P90X 3 Review and Buying Guide

the p90x 3 system

By now we all know that P90X is one of the best workout programs on the planet, but it turns out it has gotten even better with the release of P90X3.

With this third installment of X, Tony Horton has officially made one of the greatest workouts of all time even better, which I honestly didn’t think was possible.

Here are Just a Few of the Reasons that We Love P90X3:

  • Get a Great Workout in Just 30 Minutes per Day
  • Achieve Amazing Results
  • The Workouts are FUN!
  • The Schedule is Manageable for Busy People

Do you have 30 minutes per day that you can devote to working out because that’s all you need with P90X 3 to get in the best shape of your life!

One of the biggest knocks about the original P90X  workout is that most of the workouts took 6o to 90 minutes – that’s simply too long for most people – I know it was for me, anyway.

I loved the workouts, but as a busy mom and working professional, I found it hard to fit them in every day. As a results, once my 90 days were up I was pretty much forced to move on to other programs.

All of that has changed now, though, as the P90X3 workouts provide an extreme fitness program that only takes 30 minutes per day to see a huge change with your fitness and body!

If you can’t find half an hour per day to devote to exercise, then it may just be best to kiss your dreams of being physically fit goodbye. If you do have 30 minutes, though, then keep reading to find out what the latest version of P90X is all about.

How Much Does P90X3 Cost?

PRICE: Starts at $119.85 (Get the Best Deal Here)

How Does P90X3 Work?

As we’ve mentioned, P90X 3 brings all of the intensity and body changing transformation as the original version, but it’s packed into quick and intense 30-minute workouts. Tony Horton knew that 60-minute+ workouts aren’t for everyone, which is why he decided to take things in a slightly different and quicker direction when he started crafting his latest workout program.

You may be asking yourself, though, can you really get a good workout and truly change your body in just 30-minutes?

I’d say the results speak for themselves…

p90x3 before and after results

Image via Beachbody.com

As you can see, a REAL transformation is more than possible with P90X 3, and there are plenty more amazing before and after stories shared at the official Beachbody website.

P90X 3 vs Regular P90X

Tony didn’t just make a quicker, more condensed version of P90X – this version is a brand new way of working out but also brings the spirit and intensity that only a P90X program can.

Tony likes to call it “concentrated intensity,” which I like to think of as just using your workout time wisely!

1. The Muscle Acceleration System

the muscle acceleration system

Image via Beachbody.com

This system is one of the biggest things that makes P90X 3 different from the previous versions. This unique acceleration system helps you get the most out of your first 30-minutes of activity with an intense blast of variety and intensity.

Now, don’t mistake “quick” for “easy.” Because you won’t be getting off any easier. In fact, you should be torched by the end of these workouts, but you’ll just cross the finish line faster!

2. The 3 Types of Workouts in P90x 3

  • Classic: Get Ripped & Strong
  • Lean: We’re Cuttin’
  • Mass: All Kinds of Gains

With all of three of these workouts, you won’t be doing the same old boring cardio routines, and you’ll never be waiting in line for the squat machine. Just fire up your workout and dive in – but be ready to hit it hard for 30 minutes straight!

4. Variety is Key

No two workouts are the same with P90X3, so you’ll always be on your toes and should never get bored with the routines. One day you might be rocking a total-body resistance workout, and the next you’ll be doing yoga or MMA. They’re fun, and that’s how you will keep the Muscle Acceleration alive and well.

5. The Workouts

When you order P90X3 you’ll get 15 different workouts DVDs, that are organized into 4 main categories: 

Muscle-Building Resistance

  • Total Synergistics: Quick Changes to Your Body Composition
  • The Challenge: Serious Upper Body Strength
  • Incinerator: The Total Burnout Session! Be Ready to Hit Your Limit
  • The Warrior: The Full Body Pump that You Can do Anytime & Anywhere
  • Eccentric Upper: Lean Muscle Building Tension Workout
  • Eccentric Lower: Carve the Ripped Lower Body You’ve Always Wanted

Cross-Training Power

  • Agility X: Improve Your Flexibility, Balance, Strength, and Precision
  • Triometrics: Plyometrics, Reinvented – Boosts Your Speed and Power
  • Decelerator: Make Your Muscles POP!

Fat-Burning Cardio

  • CVX: Resitance Intervals for Full-Body Burn
  • MMX: Think MMA Workouts with a P90X Spin
  • Accelerator: Max Out Your Muscle and Cardio Efficiency

Core, Flexibility, & Balance

  • X3 Yoga: Improve Balance, Core, and Flexibility
  • Pilates X: Stabalize Joints, Gain Muscle Elasticity, and Work That Core
  • Isometrix: Build That Chisled Platform Through Isometric Contraction

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

P90X3 is an amazing program, and odds are once you try it you’re going to love it. Beachbody knows that it won’t be for everyone, though, so they’re giving customers the full 90 days to try it! That means you can finish the entire program, and if you don’t see the results you wanted or just don’t think it’s the right workout for you, then return it for a full refund (minus shipping and handling).

Final Thoughts

P90X3 is one of the best high-intensity workouts on the planet, and now you can get in amazing shape in just 30 minutes per day! This makes it the perfect workout for people who have trouble fitting exercise into their busy schedules, and leaves no more excuses for not working out and getting into shape!

Beachbody is currently offering an awesome introductory rate on the program, plus you can get 6 free bonus gifts if you sign up today. Check out the link below to lock in the best deal possible!

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