Precor Elliptical Reviews and Pricing Guide

Precor Elliptical EFX Review & Pricing Guide

Precor has been one of the most well-respected names in commercial fitness equipment for decades, and now you can get their gym-quality for you home too.

The Precor Ellipticals are some of the best we’ve reviewed – they’re packed full of features, made with commercial-grade quality, and offer several models and pricing points to pick from.

On top of all that, they pretty much invented the modern-day elliptical that we’ve all come to know and love.

In this Precor Elliptical review, we’ll show you why they should be at the top of your list when elliptical shopping, as well as their full list of features and specs, what real users are saying, and where you can lock in the best deal.

So, if you’ve been looking to learn more about the Precor Ellipticals, then this review is for you…

What Are Real Elliptical Customers Saying?

Wondering if the Precor ellipticals are living up to the hype? There are tons of reviews that you can check out online, and for the most part they’re overwhelmingly positive.

Here are just a couple that we wanted to share here:

This is a top notch machine that we will retire with. I currently use it about 2 hours a day and love the ease of use and results it gives for a total body work out.

I love the variety of program options and the ability to set various kinds of goals, including time, calories and heartrate. I also appreciate that it tries to calculate the amount of time left to reach your goal…Most importantly though, I always get a great workout using this elliptical. When I get off of it I feel sweaty and invigorated instead of sweaty and sore, which is how some of the cheaper ellipticals and pretty much all treadmills make me feel.

This has been a fantastic machine. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I couldn’t be happier with it. Just as a heads up, the box it arrives in is massive, and you’ll definitely need the help of another person to move and assemble it. That being said, assembly was not too difficult. My husband and I put it together in under an hour. I love that the elliptical is super quiet. I can totally exercise in the morning without disturbing everyone in the house. You are able to enter in and save your info for two users, which helps when it comes to calculating things like calories burned, etc. It comes preloaded with several workouts (everything from intervals, to glutes, to cross-training). Most workouts are around 30 minutes in length.

Pros & Cons

a side view of their new machine

While the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes the Precor line of ellipticals, it’s still a good idea to take a look at both, to get a better idea of what these machines are all about.


  • Some Assembly Required (Can Pay Extra to Have a Pro do it)
  • Machines are Heavy
  • Expensive 
  • Results Require Time and Commitment
  • Some have found the display console hard to use at first


  • Durable
  • Very High-Quality
  • Gym-Quality Machine for Your Home
  • Lots of Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • Built to Last
  • Large, LCD Touchscreen Available
  • Machines for Beginners and Advanced Fitness Enthusiasts 
  • Very Sturdy – No Rocking During Intense Workouts
  • Can Set Workout Goals
  • Amazing, Low-Impact Workout
  • Very Smooth and Quiet 
  • Get a Full Body Workout
  • Generous Warranty 
  • Top-Notch Customer Support
  • Financing Available

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Precor Elliptical EFX Models, Specs, and Features

a woman uses her new elliptical

Before we dive into the specs and features you can expect from the Precor Elliptical line, it’s important to note that there are several different model lines that you can currently pick from:

The Models

  1. EFX 200
  2. EFX 400
  3. EFX 600
  4. EFX 700
  5. EFX 800

With all 5 of these model lines, you have the option for additional upgrades, so each line features different models and pricing points. Obviously, as the features and upgrades increase, so does the price.

Here’s a look at each EFX line in more detail:

In-Home Machines

1. EFX 200 Energy Series

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a woman rides the efx 200 elliptical

Known as the Precor Energy Series Ellipticals, they give you a fitness center-quality workout, from the comfort of your own home gym.

While these are Precor’s entry-level ellitpical machines, they certainly don’t lack for quality.

They currently have four different EFX 200s to pick from:

  • 221: 5 Inch High Contrast LCD
  • 222: 5 Inch High Contrast LCD
  • 225: 5 Inch High Contrast LCD
  • 245: 7 Inch Full Color LCD Graphic Display

Each of the 200 series ellipticals brings with it a different set of features and options, so your best bet is to look closely at all of them to see which one is going to work best for you.

