Pure Wave CM7 Pado Reviews & Pricing Info

Thinking about getting a new cordless massager to alleviate pain and feel good about yourself? You’re not alone, especially if you’re feeling the effect of tired and sore muscles after working out.

The Pure Wave by PadoUSA might be the answer to your needs. Below, find some of the key details on why the Pure Wave is such an essential piece of equipment for anyone looking to treat tired and sore muscles.

Pure Wave CM7 Features

How Much Does the Pure Wave Cost?

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pado pure wave cm7 massager

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  1. Powerful Cordless Massager
  2. Equipped With Facial Massage Motor
  3. Offers Multiple Sticks For Full Body
  4. Includes Adjustable Speed Dial (Gentle To intense)
  5. Works Well With Essential Oils
  6. Great For Pain Relief
  7. 100% Money Back Guarantee


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Who wants to lug around a cordless massager that is bulky, takes up too much space, and is heavy? This is never an option, and that is why the Pure Wave by Pado is an ideal fit. It is lightweight and comfortable on the hands.

This makes it simpler to have elongated sessions where this is being used on the body.

For those who are going to be using essential oils, it takes time to spread them, and a heavy massager is never comfortable.

For others, it is best to go with a solution that is lightweight and to the point.

Powerful Output

This is a powerful option, and it can generate sufficient force to help alleviate the tension in one’s body. Instead of letting that tension remain a focal point in one’s body why not use this massager and relax those muscles?

The power this massager can generate ensures it brings a smile to one’s face.

The motor is designed to exert enough force to generate good results and remain consistent as time goes on. Those who want a robust solution will enjoy having a powerful solution that is efficient from all angles and works well.


one of their latest massager models

Is it safe to use? This is a question some might have when it comes to Pure Wave by Pado, and the answer is yes. It is one of the safest cordless massagers on the market.

It can do well in all situations and remain safe. It is tested and certified in the US for providing excellent results.

It will remain consistent from start to finish whether it is being used on the face or other parts of the body. This consistency is what makes it a great option for all users. The 100% money back guarantee illustrates this is a trusted massager that works well.

Easy to Use

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Is it easy to use for those who are looking to relax and don’t want a cordless massager that will get in the way of what they’re doing? Yes, the goal is to relax, and that is what makes Pure Wave by Pado, a winner.

It is easy to use and provides a quality massage in all areas of the body.

Just turn it on and watch as it gets going. Simple adjustments with the dial are all you need to ensure the right setting is in place for your massage. In seconds, you will be on cloud nine!

Adjustable Speed Dial

There is an adjustable speed dial included with Pure Wave by Pado as a way to customize your experience with this cordless massager. You can set it on gentle if you are looking for a light rub after a long day of work or you can go with something intense if there is a knot in your back.

These settings enable you to have full control over how things move forward and that is critical.

Pure Wave by Pado is designed to provide a personalized experience that is essential for one’s well-being.

Great with Essential Oils

massage your legs

For those who are looking to take a bit of olive oil or coconut oil to rub on their body will want to maximize the potential of this cordless massager. It will be able to alleviate all of the pressure that is put on the body and ensure it is safe.

This is critical for those who are going to be using essential oils all the time.

The multiple points at the head of the cordless massager ensure the essential oils get deep into where they need to be as that is a must.

Anyone that is going to be using essential oils will enjoy this cordless massager.

Review Summary

Pure Wave by Pado is a winner because it is able to offer a robust set of features that are going to make relaxing easier than ever before. Those who are tired of having knots in their back or want to ease the muscles in their body will know Pure Wave is the solution.

It is an accredited, safe solution that is able to provide great results on a consistent basis for all users.

Pure Wave by Pado is the future of massaging and is the ideal solution for an on-the-go cordless massager. It is the perfect fit. Amazon currently has some great discounts on these, so check out their official page to learn more.

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