P90X Shoulders and Arms Workout

the p90x shoulders and arms workout

The P90X workout series is one of the best programs for getting into incredible shape. It’s a serioulsy tough workout, but those who stick with it can expect to see some insanely awesome results.

The Shoulders and Arms workout is one of my favorite in the set, and it really helps develop the muscles in your arms and shoulders when followed correctly.

As the third DVD in the series, it’s one you will hit early on in the program, and you will be glad you did – you can almost start seeing changes with your arms immediately after doing the workout, which is always super motivating!

Let’s take a look at all of the moves in the workout, so you know what to expect when starting the program.

The Shoulders & Arms Workout

While we’re not at liberty to display the actual footage from the P90X workout series – you’ll have to sign up for the Beachbody ON Demand free trial or buy the DVD set for that, here’s P90X creator, Tony Horton, demonstrating many of the moves from the program:

Now that we’ve seen The Man himself give us the rundown of how to build those boulder shoulders, let’s dive into the actual P90X workout, as it has been proven to produce some pretty incredible results.

The Shoulders and Arms workout is separated into 5 different groups. It’s important to keep in mind that each of these five groups will be repeated twice over the course of the workout.

Group 1

tony working out

  • Alternating Shoulder Press
  • In and Out Bicep Curls
  • 2-Arm Triceps Kickback

Group 2

  • Deep Swimmer’s Press
  • Full Supination Concentration Curls
  • Chair Dips

Group 3

  • Upright Row
  • Static Arm Curl
  • Flip Grip Twist Triceps Kickback

Group 4

  • Seated 2-Angle Shoulder Flys
  • Crouching Cohen Curl
  • Lying-Down Triceps Extension

Group 5

  • In and Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Fly
  • Congdon Curl
  • Side Tri-Rise

I don’t know about you, but just reading about these exercises is making my arms feel ripped! This is a super fun workout, and as you can probably gather from the exercises listed, it’s a great way to get those strong-looking, developed arms and shoulders we all dream about. Not that everyone wants actual “boulder shoulders,” but some nice definition certainly doesn’t hurt! Also, keep in mind that you will be doing each group two times, so you should have some pretty tired arms by the time the hour is up!

Other Details

In addition to the actual workout groups that we’ve listed, the Shoulders and Arms DVD also has warm-up and cooldown periods – this includes things like stretching and some light cardio movements.


The shoulders and arms workout features a powerful combination of workouts that will help give you that well-rounded and perfect-looking physique that you’ve always dreamed about. It produces amazing results by focusing on a highly-effective combo of presses, curls, and flys.

You should leave the workout feeling stronger and sexier than ever before – at least, I did ;-).

So whether you want to bulk up, or just tone and tighten your already well-defined arms, these exercises will help you achieve your goals!

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