P90X3 Before and After Shots [2018] Does it Really Work?

the p90x 3 system

P90X3 is one of our top-rated workout programs here at, and that’s because it works! On top of that, you can get an amazing full body workout in just 30 minutes per session, so it’s the perfect solution for busy folks or anyone who has a tough time committing to an exercise program. With P90X3 you’re pretty much out of excuses!

That said, there are still people out there who want to know if it actually works, and what some people’s before and after results look like. Now keep in mind, results aren’t going to be the same for everyone, and many of the results posted on the P90X3 website aren’t typical – BUT, they are possible for those who follow the program to the fullest – that means sticking to the workout plan as designed AND following their nutritional and meal planning guidelines to a T. For the people that do, the before and

For the people that do, the before and after pictures are pretty impressive! Tony has several pictures posted on his site that are pretty amazing. Here are just a couple that I found to be

Here are just a couple that I found to be particularly impressive:

p90x3 before and after results

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p90x3 before and after

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Results Videos

If the pictures aren’t enough to impress, there are also some pretty incredible video transformations. When they piloted the P90X3 program, Tony worked with a test group to ensure that his new workout was incredibly effective.

Ed was one member of this first group to try P90X3 for the first time, and he was actually the heaviest member of the crew. He ended up doing 2 full rounds of X3, and his results were absolutely stunning!

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of amazing before and after stories out there documenting people’s incredible transformations using the P90X3 program. I encourage you to watch and read other stories, as most of them are super inspiring.

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