p90x plyometrics

The P90X Plyometrics Workout

The Plyometrics workout is one of the first that you will try when starting the P90X workout program.

In fact, it’s number 2 out of their 12 total workout DVDs, so it will be the second program on your schedule.

As Beachbody says, “Get ready to go airborne!” 

The Plyo set features 30 jumping moves, so you’re not going to be spending much time on the ground during this one. I can tell you, though, that it is a lot of fun. Intense, but fun.

Plyometrics is another word for jump training, and it’s something that a lot of athletes use to improve their performance. This goes for people running track, playing football, basketball, or just about any other sport you can think of.

the p90x workout schedule with tony horton standing in the background

When you press play on the Plyometric workout, get ready to give it everything you have for the next 60 minutes, because things are going to get intense!

It feels good, though – your heart rate will be up, you’ll be sweating, and your energy will be through the roof with these fast-paced and fun movements.

In years past, if you wanted to try this Plyometric workout, you basically had to buy the full set of P90x DVDs. Nowadays, though, times have changed, and who wants to shuffle through DVDs anymore?

The good news, you don’t have to!

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The P90x Plyometric Moves Reviewed

Before you read on, take a quick look at exactly what exercises you will be completing during your hour workout:

1. Jump Squats

Did we say there is going to be a lot of jumping? Good, just wanted to double check. The jump squat is a lot like a normal body squat, but with this version, you’re going to explode upward after reaching your lowest point. Tony walks you through exactly how to do all of these moves, so don’t worry if you’re brand new to these types of workouts.

2. Run Stance Squats

some tony horton squats

With these squats, you will position yourself as though you were running, and then do several squats, one foot in front of the other. Once you reach the squat number four, you will explode into the air. It sounds a little complicated, but I promise you that it’s easier than you think.

3. Airborne Heisman

This move is exactly how it sounds…you’ll be striking the Heisman pose while jumping sideways, bringing your inside knee up to your chest.

4. Swing Kicks

During this move, you’ll need a stool. You will be swinging your legs, one at a time, over the top of the stool, from one side to the other…Again, Tony shows you exactly how to do this, so don’t panic! You can also modify these moves as needed until you’re totally comfortable with the workout too.

5. Squat Reach Jumps

During this series, you’ll squat down until just the tips of your fingers are touching the floor, and then jump up, with your arms raised above your head.

6. Run Stance Squats Switch Pick Ups

Position yourself in the running stance again, this time, though, your front heel is going to be placed near your rear foot. Do four squats in this position, and then jump up and turn. Rinse. Repeat.

7. Double Airborne Heisman Trophy Pose

This time you’ll be “pretending” to jump through two tires (don’t worry, you don’t really need tires) in a lateral motion, ending in the Heisman pose.

Think the NFL Combine, only there aren’t millions of dollars on the line.

This one is fun, especially if you’re a football fan!

8. Circle Runs

You’ll want a towel for this workout..Got it? Good, put it on the floor and then you’ll be running around it in circles, but without moving your head and shoulders, if that makes sense. It sounds weird, but you’ll get the hang of it, I promise.

9. Jump Knee Tucks

Jump up with both feet at the same time, bringing your knees to your chest.

10. Mary Katherine Lunges

You can thank Mary for these bad boys later, but for now, you’ve got work to do. You’re going to want to lunge forward, and then jump and land with your opposite leg now in front. Did we mention there’s a lot jumping in the Plyo workout?

11. Leapfrog Squats

Here, you will have your legs spread out wide – picture a frog. Now with your “frog” stance ready, squat down, legs spread apart pretty wide and jump up. Repeat as instructed.

12. Twist Combo

Jump in the air, and do your best to turn your body 180 degrees just in time to land.

13. Rockstar Hops 

This one is fun – get your air guitar ready. Now play that baby, while jumping up and pulling your heels in towards your glutes.

14. Gap Jumps

Take a giant leap forward, then jump backward.

15. Squat Jacks

Another one of my favorite moves…During this one, you’ll be teleported back to your 5th-grade gym class, where you’ll be doing jumping jacks. I can almost smell the stale school gym. This time, though, you’ll be landing in a squat position each time, making them a little more intense, and a lot more fun.

16. Military Marches

p90x workout program by tony horton

Sticking with the boot camp theme, you will march in place, just like you’ve seen actual soldiers do. As you march in place, you will want to lift each leg as high as possible, while raising the opposite arm.

17. Run Squat 180 Jump Switches

Squat down, then jump up and turn 180 degrees, landing in the squat position.

18. Lateral Leapfrog Squats

Remember that frog position? You’re going to need it again. During this set, you will be frog jumping in a lateral motion as directed.

19. Monster Truck Tire Jumps

Put those other imaginary tires away, because this time you’re going to need even more room. In fact, picture that you have eight huge tires placed right in front of you. Four are on your right, and the other four are on the left. Now jump through those tires with one leg at a time, going back and forth until Tony says stop.

20. Hot Foot Jumps

Your foot’s on fire, how are you going to put it out??? Not really, but you’re feet are going to be moving fast during this one. You will be hopping from one foot to other, in a motion that should be easy to imagine given this workout’s name.

21. Pitch and Catch

This is just a good ol’ fashion game of catch with your dad, but for pretends.

22. Jump Shots

Alright, you’re almost done! During this round, you’ll be pretending to take basketball jump shots.

23. Football Hero

Hey, you made it! Think of the NFL combine during this one. You’ll be taking quick steps forward, and then six high steps back.

Final Thoughts

There they are – all of the moves from the famous P90X plyometric workout. Now, these may seem like something you can just jump in and try, but it really is best to have guidance from the guy who actually created the workouts himself, Mr. Tony Horton.

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