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Peloton Bike Reviews & Pricing Info

If your New Years Resolution is to get in shape, then you’re going to want to read this review and to find out if Peloton Cycles have the right stationary bike for you. There are many great cycles out there and the Peloton offers you many great benefits.

This indoor exercise bike provides the best of both world: You’ll be getting lots of exercise and you can enjoy your Wi-Fi connections while you’re cycling.

With an HD screen that works by touch, you can find all of those classes that you’re always promising yourself to attend. You’ll be in shape and you’ll be pushing yourself forward at the same time. You can stream live classes right on your cycle and still stay in shape.

Founded in 2013, Peloton quickly developed a reputation as an industry leader in the world of stationary cycles. John Foley, of Barnes & Noble, launched this and raised over $300,000 in order to kickstart the business. Today, they have far exceeded initial estimates, and are now known as one of the best in the business.

Foley decided that he should film his classes and in May of 2014. He took a team of his professionals and they broadcast footage of the bikes across the United States using some of New York’s best spin trainers.

Using four High Definition (HD) cameras and a classroom of willing participants, they recorded different workouts and the benefits of using these bikes, and today, they are selling thousands of the units in America alone.

With plans to expand their horizons to include Europe and Canada in the near future, industry estimates have them cornering the market on the cycling business in the near future.

What is a Peloton Cycle?

a peloton bike sitting in the gym

Peloton is a pack of riders in a road race. Those who are into cycling will understand this term immediately. The point of riding in a “peloton formation” is to save energy prior to a sprint out of the group in order to make the finish line first.

The term peloton is used to inspire riders to use their group spirit or their energy just as they would in a spin class.

How the Peloton Bike Works

Peloton broadcasts their New York City spin classes live. Peloton maintains their own flagship studio in NYC and they are staffed with top-of-the-line spin trainers.

Fans can even visit the flagship studio to see exactly how the Peloton works. This high-tech studio is fully equipped using HD cameras and a robotic telemetric HD tracking camera to show users, coaches, and riders in the studio.

It’s almost like being there live. The ultimate goal is to deliver a quality ride for the user, the ability to pick from a variety of instructors and to create an in-home cycling experience unlike any other.

Peloton Cycle Features

The Peloton offers users a variety of features including cadence, distance, resistance, output and how many calories have been burned.

Additionally, it has an easy to view 22-inch touch tablet screen, that really sets this bike apart from anything else on the market. Take a look here to see it in action:

With an adjustable seat, users are sure to get an ideal fit regardless of how tall they are or how long their legs are.

The resistance knob offers users the ability to adjust the resistance of the ride while they are in motion. This ensures that riders can start out on an easy ride and increase the resistance as they go. It’s a great way to build up the stamina and improve the ride benefits to the body.

The pedals of the bike offer cleat locks that are going to help users keep their shoes in the right place on the pedals at all times while the bike is in motion.

Language Options

Users can readily select from English or Spanish. Peloton also has a goal to create even more language options in the near future so if your language isn’t currently supported, be sure to let them know what you’re waiting for.

As they bring more instructors on board, they are seeking more options in languages so you’re sure to have what you’re looking for in the very near future.

How Much Does the Peloton Stationary Bike Cost?

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Many people shy away from a great exercise bike because they are worried about the cost.

With the Peloton, you can find them for just under $2000 and even better, you can pay about $39 each month and take the spin classes that they offer.

That’s less than you’d pay for an exercise gym class and you’ll get to keep the bike after you’ve paid the $2000 for the bike.

Most bikes with the qualities of the Peloton are upwards of several thousand dollars with some near the $5000 mark. This is a much more affordable option.

Who Should Use The Peloton?

The peloton is ideally suited for people that want to make a steady investment in their health. They want to get some biking in but they prefer to do it in the comfort of their own home.

These are people that are willing to make the investment into their health and who want to spend their money wisely on their health. Those who love the energy of a spin class but need to do it on their own time schedule will appreciate all of the benefits of the peloton.

What Are Peloton Riders Saying?

Other users love the bike. They state that it’s one of the best investments that they’ve made and that they’re delighted with being able to ride their peloton on their own schedule. Classes are easy to participate in and offer a variety of benefits.

Users state that they have just as much excitement using the peloton as they had when they attended spin classes. It’s easy to sneak in a ride while the kids are busy doing homework or while dinner is cooking.

The health benefits are phenomenal and users say that they’ve never felt healthier. Since they have one in their own home, it’s easier than ever to get a ride in when their schedules are tight. If you’re trying to burn calories, this is the easiest way ever.


The Peloton Formation

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