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ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews & Cost

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is quickly becoming one of the more popular fitness machines on the market as more and more people are looking for convenient options for working out at home.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is more necessary than ever as the death toll emanating from lifestyle diseases is on the rise. With this in mind, exercising should be a top priority for all of us, regardless of our schedule.

However, as many of us would attest to, this is easier said than done. Setting aside some time to exercise tends to take a back seat, but when you can get it done at home, the makes it a more attractive option – which is where the Hybrid Trainer come in.

a woman uses the ProForm hybrid trainer

Nonetheless, we must make an effort to exercise, and having exercise equipment in our home can improve our chance of exercising as all you have to do is move across the house. Among the most popular exercising equipment that provide efficient exercising opportunities are the elliptical machines and recumbent bikes.

The combination of this fitness equipment provide both cardio and strength training, thus proving the complete package when it comes to fitness, which is exactly what you get with ProForm’s Hybrid Trainer.

To make things convenient for you, ProForm designed and produced the Hybrid Series, which combines the best of both worlds to give you a complete workout.

The Hybrid Trainer and the Hybrid Trainer Pro combine elements of the elliptical machine and recumbent bike in a sturdy piece of fitness equipment that has a low-footprint with regards to the amount of space they take up.

Additionally, Pro-Form partnered with Chris and Heidi Powell to give users an option of accessing iFit to guide their fitness journey.

With all of this being said, let’s take an in-depth analysis of this series of trainers with a particular interest in the trainer features. The review is geared towards helping you understand what you will get when you purchase either of the two trainers.

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1. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

The Hybrid Trainer is the more cost effective of the two options. However, being cheaper does not make it any less effective in yielding the desired results. The Hybrid Trainer is packed with intuitive features and innovative technologies that will take your physical fitness and weight loss to the nest level.

Key Features


  • iFit: On the workout guide, the Hybrid Trainer comes with iFit. iFit is the brainchild of certified personal trainers Chris and Heidi Powel. The workout guide utilizes the power of Google maps to create fun and objective oriented workout routines. In this regard, an iFit enable elliptical workout can feature you trekking the Alps, jogging through Paris or even walking through the streets of London. Whilst there are a plethora of pre-drawn course, you can always opt for your own adventure by charting your own course.
  • Sixteen Workout Apps: To improve your exercising experience further, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer comes with 16 apps offering professional training programs. Therefore, you can start working out by simply stepping on the trainer.
  • EKG Grip Pulse: The trainer also comes with a set of the famous EKG grip pulse. This provides you with an easy means of monitoring your heart rate, thereby making it easy to track your progress.
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance: This is an innovative system that is used to deliver resistance in varying measure, whilst negating the use of friction to achieve resistance. An advantage of this system is the ability to reduce and increase the resistance level as you deem necessary on the go. You do not have to stop working out to change the resistance levels.
  • Sixteen Digital Resistance Levels: Closely related to the above feature is the multiple levels of resistance available on demand. Their patented Silent Magnetic Resistance system provides efficient transition along the different levels, whilst ensuring it performs its function silently. You are thus capable of starting easy and progressing.
  • Soft Grip Workout Arms: As part of the elliptical machine element, the Hybrid Trainer is equipped with soft grid workout handles that guide your upper-body workout. The elliptical trainer is specifically designed to provide a low-impact upper-body workout. This ensures that you do not neglect any part of your body.
  • Adjustable Seat with Superior Cushioning: To ensure that you remain comfortable all along, this trainer has an oversized cushioned seat that makes for a comfortable experience whilst exercising. Additionally, the seat is adjustable to improve the comfort of users further.
  • Adjustable Pedals: This trainer comes with standard oversized, adjustable pedals. You need not worry about your feet slipping whilst exercising. The pedals contain enough room to wiggle your feet as you exercise. Additionally, this feature improve the traction between your feet and the pedal, making for a safe experience.
  • Large LCD Screen: The large LCD window enables users to monitor their progress with ease. The Priority Display, which features an adjustable screen readily, gives you all the stats that you need to understand how well you have progressed.

Other function features that ProForm’s Hybrid Trainer comes with are a Watts Power meter, 5” elliptical stride and inertia enhanced flywheel.

Other comfort features that this trainer has are:

  • A water bottle holder that is integrated into the elliptical part of the machine for easy access
  • The Transport Wheel
  • iPod Compatibility
  • Integrated Tablet Holder

How Much Does the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Cost?

Purchasing one of this optimized low-impact, full body workout trainers will set you back $349.

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2. Hybrid Trainer Pro


ProForm’s Hybrid Trainer Pro is optimized for individuals who are on the look to take their fitness to the next level.

In this regard, it contains more features and capabilities over the Hybrid trainer. It is thus important to understand the shared features as well as the distinguishing features between the two trainers.

Key Pro Features

Owing to the fact these two trainers are products of the same series, they tend to share the majority of their fundamental features. Among the shared features are the iFit offering; the Silent Magnetic Resistance; the large LCD screen; iPod compatibility; the Watts Power meter; the Adjustable Cushioned seat, the soft grip workout arm; the inertia enhanced flywheel; the EKG grip pulse; transport wheel; and the water bottle holder.

However, the Pro version has been enhanced to improve the experience of working out. Among the discerning features are:

  • 17” Elliptical Stride: The increased strides increase the challenge of working out whilst maintaining proper ergonomics for the users.
  • 20 Workout Apps: Increasing the number of native workout apps that you have access to from sixteen to twenty, users of the Pro version are better equipped to work out even better.
  • 20 Digital Resistance Level: The Pro version also comes with a higher number of resistance levels to increase the spectrum of resistance exercising, improving the cumulative benefits accrued from using the Pro version.

How Much Does the Hybrid Pro Cost?


If you’re serious about taking your fitness exercising to the next level by purchasing the Pro version, you will have to spend $599. However, the improved experience is worth the extra money you have to spend.

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Why You Should Use Hybrid Trainers For Fitness And Weight Loss

Considering the fact the trainer market is well saturated, why should opt for ProForm’s Hybrid system? That’s a fair question, but these are just some of the benefits you stand to experience by opting for either of the Hybrid trainers.

  1. Comprehensive Fitness & Weight Loss Exercises: Both versions of trainers are designed to provide a complete workout that improves your overall fitness levels. In this regard, the trainers work out the core, lower and upper body with the elliptical machine, while the recumbent bike provides cardio workouts.
  2. Delivers More Options Cost Effectively: By combining the elliptical machine and the recumbent bike, you get more bang for your buck. You do not have to spend an extra amount of money purchasing separate trainers.
  3. Makes Use Of The Latest In Fitness Technology: The incorporation of technology makes your exercising experience that much more interesting and downright fun.
  4. Precision Tracking of Progress: There aren’t many machines that give you this level of fitness tracking for the price, and the program that comes with the Hybrid Trainers really is second to none.

Final Verdict

The Hybrid Pro Trainers are amazing low impact workout machines, and when you consider that they top out at under $600, they really can’t be beat when it comes to quality and price. If you’re looking for a high quality fitness device, but don’t want to break the bank, then I highly recommend considering the Hybrid Trainers from ProForm!

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