precor treadmill review and pricing guide

Precor Treadmill Reviews & Pricing Guide

When it comes to finding a high-quality, dependable, and power packed treadmill for your gym or home, Precor is often a name that comes to mind for many.

That’s because, they’re one of the most well-respected names in the fitness industry, and make some of the best commercial and home fitness equipment in the world.

If you’ve been looking for a top-of-the-line treadmill, that’s packed full of features, then it’s time to put Precor at the top of your list.

In this Precor treadmill review, we’ll detail exactly what these awesome machines bring to the table, including their specs, features, real user results, and where you can lock in the very best deal.

So, keep reading if you want to learn why the Precor is one of our top-rated treadmills of the year.

Precor Treadmill Models and Features

Precor makes excellent equipment for both commercial settings, and in-home use. For the purpose of this review, we’ll be taking a look at their treadmills that are made to use at home.

If you’re interested Precor’s commercial line of equipment, you can head here to learn more.

As for their home fitness treadmills, they currently have two lines to choose from:

  • TRM 200 Line
  • TRM 400 Line

The TRM200 line is the more affordable of the two, while the TRM 400 line costs a bit more, but is packed full of more features. Either one is a good place to start, though, so take a close look at both to decide which one is going to fit your fitness needs and budget.

The other thing to note, with the TRM 200 and 400 lines, you can add additional features and options. So there’s an entry-level machine for both lines, and then you have the option of adding things like a bigger LCD screen, which can bring the price up a bit.

Either way, they’re both awesome treadmills, so let’s take a closer look at both, so can decide which one is going to work best for you.

TRM 200 Series

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a woman runs on the TRM 200

The TRM 200 is Precor’s entry-level treadmill, but that doesn’t mean that it skimps on power, durability, or features. The only thing you’ll have to decide is what type LCD screen you want or need.

If it doesn’t really matter to you, then you can save some money by going with the smaller screen, but if want more pre-programmed workouts, and feedback options, then you may want to go with one of the more LCD options.

Here are the three different TRM 200 machines you can currently pick from:

  • TRM 211: Blue and White LCD
  • TRM 223: 5 Inch High-Contrast LCD
  • TRM 243: 7 Inch Full Color LCD

As you can see, as you move up in model number, you also get a bigger screen. Along with the bigger screen, you also get more workout and feedback options.

Beyond that, thought, the other key features remain the same for the TRM 200s, which include:

Features & Specs

  • Silver Frame Color
  • 0.5 to 12 MPH Speed Range
  • 0-15% Incline
  • 20 Inch Running Platform
  • 300 LB Max User Weight
  • No Maintenance Running Platform
  • 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor
  • Dimensions: 81” L x 32” W x 54” H
  • Machine Weight: 227 Pounds
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Generous Warranty Package
  • Financing Available

In addition to the features above, here’s are some model-specific features:

TRM 211

  • Blue and White LCD
  • In-Workout Feedback Metrics: 9
  • Pre-Programmed Workouts: 6

TRM 223

  • 5 Inch High Contrast LCD
  • In-Workout Feedback Metrics: 13
  • Pre-Programmed Workouts: 9

TRM 243

  • 7 Inch Full Color LCD
  • In Workout Feedback Metrics: 27
  • Pre-Programmed Workouts: 39 (23 Preset/16 Custom)
  • Mobile Device Charger

Interested in learning more about the Precor TRM 200s? Head here to pick the best one for you.

TRM 400 Series

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a man runs on the TRM 400

If you’re looking for the best Treadmill for home fitness that Precor makes, then the TRM 400 is what you’re looking for. While the 400s are made for in-home use, they’re built to commercial-grade standards, so they’re some of the nicest machines you can buy for your home gym.

That means they’re packed full of the features and design that fitness center exercisers and owner have come to look for in their equipment.

The 400 currently features two models to pick from:

  • TRM 425
  • TRM 445

The biggest difference between the two? The size of the LCD screen, the number of pre-programmed workouts and in-workout feedback metrics. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same.

Here’s a look at the features that both the 425 and 445 share:

Features & Specs

  • Silver Frame Color
  • 0.5 to 12 MPH Speed Range
  • 2% Decline
  • 15% Incline
  • 22 Inch Running Width Platform
  • Vertical & Horizontal Impact Absorption
  • No Maintenance Running Platform 
  • 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor
  • Running Surface: 22” W x 56” L
  • Machine Dimensions: 79” L x 34” W x 60” H
  • Machine Weight: 358 LBS
  • Max User Weight: 350 LBS
  • Integrated Footplant Technology
  • Ground Effects Impact Control System
  • Run or Walk Downhill
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Child Safety Roller Guard
  • Generous Warranty Package
  • Financing Available

In addition to all the features mentioned above, here’s a look at what’s unique to the 425 and 445: 

TRM 425

  • 5 Inch High Contrast LCD
  • 13 In-Workout Feedback Metrics
  • 10 Pre-Programmed Workouts

TRM 445

  • 7 Inch Full Color LCD
  • 27 In-Workout Feedback Metrics
  • 39 Pre-Programmed Workouts (23 preset/ 16 custom)
  • Mobile Device Charger

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What Are Real Customers Saying?

Wondering what real Precor Treadmill customers have to say about their experience. There are plenty of reviews out there for you to check out, but here’s some verified feedback we thought was worth sharing here:

Really good treadmill, the running is smooth, it’s easy to change speed and incline. Professional assembly came on time and was quick and well done. I love the different accounts function (since multiple members of my family use it). Glad I picked this one.

I ordered this for my wife after reading reviews on consumer reports. It was well rated so we gave it a try after our old one died. My wife uses it almost daily and likes it at least as well as our old one of a different brand.

Pros & Cons

a woman running on her new treadmill

When it comes to Precor Treadmills, the good far outweighs the bad, but let’s take a quick look at both, to help you decide if these are the right machines for you.


  • Some Assembly Required (Can Pay Extra to Have Someone do it)
  • On the higher end of treadmill prices
  • Real results require commitment
  • Doesn’t include a workout app
  • Nicer machines are on the heavier side


  • High-Quality
  • Durable
  • Made to Last
  • Commercial Grade Quality for Your Home
  • 4 Different Pricing Points to Pick From
  • Decline and Incline Options
  • Lots of Positive Reviews
  • Generous Warranty Offered
  • Packed Full of Technology and Features
  • Nationwide Network of Certified Technicians 
  • Proven Leader in Treadmill Reliability and Performance
  • Machines for Beginners and Advanced Runners
  • Financing Available

Treadmill Manuals

Looking for the Precor treadmill user-manuals? You can find them all here.

How Much do They Cost?

Precor’s treadmills range in price from $1,999 to $4,999 depending on the model and features you decide to go with.

Review Summary

When it comes to finding the best treadmill for in-home use, or even the commercial setting, Precor is about as good as it gets. There’s a reason you find Precor in most commercial workout settings, and that’s because they’re built to last, while also packed full of the features that runners and walkers expect in their treadmills.

With Precor, you can get a gym-quality treadmill for your home, and all for a great price.

If you’re ready to put the power of the Precor treadmill to work for you, right now is a great time to buy!

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