adaptive motion trainer reviews and pricing guide

Precor AMT Reviews & Pricing Guide

If you’ve been looking for the most versatile workout machine on the planet, then we’d like to introduce you to the Adaptive Motion Trainer from Precor, better known as the AMT.

One time using the AMT, and you’ll quickly see why this machine is so amazing.

Go from short or long slides, walking or running, and even climbing an stepping, without even pushing a button. That’s what makes it “adaptive” – it changes with your movements, so you’re in total control, and you get to decide what kind of workout you want, just be “doing it.”

In this Precor AMT review, we’ll show you exactly what makes this machine so versatile, while also weighing its pros and cons, showing you what real users are saying, giving you a complete breakdown of its features and specs, and pricing details.

So, if you’ve been hoping to learn more about the amazing AMT from Precor, then this review is for you…

What Are Real AMT Customers Saying?

a woman does an amt workout at home

Wondering if the AMT lives up to the hype?

There are plenty of real reviews for you to read online, but here are just a few we wanted to share here:

This machine is completely life changing, I have a lot of experience on ellipticals and knew that I would not be able to stomach a cheap home version elliptical. They rock, they creak, and they have a shortened stride length that no amount of fancy screens or detailed programs is going to be able to make up for.

This is a beast of a machine. It has a large footprint, and you are going to need the space for it. One rides relatively tall on it, and your available space must accommodate for the head room that you will take up with 5 physical adjustment in height.

Will you use it? Yes, of course you will. Sure maybe you’ll skip a few days, but the guilt that kicks in for paying almost $10,000 after extended warranty and white glove delivery service will eat at you and eat at you and you will work out and work out and work out.

Riding this will remind you why you fell in love with ellipticals in the first place. it will also make you realize how much they have improved in the last 20 years.

I have used this machine at my gym for the past several months and it is incredible…It is low impact and does just about everything…you can use it as a stair climber, a regular elliptical – or because of it’s stride length – you can use it as a treadmill and feel as though you’re running underwater! The arm handles are useful and provide quite a bit of resistance. You can also jog without the handles and really target your core. I have been a spin bike lover for years. However, I love this machine because I can blast 400 calories in 30 minutes! It is truly incredible.

Pros & Cons

a side shot of the amt 700

While we’re huge fans of the AMT, there are some potential cons for you to consider, so let’s look at the good and bad to help you decide if the AMT is the right workout machine for you.


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Requires a Decent Amount of Space for Home Gym
  • Can be Hard to Assemble, so You’ll Want to Pay for Expert Assembly Service


  • Super Low Impact
  • Very Versatile
  • Use it for a Variety of Different Workouts
  • Built to Last
  • Adapts to Your Workout Style and Preferences 
  • Engages Full Body and Every Muscle Group
  • Adjustable Stride Length
  • The Ultimate All-in-One Cardio Machine
  • Variety of Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • Amazing Workout in Just 30 Minutes!
  • Large Body Positive Reviews
  • Financing Available!

Ready to put the power of the AMT to work for you?

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AMT Models, Features, & Specs

Precor currently features two Adaptive Motion Trainer lines for you to pick from – both are built to gym-quality standards, meaning they can stand up to heavy use, but either one can also be purchased for the home.

If you’ve never used or seen an AMT before, then you may want to see it in action – this will help give you an idea of how versatile and adaptive it really is:


  • AMT 700 Series: 733, 763, 783
  • AMT 800 Series: 835, 865, 885

Both the 700 and 800 Series AMTs are packed full of features, but the biggest difference between the two models is the OpenStride system.

With the 800 Series you can adjust the stride height, while it’s fixed on the 700s.

Beyond the that, here are the features that all of the 700 and 800 models currently bring to the table:

Features & Specs

  • Standard Advanced LED Display or Get up to 15 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Black or Silver Frame Color
  • Fixed or Adjustable Open Stride 
  • Step-Up Height: 6.5 Inches
  • 20 Resistance Levels
  • Dual-Action Handlebars 
  • Embedded Entertainment Options Available
  • Unlimited Custom Workouts per User Available with Preva
  • 20 In-Workout Feedback Metrics
  • 375 Watts of Maximum Resistance
  • 350 Max User Weight
  • Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 69 in
  • Product Weight: 412-422 LBS Depending on Model/Upgrades
  • Generous Warranty Offered

AMT 700 Series vs 800: What Makes them Different?

A guy uses the machine in his apartment

For the most part, the AMT 700 and 800 models are very similar. Both can include all of the features and options we detailed above, depending on which model you pick.

The biggest difference between the 700 and 800 line comes down to this: The 800s feature an Adaptive Motion feature with something Precor calls “Open Stride.” The 800 also has a dynamically adjustable stride length.

The 700 line, meanwhile has a fixed stride length.

Beyond that, there isn’t really too much that separates these two machines.

If you’re wanting to buy an AMT for in-home use, and don’t want to go over budget, we’d suggest starting with the 700 series, but if you have the money for it, and want the additional adaptability the 800 offers, then you can work your way up to that.

How Much Does the AMT Cost?

The AMT currently ranges in price from $7,595 to $12,695 depending on the model and options you choose. Most models can be purchased online, but some can only be bought in store.

Financing options are available.

Review Summary

The Precor AMT is one of the most versatile and robust low-impact workout machines we have reviewed. It offers a variety of different adaptive workout options and programs, and is one of the best zero-impact cardio machines on the planet.

If you’re looking for a low-impact cardio machine, that is built to last, can target a number of different muscle groups, and can adapt to your strengths and skill level, then the AMT may just be the perfect option for you!

Right now is a great time to buy too!

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