

Plank to Chaturanga Iso

Steam Engine

Banana Rolls

Other Details

p90x workout program by tony horton

Overall, this is an intense workout, and it will absolutely target your core, while also working your arms and legs. I guess you could say it’s total body, with extra attention paid to the core. When you first start this program, you may find that you aren’t crazy about it. That was the case for me, anyways. A lot of the moves were totally foreign to me, and they took a while to get used to – just look at the Banana Rolls above!

I will say, though, once you get the exercises mastered, you will find this disc a lot more enjoyable. A lot of the movements are fun, and I always feel great when the workout is over. It’s also a nice break from all of the pull-ups in many of the other workouts.

Where Can You Watch the Video?

The fastest way to get access to the full Core Synergistics video is to sign up for the Beachbody On Demand free trial. With their streaming service, you can watch pretty much any Beachbody workout ever made on your TV, computer, or iPad. Their service also works with most of the popular streaming devices – Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast, and more. Right now, they are giving you a chance to try it out free of charge for a full month – if you decide you don’t like it, you can cancel when your 30-days are up and you don’t have to pay a thing.

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Should You Buy the Full Program?

If you prefer to own hard copies of your workouts, then you may want to consider buying the full P90X program. Beachbody is currently offering the entire P90X workout series – that includes 12 DVDs, bonus workouts, and their diet plan – for less than $60 (I think that’s about half of what I paid a few years ago). In my opinion, this is the best way to have success with P90X, but either option is a good one.

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This is a great workout for targeting your core, arms, and legs. The exercises are fun and unique, and provides a nice of change of pace from some of the other routines.