Why Running On Treadmills Can Be Better Than Running Outside

If you are thinking about ways to exercise, you might want to consider either running on a treadmill or running outside. There is often some debate over which strategy would be the best. Some people prefer going outside, looking at nature as they are exercising, whereas others will prefer staying indoors, especially if it’s cold or extremely hot outside. There are some basic differences between how much you can achieve doing either form of exercise. Let’s go over why running on treadmills can actually be better than running outside if it is done the right way.

An Overview Of Both Strategies

whats better running on a treadclimber or running outside

There are actually many similarities between those that are running on treadmills to individuals that are running outside. You are going to wear the same type of clothing and shoes for your exercise, and you are able to track how far that you are actually running by either a digital count for by landmarks that you see outside. However, there are some definitive benefits when using a treadmill that are simply not available when you are running outdoors to get in shape. Here are the benefits to running outside, followed by those associated with running on a treadmill, and finally our conclusion on why a treadmill is best.

Benefits Of Running Outside

There are three specific benefits that you will receive if you decide to run outside. First of all, you have the benefit of being outdoors, in the fresh air, and seeing the environment around you. This is especially beneficial if you happen to live in a rural area where there are mountains, lakes and streams. Even if you are living in the city, you can always go down to the park and experience the grass and trees. The second benefit is that you can change up the places that you go, allowing you to see different things every day. Finally, you will have increased levels of motivation when you are running as you strive to get to different locations, running further every day.

Benefits Of Running On A Treadmill

There are three benefits to running on a treadmill that are simply not available when you are running outside. First of all, you can track everything that you do on the console in front of you. Although many people that run outside you have watches that can keep track of this information, which can also be downloaded to their computer, it’s convenient to have one specific spot where you are running every day. Second, you can change the type of workout that you have by using preprogrammed courses which will change the angle at which you are running. It will also change the speed, giving you a very preprogrammed workout that can be randomized all within your home. Finally, when you do have a treadmill that you use at home, you will be able to roll out of bed and start running right away. It’s just a convenient way to get started with your exercising without having to travel to a distant location, plus the temperature that you are running at will always be the same.

Although some could argue that all of the benefits of using a treadmill are eliminated when you have an Apple watch or similar device for recording your progress, many people prefer having a workout station where they can focus on exercising and nothing else. It’s also more apropos for individuals that are not into nature, or people that have that allergies. If you are constantly seizing outside during the spring and summer months just trying to get back in shape, and indoor treadmill at your home, or even that the local gym, can make it easier for you to get into shape.