Peloton vs. Flywheel Home Bike: A New 2020 Winner?

a woman stretches on her flywheel

In recent years, the traditional stationary bike has become an outdated option for home gyms.

Most people are now looking for something high-tech that offers a wonderful set of features including live and/or pre-recorded classes. Being able to follow along with a screen in front of you is what riders are after. It’s a unique concept that has taken off among enthusiasts because it provides a fascinating set of options while remaining engaging.

Keeping this in mind, the market has introduced two companies that are going head-to-head in this segment of exercise bikes. These companies are none other than Peloton and Flywheel.

This detailed comparison is going to analyze what these exercise bikes are all about and which one is the right fit for your home gym.

Features Comparison

Let’s start with the key features as these details are essential in determining what each exercise bike has to offer. While both come in the same segment of the fitness market, they’re unique in their own way and that’s what makes them fascinating.

Flywheel Features

a man streams the flywheel workouts

Beginning with the Flywheel bike, it comes in two versions and each one is power-packed with high-value features. One version comes with a built-in tablet while the other one does not. Users can pick and choose between the models to ensure they get the right fit for their situation.

Users sign up for a monthly subscription with the Flywheel and are expected to follow this for access to live classes.

1. Built-in Tablet (Optional)

The built-in tablet is available with the Flywheel bike and comes in at a measurement of 15.6″. This comprehensive tablet is easy to use, interactive and offers crisp visuals throughout the workout.

Rather than staring at a small monitor in front of you, this built-in tablet is a wonderful way to play around with the settings to make sure it functions the way you want it to.

2. Wifi Connectivity

Want to connect to the Internet to gain access to the online content? This is a simple process as the Wifi connectivity is among the best in the fitness industry.

It is quick to pick up the signal and offers a consistent signal as long as your router is nearby.

This is essential as no one wants to deal with a broken connection and/or buffering in the middle of their workout.

3. LOOK Delta Compatible Pedals

Being able to use an exercise bike means wanting something that isn’t going to put stress on the body and isn’t going to become impossible to use.

With the LOOK delta compatible pedals, these are ergonomically designed to ensure riders feel comfortable even as the resistance increases throughout the workout.

4. Magnetic Resistance

The magnetic resistance is designed into the Flywheel bike and can be adjusted with a simple knob. Users can play around with these settings to make sure the resistance is on par with what their workout needs.

This user-friendly design is ideal in most workout situations and ensures users get more out of their workouts each time.

5. Live and Pre-Recorded Workouts

When the monthly subscription is paid for, the Flywheel bike allows users to toggle through a wonderful set of workouts. There are live fitness classes the rider can join in within seconds as soon as they hop on.

This makes it easier than ever before to get more out of each workout without wasting energy or using the wrong settings.

6. Steel Frame

The Flywheel bike is equipped with a steel frame to ensure it handles the rider’s weight without breaking down.

It doesn’t rattle and is ideal for all home gyms.

See all of the Flywheel features and check latest prices here.

Peloton Features

a picture of a peloton bike

Image via Peloton

The Peloton is a fascinating exercise bike and offers a well-regarded list of features. It is jam-packed with features that are unique, customizable, and versatile all at the same time.

1. 21.5″ Touch Screen

The all-encompassing touchscreen is the first thing that pops out about this exercise bike. It’s set at a mammoth 21.5″ allowing riders to enjoy an immersive experience as soon as they sit down.

2. 24/7 Live Fitness Classes

Users can easily join live fitness classes regardless of what time of the day it is. There are live fitness classes available at odd hours of the night if that is when a user believes they should squeeze in a workout.

3. Welded Steel Frame

The steel frame is welded together offering a robust, versatile design that can withstand regular use. This is a commercial-grade design and does well when put through rigorous use throughout the week.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

Connecting to a Bluetooth device is straightforward and takes no more than a few seconds with the Peloton. This exercise bike is designed to make the connectivity as seamless as possible without buffering.

5. Adjustable Seating and Handlebars

Want to customize the exercise bike and make sure it works the way you want it to? Users can easily adjust the seat and/or handlebars within seconds with a few tugs.

Workout and Class Comparison


1. Live and Pre-Recorded Classes

The Flywheel Bike offers a wonderful selection of live and pre-recorded classes based on what they require at the time. Riders can easily switch between workouts and get the most out of each session.

2. Large Catalog of Workouts

Along with having a variety of classes, the Flywheel Bike also allows users to sift through a long list of workouts based on their requirements. Since each rider is unique, the diversity of workouts ensures users get exactly what they want as soon as they hop on for a workout session at home.


1. Live and Pre-Recorded Classes

The Peloton comes with live and pre-recorded classes just like the Flywheel Bike and has a comprehensive library of options for riders to choose from.

2. 24/7 Access

Want to workout at different times throughout the day? Don’t want to wait around for a workout to be made available? For those paying the monthly subscription, the workouts are available throughout the night and can be activated right away.

This 24/7 access is ideal for those wanting to get their workout in without having to set a schedule.

3. Live Video Chat Option

The Peloton goes the extra mile when it comes to offering an immersive video chat option to work with a professional while training.

This pushes things to the next level in terms of gaining access to professional expertise while trying to push harder during a workout session.

Price Comparison: What’s Cheaper?


PRICE: Check Latest Flywheel Prices Here

The Flywheel bike is noted as being a cost-efficient option in this segment of the fitness industry and comes in two versions.

Please note, these prices do not include the monthly subscription, which is set at $39 per month.

  1. Flywheel Bike (Without Tablet) = $1,699 + $249 (Delivery)
  2. Flywheel Bike (With Tablet) = $1,999 + $249 (Delivery)


The Peloton bike is more expensive than the Flywheel bike and is noted as one of the pricier options in this segment of the market.

While it comes with a comprehensive financing plan (if necessary), it is still pricey. Customers can choose between several different packages based on their requirements and how the bike is going to be used.

Please note, the Peloton Membership is separate from this cost and is priced at $39 per month.

  1. Basics Package = $2,245 (Bike + Warranty + Deliver + Setup)
  2. Essentials Package = $2,394 (Bike + Warranty + Delivery + Setup + Cycling Shoes (1 Pair) + Headphones + Weights (1 Pair))
  3. Works Package = $2, 474 (Bike + Warranty + Delivery + Setup + Cycling Shoes (1 Pair) + Headphones + Weights (1 Pair) + Bike Mat + Heart Rate Monitor)
  4. Family Package = $2,644 (Bike + Warranty + Delivery + Setup + Cycling Shoes (2 Pairs) + Two Headphones + Weights (1 Pair) + Bike Mat + Two Heart Rate Monitor + Water Bottles (2))

Bottom Line: Which One is Better?

When it comes time to make a choice, the Peloton and Flywheel offer an incredible list of benefits. Whether it’s design quality, durability, or general performance, both exercise bikes are wonderful in their own way.

As you scour the market looking for a world-class exercise bike with high-tech features, these two will continue to pop up. They have everything a rider needs when it comes to working out and getting in a good cardio session.

If you are setting up a home gym, the delightful mixture of comfort, quality, and consistency is going to draw you towards these bikes.

However, if you are someone that is looking to find a budget-friendly option then it is best to go with the Flywheel. This is a bike that is far more affordable in comparison to the Peloton but still offers an exceptional set of features. For those looking to work within a set budget, it’s best to choose the Flywheel because it will help you save money without compromising quality.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with both and it simply comes down to your preference as a rider.

If you’re looking for the cheaper option, then we recommend checking out the Flywheel.

Learn more and check latest Flywheel prices here.