Here are features that all 200 series ellipticals include:

  • Silver Frame Color
  • Manual or Motorized Variable Adjustable Incline Range
  • 3 to 8 Levels of CrossRamp Elevation Range / 15-25 Degrees
  • Variable Stride Length: 18 to 21 Inches
  • Fixed or Moving Handlebars
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • 13 to 27 Fixed Feedback Metrics
  • 12 to 40 Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • 550 Watts of Maximum Resistance
  • 275 LBS Max User Weight
  • Child Safety Pedal Lock 
  • Mobile Device Charger: EFX 245 Only
  • SmartGrip Phone/Tablet Holder
  • Music Volume and Play Controls for Apple Devices
  • Headphone Jack
  • Heart-Rate Monitor
  • Dimensions: 76” L x 29” W x 65” H
  • Weight: About 214 LBS
  • Warranty Package
  • Financing Available

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2. EFX 400 Precision Series

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a man workouts on the 400 machine

Known as the Precision Series, these Precor Ellipticals are club-quality machines, that features the Precor exclusive motorized CrossRamp.

This helps you target more muscle groups, by allowing you to adjust the incline from 15 to 40 degrees.

There are currently 4 models to pick from:

  • 423: 5 Inch High-Contrast LCD
  • 427: 5 Inch High-Contrast LCD
  • 443: 7 Inch Full Color LCD Graphic Display
  • 447: 7 Inch Full Color LCD Graphic Display

When it comes to deciding which 400 model is going to work best for you, you’ll have to consider things like screen size, handlebar style, workout options, and more.

Here are the features the 400 Ellipticals currently offer:

  • CrossRamp Technology
  • 25 Preset Workouts
  • 27 Workout Metrics
  • Choose Workout Focus
  • Customizable Display
  • Lever Style Motion Controls
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Variable Stride Geometry 
  • Workout Accelerators 
  • Grab-It Console Design
  • Large Center Storage Compartment
  • Reading Rack
  • SmartGrip Smartphone & Tablet Holder
  • USB Charging Port Available
  • Headphone Jack
  • Music Volume and Play Controls for Apple Devices
  • Dimensions: 84” L x 31” W x 67” H
  • Machine Weight: 240 LBS
  • Warranty Package
  • Financing Available

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Commercial Ellipticals

In addition to the two elliptical lines we detailed above, Precor also offers three lines that are made for using in a commercial setting.

Of course, if you wanted the very top-of-the-line equipment for your home, no one is stopping you from buying any of these machines, but just  know that they are quite a bit more expensive than their ellipticals designed for in-home use.

Experience Series Ellipticals: 600, 700, 800 Line

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a woman uses an EFX700 elliptical at the gym

The EFX Commercial Experience Line is professional grade, and are made to be used in wellness studios, personal training studios, condo or apartment complexes, or even at physical therapy centers.

Basically, these machines are designed to hold up to very heavy use.

The Commercial Experience Features 3 Lines:

  • 600: 635, 665, 685
  • 700: 731, 761, 781
  • 800: 833, 835, 863, 865, 883, 885

The difference between the three lines includes things like the LCD consoles, the adjustable incline range, CrossRamp elevation, the handlebars, and more.

You can also pick between silver or black frame color.

Beyond that, here are the features that all of their commercial ellipticals share, and options that can be added, including:

  • Up to 15 Inch LCD Full Color Display with Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Motorized Variable Adjustable Incline 
  • 20 Levels of CrossRamp Elevation with 15-35 Degree Range
  • 21-25 Inch Variable Stride Length
  • Fixed or Moving Handlebars
  • 20 Resistance Levels
  • 18 In-Workout Feedback Metrics
  • 15 to 22 Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • 534 to 720 Watts of Maximum Resistance
  • Max User Weight: 350 LBS
  • Mobile Device Charger 
  • Heart-Rate Monitor
  • Warranty Package
  • Financing Available

With three lines to choose from, Precor has a commercial elliptical for pretty much anyone or any gym setting.

The 600 line features entry-level pricing, while if you want the very top-of-the-line machine and features, you can check out their 800 EFX line.

Either way, Precor has your commercial elliptical needs covered!

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How Much Do Precor Ellipticals Cost?

The Precor EXF ellipticals for in-home use range in price from $1,799 to $5,199 depeding on the model and features you choose.

Their commercial line of ellipticals range in price from $5,995 to $11,295.

Review Summary

The Precor Ellipticals are by far some of the best machines on the market. Precor pretty much invented the modern-day elliptical, and they are found in most gyms and studios around the globe.

Now, you can get a gym-quality machine for your home, with several models and options to choose from.

While they can be a bit more expensive than some of other cheaper brands out there, you truly do get what you pay for.

If you want an elliptical machine that is high-quality, built-to-last, reliable, and packed full of the features you expect from the best, then it’s time to put the Precor EFX at the top of your list!

Plus, right now is a great time to buy…

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